Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1770

Chapter 1770: Layout Method

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"Come out!" Zhao Yuande's thoughts moved, and everyone came out of his inner world and appeared in front of him.

Zhou Fei, Jiao Xiao, Du Xin'er, stood together with Rosa, they looked at the young girl in front of them with some curiosity.

"What about Dong Guofu?" Qing Nu found herself in an unfamiliar place, and several strangers were looking at herself curiously in front of them. These people all exuded a strong breath, and it seemed that the fighting power was not under her. .

"Brother, who is this woman?" Zhou Fei looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande coughed lightly, did not answer Zhou Fei's question, but nodded slightly to the green girl, "I first let Brother Dong Guo go to see his mother. Brother Dong Guo is a big filial son, he originally thought His mother died with me in the fifth fairy city world, so..."

Zhao Yuande didn't mention Dong Guofu's wife and children. In fact, he didn't know what kind of attitude the young girl had towards Dong Guofu, so he omitted these things for the time being.

"You...really that person!" Qing Nuo looked at Zhao Yuande, her eyes lighted with curiosity.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande didn't answer, but turned around and introduced to the crowd, "This girl is called Qing Nu, you all know each other, maybe you will become friends in the future!"

"You are the green girl! I know you, the nineteenth green girl! My name is Du Xiner, a disciple of Chunyang Xiangong!" Du Xiner was the first to introduce myself.

"I am from Rosa..."



Everyone made self-introduction one after another, and also got the thing between Qingnv and Dong Guofu from Zhao Yuande's mouth. They also greatly appreciated the character of Qingnv.

The communication between women is often very simple, the three women are equal, and they are all smart women, so they soon become friends and get together and talk non-stop.

Qingnv originally had a slightly arrogant temperament and disappeared all at once!

"Hey! We are left aside again!" Zhou Fei could not help but sigh.

"Yes!" Jiao Xiao also felt very bored.

"If you feel bored, clean up the corpses later, this is where we will stay in the future!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the corpses behind.

"Ah!" Only when they saw the bodies, they smelled a rotten smell.

"Go ahead! This is a test for you!" Zhao Yuande patted the shoulders of the two of them, "I'll dig a few caves!"

After talking, Zhao Yuande rushed to the front and took out a long knife to dig up against the **** rock.

"Okay!" The two helplessly dragged their heads to the bodies.

But the two were really clever. They even took out a storage ring and threw all the corpses into the storage ring, and then casually made a hurricane to blow out the smell here.

The storage ring was casually thrown away in the distance, without any sense of virtue.

"Brother! Do you think anyone will find this storage ring?" Jiao Xiao couldn't help but smile.

"Hey! I don't know, but if it's's really...haha!" Zhou Fei imagined the scene and couldn't help laughing.

It was still very easy for Zhao Yuande to dig a few caves.

Zhou Fei just came back proudly, and Zhao Yuande dug out a dozen cave houses.

"Let's just choose one!" Zhao Yuande nodded to everyone.

Everyone soon had their own choices, and gladly started a small renovation of Dongfu according to their own wishes.

"Yu girl, please trouble you, put all the people in the cave house into a spiritual array, this is the material!" Zhao Yuande handed over a storage ring.

"Ah! So much!" As soon as Rosa saw the top-grade fairy jade in the storage ring, her eyes suddenly widened!

There are millions of top-grade fairy jade in the storage ring, ten times more than he gave last time!

Where did he get so many top-grade fairy jade from?

You have to know that in these twelve fairy cities, there is no fairy vein, no spirit jade is rare, top grade fairy jade is simply the most demanding goods!

If these top-grade fairy jade is taken out, I am afraid that it will make countless people crazy!

Where did she know that Zhao Yuande once turned around in Fairy World, and the top-grade fairy jade on her body was calculated in tens of billions of dollars, and the millions of top-grade fairy jade for him were just nine cows and a hair!

"No... no... not so much!" Yu Rosa waved her hand hurriedly, wanting to return the storage ring to Zhao Yuande!

"Okay! You will be our master of formation in the future! These are the formation materials. To arrange it, you must arrange the best formation. Don't save me." Zhao Yuande's face was a little serious. .

"Okay! I'm welcome now!" Yu Rosa shook her storage ring in her hand with some shaking.

"Two sisters, come here to help, we will arrange the formation." Yu Rosa waved excitedly at the second woman.

When the second woman heard the arrangement, her eyes lit up and followed her into the nearest cave house.

Yu Rosa not only set up a gathering array in each cave house, but also arranged a large defensive array and guard array at each end of the passage.

The defensive formation method is very powerful, it should be able to block the attack of the strongest in the fairyland, and the guard formation method can detect the range of thousands of miles.

Even Zhao Yuande didn't expect Yu Rosa to be able to arrange this kind of formation just by relying on some fairy jade, and she couldn't help but look up to her.

"Actually... the materials are too simple. If the materials are enough, the formation I have arranged will be more powerful!" Yu Rosa said.

"Actually, I think you should also arrange a maze to let the blood beast step into it and get stuck in it. You can enter and kill at will!" Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Well! That's a good idea! This way you can greatly reduce the danger of being besieged by blood beasts!" Yu Rosa's eyes lit up.

"and also"

Zhao Yuande put forward a lot of opinions, and everyone also used their imagination.

Soon this passage became an iron barrel, and also became Zhao Yuande's private hunting ground!

Zhao Yuande was naturally not very anxious at this time, because he got a lot of information from Feng Zhongs knowledge of the sea. He knew how much everyone is advancing now. These people need at least a few months to come before the blood sea.

But he was still a little puzzled. He didn't find any news about Qin Xingyu, Heifeng, Yijie, and Tiantian from the other person's knowledge, as if the four of them had disappeared when they entered the seventh fairy city world!