Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1771

Chapter 1771: Struck

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Did they go there? Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown.

He then inquired the people again, and none of them got any news from these four people.

"I heard that even though the Seventh Fairy City has a terrifying secret, but it does not force people to stay and explore..." The Qingnian suddenly thought of something, "I heard that after entering the Seventh Fairy World, I reached the Fairy A special envoy will come to you, as if you have the right to continue to the next level!"

"Probably really entered the eighth fairy city world!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and there was only such an explanation!

With this answer, Zhao Yuande gradually let go of his heart.

"Now everyone will start to clean up the blood beasts!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone and said, "If you feel the danger, you will retreat into the defensive formation! I will help Dong Guofu's friends first."

"Brother, don't worry! Our current strength can already stand alone!" Zhou Fei patted his chest, at this time he had an urge to immediately advance to the fairyland.

"Well! I'm at ease, why can't you be at ease! Haha!" Zhao Yuande smiled, and his figure disappeared directly in front of everyone.

He returned to the other side of the world.

At this point, Dong Guofu had already reunited with his family, and was worried about the young man.

"Brother Dong Guo, don't worry, I'm fine!" The young man's face was pale and bloodless, but the eyes were shining brightly.

"Hehe! Brother Xiao, don't worry! With Brother Zhao here, you can't die if you want to die!" Dong Guofu smiled.

"Brother Dong Guo!" Zhao Yuande appeared in front of the two, but the next moment he felt that the young man seemed familiar to him, as if...

"You are Xiao Kang!" Zhao Yuande looked at the youth inconceivably, with a trace of joy in his eyes.

When he rescued the other party, he did not take a closer look, but sent it directly into the inner world, but he didn't expect to save Xiao Kang, a disciple of Bajing Palace!

He once had a short contact with this Xiao Kang, this person is not bad!

I did not expect that the best friend whom Dong Guofu said was actually him, and his cultivation practice at this time actually reached the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm.

Obviously, during this time, he also got a lot of opportunities, otherwise the speed of promotion can not be so fast.

"It turned out to be... Shizu..." Xiao Kang struggled to get up as soon as he saw Zhao Yuande, wanting to salute Zhao Yuande.

"Well! Everyone is young, no longer in the sect, you are a friend of Brother Dong Guo, and we don't need so many gifts between us, just match your brother for the time being!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped the other party.

"Yes! If you call Brother Zhao, I... I'm caught in the middle, what should I do!" Dong Guofu didn't expect the two to be in the same class, and their differences are so much different!

"No! Ceremony is not wasteful! My disciples at Bajing Palace are most respected by teachers! This is the first time we must worship!" Xiao Kang knelt down to Zhao Yuande and bowed down to the court.

"Okay! I've been greeted by you! But you shouldn't be like that afterwards, otherwise I'm not happy!" Zhao Yuande raised his face, and he was helpless.

"That disciple respected the ancestors' decree!" Xiao Kang was not that kind of pedantic person. After the first worship, it was considered to have passed the threshold in his heart, and he became free.

When Zhao Yuande and Dong Guofu saw him like this, they could be considered to have let go of their hearts.

"Come on, let me see your injury!" Zhao Yuande's soul explored in Xiao Kang's body for a while, and found that his injury was not actually fatal, but he didn't want to live before, so that happened.

Zhao Yuande turned his undead power in the opponent's body for a few weeks, and suddenly recovered his injury.

Then he made a food for him to consolidate his body and improve his cultivation.

Half a day later, Zhao Yuande appeared with Dong Guofu and Xiao Kang in front of everyone.

Everyone introduced each other, and they soon became familiar!

Everyone teamed up to hunt blood beasts, and they soon matched seamlessly.

This group of people are very powerful, especially Dong Guofu is a human-shaped mountain, and the blood beast that initiated the majestic fairyland will step directly to death!

However, there was a funny thing on the scene. The four men were all **** emperor peaks, and the three girls were all in the early stage of fairyland!

Give people a feeling of yin and yang!

At this time, Zhao Yuande did not join their hunting team, but began to try to open the fifth star of the Chaos Eucharist in the cave house.

At the same time, many great forces have discovered that the sixth unmanned passage is occupied by people!

At this time, Emperor Xing suddenly thought of Feng Zhong's death!

The sixth channel is only known to a few of their five forces, and Feng Zhong happened to be present when the last five forces negotiated, so the other party probably got the news from Feng Zhongs knowledge of the sea, so they occupied The sixth channel.

"I'd like to see who is so bold and dare to come to my side to kill someone so blatantly!" The King of Emperor radiated some kind of cold light.

"True Guardian, follow me!" Hades shouted loudly.

Suddenly more than a dozen figures came out of the darkness and followed behind the Emperor Hades.

"The Emperor Hades made a big move. Why is it, is it just because the sixth channel is occupied?" someone whispered in the dark.

"Emperor Emperor! I want to see what medicine is sold in your gourd!" A handsome young man stood in the other passage with his hand standing, his eyes glowing with deep light.

"Emperor Emperor! It's just a dead man, do you need such a big fan?" A fellow fellow's face was puzzled.

"Hum, are you finally angry and angry? I want to see how strong your true guards are..."

The forces of all parties are all happy to have the Emperor's shot at this time. They want to see who is the sacred person who can occupy the sixth channel, and whether they are qualified to sit on equal terms with them!

The Emperor Hades brought a dozen true guardians, and soon reached the sixth channel.

Zhao Yuande had already received the information from the alert circle at this time. He looked at the dozen or so figures that appeared on the light curtain in front of him, and could not help but sneer slightly at the corner of his mouth.

"There is a Master of Formation among this group of people! This is a powerful defensive formation!" The Emperor looked at the misty passage in front of him and frowned.

"Adult! I'll try it in the first place!" A true guardian stood out from the crowd and rushed directly to the passage.

His figure disappeared into the passage at once, and even his breath disappeared.

"No... after this defensive formation, there is still a mysterious formation!" The Emperor's face changed again, and his face was more gloomy and ugly!