Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1768

Chapter 1768: Turned Out To Be For Him

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"Blue girl! She dared to treat you this way. Didn't she know that you were my brother?" The bald-headed youth's cold eyes shot two blue flames, crackling the void.

"Why don't you try to teach the slut! Otherwise, I might really be killed by her next time!" Feng Tu saw his brother's anger, and he was very happy.

"Well! Although the young girl was not my opponent, but it was appreciated by Lord Hades, I am not good at shooting!" The bald young man frowned slightly, "otherwise you will be angry with Dong Guofu!"

"Dong Guofu's guy!" Feng Tu's face showed a hint of unwillingness. "This guy is a little dishonest lately, are we forcing him to be too tight, he is going to give up that person?"

"No! This is impossible. According to our observation, this person is the kind of person who would rather die than give up his friend. As long as he controls that person, he is the **** in our hands!" The bald youth shook his head.

"Is that man still there? I heard that he was injured too much, it seems that people don't have the ambition to live anymore, in case he died..." Feng Tu worried.

"It's not dead yet, it's in my hands! But it's a little tricky. The other party didn't cooperate with our treatment and completely closed the meridians in the body. We are just taking the pill medicine to hang his life! If it goes on like this, he can't support it It's time! Now Lord Emperor Xing is planning to turn it into a puppet with Resurrection, but Lord Emperor Xing is still in a period of hesitation. The number of puppets is limited, and occupying a precious place is just for a Dong Guofu is not worth it in the end!" The bald-headed youth also slightly reflected his thoughts.

"Don't just do it twice, just turn this Dong Guofu into a puppet!" Feng Tu hated.

"Inappropriate! This Dongguo Fu's prison body is very powerful. If I can do everything for the Ming Emperor, I'm afraid I will be behind him, and the puppet of his prison body will be wasted! The bald youth shook his head.

When Zhao Yuande heard this, it was a heart.

"You can't do anything!" Zhao Yuande's figure slowly appeared in the void, and he looked at the brothers with a smile.

"Who are you! How did you come in! Cai You that bastard, even the door can't look good!" Feng Tu saw Zhao Yuande, suddenly his eyes cold, rushed directly towards Zhao Yuande, want to capture Zhao Yuande.

The bald youth felt Zhao Yuande's power as soon as Zhao Yuande appeared. This person may not be his opponent!

The aura on the opponent only felt when he was facing the Emperor of the Hades. It was a level of suppression, a fear from the depths of the god's soul!

"No!" Feng Tu rushed out quickly, and it was impossible for the bald-headed youth to try to hold him.

"You ants! Dare to attack me, but I won't kill you first! Someone will come to clean you up later!" Zhao Yuande saw the other party rushing, his mouth slightly splayed, and his fingers swept in the void.


Feng Tu was directly cut into three halves from the waist by an invisible force!


Two legs and one body fell to the ground, blood spattered everywhere.

"Ao! My younger brother saves me! My younger brother saves me!" Feng Tu grabbed one of his legs in fright, pressing hard towards the broken wound!

But it has no effect at all!

But at this time, the bald young man had no time to control his brother at all, but stood on the spot with sweat, his body was trembling constantly, and there was a panic between his eyes.

"You... who are you! This is only a dozen feet away from Master Ming's dormitory. Are you not afraid of Master Ming's discovery?" The bald young man made a difficult voice.

"Emperor...haha!" Zhao Yuande laughed haha, "He appears better, then I will save a wasted time! Today, he is also a net!"

"You... who the **** are you? Zhang Fan... Ji Mingzhen is still... that secretly strong man!" The bald-headed youth heard Zhao Yuande's words, not only in his heart, he felt that the other party was not exaggerating, but had one This extraordinary confidence.

"I'm not these people, but... I'm more terrible than them!" Zhao Yuande walked towards the bald young man step by step, the powerful soul was released, and the bald young man was suddenly pressed to the ground.

"You... what do you want to do! It is impossible to want me to betray Master Ming!" The bald young man looked at Zhao Yuande in horror, his face showing despair, but his tone was very firm !

The powerful force released by the other party at this moment has surpassed the Emperor, he knows that the Emperor may not be the opponent at all!

"I want to hold you!"

Zhao Yuande took a closer look and directly took the bald-headed youth into his palm. A powerful force instantly disintegrated the opponent's power. Everything under Zhao Yuande's control wrapped his soul!

"I'll take a look at what secrets are hidden in your gods and souls, what the guy from the Underworld gave you, so that you are so loyal to him." The soul of God has no resistance at all, and introduces everything he knows into Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge.

"Oh! You turned out to be the power cultivated by the Underworld Emperor secretly, no wonder you will be so loyal! It seems useless to leave you behind!" Zhao Yuande glanced directly into the inner world of the bald youth, in his body In the world, a pale young man was caught.

"You... turned out to be for him..." The bald-headed youth understood at this time.

If he knew this earlier, he would directly destroy this person. As long as he destroyed this person, even if Dong Guofu was acquired by this person, he would be demoralized, and he would be helpless. The future achievements might not be very high.

"Oh! When you deal with Dong Guofu, did you inquire about his background! Do you know who his friends are!" Zhao Yuande's mouth widened slightly, showing a cold smile.

"His friend... didn't seem didn't die! How could you not be that person..." The bald-headed youth looked at Zhao Yuande more and more familiar, he suddenly thought Zhao Yuande's identity, but this shocked him even more!

"The man you said... Hey! You don't know what his name is, I am afraid that even the Emperor will not know his details, I still don't waste time on you!" Zhao Yuande pressed towards the bald youth. !


The whole space turned into a red blood all at once, and the bald youth burst into a blood mist!