Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769: Hades Wrath

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However, Feng Tu was left with a life by Zhao Yuande, but he was already in a state of madness at this time, seeing his legs cut off, seeing his brother who was relying on being exploded into blood mist, and his brain was confused!


He spouted a blood arrow with his mouth open, and his face changed from pale to bloodless at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his eyes were even devoid of focus, as if he had suddenly become a fool.

Zhao Yuande threw the rescued young man directly into his own inner world, and then stepped into the void in one step.

The next moment, he appeared beside Dong Guofu.

"Successful! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande's voice was dull, as if doing a trivial thing.

"Really? How is he doing?" Dong Guofu's face suddenly showed joy, and looking at Zhao Yuande was both grateful and gratifying.

"I can't die with him!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly to him and gave the other a positive answer.

"Great! Great!" The boss of Dong Guofu almost jumped up with joy!

"You... who are you?" The green girl saw Zhao Yuande appear, and immediately looked at him alertly, with an unbelievable look in her eyes.

"Girl Qing, I am Dong Guofu's friend. I came here this time to take him away. If you don't want to stay under Emperor Hades, you can go with us!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other. Not bad, and looks like a jealous person.

"Dong Guofu, he..." The green girl turned her eyes to Dong Guofu.

"He is my best friend, the young girl, as long as you want to go, my friend will take you safely out of here!" Dong Guofu nodded affirmatively at the young girl, his face showing confidence.

Suddenly thought of the message of Dong Guofu in Qingnao's mind!

Could it be that this person is...

Isn't he dead? How would it appear here? Is he a fake death?

A series of question marks appeared in her mind, which gave her a deep interest in Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! I'll go with you!" The green girl gritted her teeth and nodded.

"Don't resist, I will take you away!" Zhao Yuande flicked his sleeves and put the two into the inner world, his body suddenly disappeared into the void and disappeared.

He got a lot of useful information from the knowledge of the bald-headed youth. For example, there are a total of six channels leading to the final piece, and now five are already occupied by people, and one is because the blood beast in the channel is too much. Powerful, and no one wants to choose, so now it is always empty.

Zhao Yuande felt that the channel was prepared for himself and others!

Shortly after Zhao Yuande disappeared, the weak man felt that something was wrong. As usual, Feng Tu could not be dare to stay out of the tea house and would be dared to come out, but now it has passed half a hour, why is it in the house Still quietly, what are they doing?

He quietly probed into the slit with his own soul, and wanted to visit.

But as soon as his soul entered the door, he suddenly saw the blood red!

A person sitting in the pool of blood stupidly, his legs were cut off by his roots, and his eyes were even scattered, as if it was just a shell that had lost its soul!


The thin young man exclaimed, and immediately caught the attention of many people.

"It's not good! Feng Zhong was killed! Feng Zhong was killed!" The thin young man's eyes were horrified and he shouted desperately.

Suddenly, a gate of a cave house was exploded, and a figure came to the thin young man.

"Ming... Master Ming Emperor!" The thin young man saw the figure in front of him suddenly tremble, his legs softened and the whole person collapsed to the ground!

"Bang!" Hades did not even scan the thin and weak youth, and pushed open the door.

Suddenly a strong **** gas rushed out of the gate and rushed into everyone's nose.

"What the **** happened!" The body of the Emperor Xingwei shivered slightly, his red hair was windless and automatic, and his inner anger had continued to the extreme.

Feng Zhong is the most important person he has cultivated at a great cost, and has many secrets in his possession, and controls some of his wealth. Now he is so unclearly dead!

"Sir Emperor Ming, it doesn't matter what I am, I'm just..." The thin young man looked at Wei An in front of him in horror, and felt a powerful crisis in his heart.

"Useless stuff!" The Sovereign Slap slapped on the head of the thin young man, and the powerful soul invaded the other party's consciousness. The next moment, he learned the cause and effect of the matter.


The thin young man shattered his head before screaming.

"I will immediately block the potential around me and search for the whereabouts of Dong Guofu and Qingnv!" The Emperor looked at everyone around him, and his eyes showed a fierce light. "If I encounter a horse uploading information to me, I will capture them personally. !"


But the Emperor Hades did nothing in this way. At this time, Zhao Yuande had taken them into a deep passage, and the **** atmosphere in the passage was extremely rich.

Soon he came to the sixth passage to the sea of blood in Feng Zhong's memory.

As soon as he entered this passage, the **** gas became more intense. Some long-dead corpses lay on the ground in droves, and the corpses had begun to rot and deteriorate. Groups of blood beasts were patrolling around, each of which was not weaker than the fairyland. .

He explored the soul of the **** along the passage, and suddenly found that the blood beast was almost endless, and the passage was tens of thousands of miles.

The end of the channel is indeed a vast sea of blood!

In the **** ocean, he felt a source of power, a wave that made him feel familiar.

This familiar wave exudes an extremely tempting atmosphere all the time, and people can't help but want to rush to explore what is going on.

"It's good here! It's very suitable for them to sharpen here, and they can get a lot of blood essence. It's here!" Zhao Yuande nodded and looked at a large blood beast in front.

He glanced at a huge desolate world out of the void, rumbling and rolling towards the front.

The power of the ancient world is so powerful that it is unimaginable, and it falls directly into the channel in front of it. It directly shocks and does not know how many powerful blood beasts.

There were tens of thousands of blood on the floor.

Countless blood beasts receded in horror, and their little bit of consciousness was full of uncontrollable fear of the power that Zhao Yuande just exuded.

He swept all his blood into his storage space.

He can be regarded as clearing a space.