Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772: Defeated

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"Adult!..." There was a true guardian who wanted to step forward, but was stopped by the Emperor Hades.

"You can't break through these two big formations, let me do it!" Emperor Hades was helpless. He originally wanted the true guardian to shoot out other people, and he wanted to meet the secret master for a while.

But I didn't expect that I had to force myself at the beginning, and those few people might be happy now!

"The people inside, if you don't come out again, don't blame me for not keeping your hands. Although this large formation is very strong, it can't stop my attack at all." The emperor's voice was cold, knowing that the other party could not come out, I have to say the last sentence.

"Then hurry up and show your means!" There was a voice from the large array, it was Zhao Yuande.

"Humph! Did you kill my men!" Hearing Zhao Yuande's voice, the Emperor's face suddenly became cold.

"How is it!" Zhao Yuande replied lightly, "Emperor, I have to tell you something you want to know, your brother also died in my hands!"

"You... so brave!" Emperor Hades suddenly angered.

He has been investigating the cause of his younger brother's death for a long time, but he has never been able to find out, but he did not expect the other party to say it today.

At this time, those guys in the dark are all about to laugh!

"Come on! Don't be wordy!" Zhao Yuande's voice was soft, and it seemed that he didn't care about the Emperor at all.

"I broke through this large array today and directly cut you!" The Emperor Hades suddenly became dark, and a huge black shadow slowly emerged from behind him.

Holding a giant black axe in this shadow, a fierce force burst out of the black shadow.

"Destroy me!" The Emperor's palm slightly pressed toward the formation in front.

Suddenly, the black shadow behind him lifted the giant axe and chopped it down fiercely.

The void was split in half in an instant, and numerous black storms rushed out of the cracks in the void, forming a huge tornado, cutting around in the passage, but the passage in front was instantly broken by the cut.

And the horror power chopped down by the giant axe had not touched the large array at this time, so that the large array issued a crisp click.

"Hehe! The Hades are still a bit powerful. I am afraid that this axe already has the power of the late fairyland! It is not simple, it is not simple!" The voice from Zhao Yuande is still dull, as if to comment on a junior. Most of them are taunts.

"You have the ability to take this axe, as long as you take this axe, I will turn around and go!" This is already one of the most powerful means of the Emperor, if this can't win the opponent, the opponent's strength needs to be renewed Evaluated.

"That's good! You see clearly!" Zhao Yuande's voice fell, and a crystal-like jade palm protruded directly from the void, patting the giant ax that had been split.

"Humph! I don't know what you think! Do you think..." Ming Huang's eyes were cold, looking at the corner of the palm of his hand with a disdainful sneer.

The giant axe in the hands of his **** is a true fifth-grade fairy treasure. He integrated it into his **** according to the secret method of the true shrine. The power is only powerful and can directly destroy the power of the middle of the fairy kingdom. presence.

How can one palm block his own giant axe, I am afraid that he will be broken by the sharp force of the giant axe before he approaches it!

But the next moment he was directly dumbfounded!

I saw the palm of the crystal-like jade, shot in the void, directly on the giant axe.

He suddenly felt an irresistible force of terror coming from the giant axe. This force was like the Foshan tsunami. He was just an ordinary mortal faced with all this, only endless panic and helplessness!

But Pluto was an extremely proud person. He bit his teeth, and the blood in the body suddenly burned a blazing black flame.

The black flames brought him endless power, which made him block the opponent's beat, but his body shook slightly.

"Good! Very good! Your strength is beyond my imagination. You can be qualified to stand in this sixth channel if you can take my axe!" The Emperor Ming looked very unsightly, but continued, " As for my brother, I will never pass so easily. I will come to you again when we pass through the channel!

After talking about the emperor's big sleeves, his body disappeared in a flash.

"As you wish!" Zhao Yuande's voice was soft.

However, he was also a little surprised in his heart. The palm just seemed to be understated, but this blow used 90% of his strength. The other party can safely follow it, which is really not easy!

But what Zhao Yuande didnt know was that after returning to his cave mansion, Wraith spouted a black **** arrow with his mouth open. His face was pale as a paper, apparently it was just suppressing the injury in the body just now. Let him hurt!

"Adult!" Several true guards rushed up to help the Emperor.

"Thousands...Don't let this thing pass out, otherwise those guys might take advantage of it!" The emperor gritted his teeth, and his face showed a terrible color. "There must be no way to the sixth channel. , The mans strength is too strong, we cant provoke it!"

"Don't your brother die in vain!" A true **** guard clenched his fists unwillingly.

"Unless I get the benefits of the blood sea, otherwise I am not his opponent, and the opponent's strength should be similar to that of Zhang Fan!" The Emperor Ming mentioned Zhang Fan, and his face suddenly appeared sad.

He didn't expect that the first heir to his hall of truth, the second-ranked peerless master, would lose in the hands of two people in a row, and they were all defeated so miserably, so thoroughly!

"You keep the gate for me, and you can't let anyone know about it!" Ming Huang asked.

These true guardians are the strong ones cultivated by the mysterious temple. They have been brainwashed, and now they can only obey and only have the orders of his Hades!


At this time, the strong men who were observing in secret couldn't help but also got stunned by the slap of Zhao Yuande. Although they didn't know that the Emperor Ming was seriously injured under this palm, they were enough to shock them!

This guy even slaps the Emperor's Shura axe away. The power of this slap is at least the later stage of the fairyland!

In addition to the guy peeping in the dark, only Zhang Fan was the most indifferent!

Zhao Yuande's small exposure revealed that he was shocking to everyone and showed his strength. In the sixth channel, he also stood firm.

He knew for a long time that no one would come to bother him to practice!