Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1767

Chapter 1767: Feng Zhong

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Hearing Dong Guofu's introduction, Zhao Yuande understood the pattern here.

They are all blocked in front of several passages, as long as they pass this passage, they can enter a sea of blood!

I heard that there is a big secret in the depths of the blood sea, everyone wants this secret!

So now they are desperately collecting blood essence, want to maximize their strength, open the channel in front of them, and enter the sea of blood.

At this time, there are countless blood beasts pouring into the channel. Each of these blood beasts is above the fairy land, and there are even a large number of blood beasts in the fairy land!

Some people even speculate that behind these countless blood beasts, there may be blood beasts in the realm of fairy kings, which is one of the reasons why they dare not attack hard.

Otherwise, Zhang Fan, Emperor Ming, and Ji Mingzhen...they could kill them and rush into the sea of blood.

There may be blood beasts in the realm of immortal monarchs in front of them, and they can only advance slowly, obtaining a large amount of blood sperm from countless complicated channels around to extract the chaotic blood in the blood sperm and strengthen themselves.

It takes about tens of thousands of blood essences to condense a chaotic blood, and the greatest effect of the chaotic blood is to enhance his physical strength, and even have the opportunity to stimulate the infinite potential in his body to achieve the chaotic holy body.

Of course, there can only be one Chaos Eucharist in the world, and now the Chaos Eucharist is Zhao Yuande, and in the news these people get, Zhao Yuande has fallen, otherwise how could they extract the blood of Chaos so costlessly.

They all want to replace Zhao Yuande and achieve Chaos Eucharist!

But Zhao Yuande didn't die at all, so they were all daydreaming!

In the end, Zhao Yuande simply sent Du Xiner, Yu Rosa and all four of them into their own body world, and they quietly followed behind Dong Guofu.

Since the emergence of Zhao Yuande, Dong Guofu's spirit has suddenly become sufficient, and the green girl walking in front of him naturally feels this change and can't help but look back and watch again and again.

"What's wrong with you? Did you figure it out?" the green girl asked in a low voice.

"Well! I figured it out!" Dong Guofu nodded, he hesitated for a while and then said, "Green girl, if there is a chance, I will leave with me!"

"Leave? You're crazy! Your friends are still in their hands, don't you care about him?" Qing Nuo looked at Dong Guofu with a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

"No! That is absolutely not the case!" Dong Guofu saw the disappointment in the other person's eyes and hurriedly waved his hand. "I will not lose my friend even if I lose my life, but I can save him! Wait for my friend to be rescued After that, you..."

"Can the three of us escape?" Qing Nu couldn't help but smile.

"Let's talk about it at that time!" Dong Guofu couldn't say too much, just a faint smile, and there was a hint of confidence in his face.

"Okay! I promise you, anyway, I've had enough of the cold blood of the Emperor Hades!" The green girl nodded.

Now she is actually similar to Dong Guofu, and she is like a walking dead.

"That's good! You don't want to be too far from me, I will inform you when that time!" Dong Guofu nodded.

"You two are whispering, there is a blood beast in front, don't hurry to fight for me!" Feng Tu eyes shot fierce light, looking at the two behind them.

The battle soon ended, and Dong Guofu and Qingnv also vaguely formed an alliance. During the battle, the two joined forces. Even the blood and flesh of Immortal Realm can only support three rounds.

"Okay! Today's volume is enough, let's go back!" Feng Tu slaughtered several blood beasts again. Feng Tu watched the two join forces and moved forward and back in an orderly manner. There was a very uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

"gone back!"


They walked through the passages and soon appeared in a main passage. At this time, there were more people around them. These people were not all the testers who came in, and there were some young people who practiced. Or, they may be the powerful ones of the many true temples carried in the inner world of Hades.

All four walls of this passage have been dug out big holes, these big holes are the temporary caves of these strongmen.

Zhao Yuande roughly calculated the cave walls around the next four, there were hundreds of them, and almost every cultivator was practicing, which means that a team of at least 100 people was under the Emperor of the Hades.

The faces of these people are all excited, and they no longer discuss the issues of blood beasts and the rise of the true temple all the time.

The disciples of the true temple that can be brought here by the underworld are absolutely loyal to the true temple. They can sacrifice their lives for the true temple.

"The two of you are waiting here!" Feng Tu swept the two of them behind him, his eyes showing triumph, and waved his thin young man to the depths of the passage.

"Where is Feng Zhong?" Zhao Yuande followed Dong Guofu and asked with voice.

"As long as you follow Feng Tu, you can find him. Feng Tu will see him every time he returns." Dong Guofu replied.

"Well! You are waiting for me outside this passage, I will go when I go!" Zhao Yuande kept up with Feng Tu's footsteps.

Feng Tu soon came to the forefront of the passage and stopped in front of a larger cave house.

"Brother! Brother! Are you there?" Feng Tushou shouted, and then stood at the door of the Dong Mansion. His attitude was no longer that kind of arrogance towards Dong Guofu, but became a little more cautious.

"Come in!" After a while, a voice came from Dong Fuzhong, and the voice was faint with an invisible majesty.

"Good!" Feng Tu made a wink at the thin young people around him, and then pushed in.

The thin young man nodded and helped Feng Tu close the door, but he stood outside.

However, when he closed the door, he didn't find that an illusory figure flashed and followed Feng Tu directly into the cave.

The simple decoration in the cave house, only a bald young man sat on the futon, slowly opened his eyes.

"Brother! How are you practicing?" Feng Tu asked cautiously, his face still showing a bit of flattery.

"Brother! Don't disturb me if there are no important things in the future!" The bald young man's tone was faint. Although he sat cross-legged on the ground, he felt a sense of highness.

"Okay! I listen to my younger brother, but today Dong Guofu is very angry. He even bullied me with the **** of the green girl. If it were not for the elder brother who was in disappointment, he would die at that price. In the hands of people!" Feng Tu hated, "Brother, you must be angry with me!"