Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1774

Chapter 1774: Retreat

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If it is usual, he might kill Zhao Yuande with you!

But now it is different. Behind them, there are many eye-catching eyes watching them.

Especially the guy named Zhang Fan, even if he is afraid of it!


Just as he was flying around in his head, the giant sword had been hacked into endless hell!

A blazing white light appeared in the sky. Under the impact of the two, the erupting sound was a trembling of the oscillating entire channel, and there was almost a feeling of collapse.

Holding a giant sword, Zhao Yuande's huge body stepped back and forth a few steps, his face showing a bit of dignified color.

And the endless black prison was hit by a sword and flew out.

"Come back!" Feng Rong made a move with his palm, and the endless black prison in the void directly turned into a slap-sized orb, flying into his hands.

"You are strong! If you want, we will split 50 or 50!" Feng Rong also had to admit that Zhao Yuande's strength was not under him.

Although he still has a lot of backhands, even the endless black jail did not explode all the power, but he also saw that the other party did not fully use his full strength, the other party still left a few points of strength to defend himself.

"Forget it! I'll still grind it myself!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and refused.

"You..." Feng Rong saw that the other party didn't eat hard and hard. He didn't dislike to divide into four or six, but he didn't want to cooperate with himself or even anyone!

"Let's go! You can't help me, and I can't help you! Don't ask yourself to be boring here!" Zhao Yuande went directly into the big group without looking back.

"Okay! I hope you don't cooperate with others, otherwise I might just go in and kill all your people!" Feng Rong turned around and left, but he still left a word.

"Really? Then I will kill all of you!" Zhao Yuande replied lightly without being threatened by the other party's words.

"I'm waiting!" Feng Rong was indifferent.

When Feng Rong disappeared into the channel, Zhao Yuande's face also began to become more dignified. The other party's power was definitely not under him. He didn't know what happened to the other party, but this was not a good thing!

What is most needed now is to quickly open the fifth star!

However, in the next ten days, he practiced all day in Dongfu, but he still did not open the fifth star!

"You are too anxious! Don't retreat anymore, otherwise it may affect your state of mind!" Feng Cang's voice lightly sounded in Zhao Yuande's heart.

Zhao Yuande naturally knew that he was a little eager. He had never encountered an opponent in the same rank before, and he pushed it all the way. Even in the fairy world, he did not find a few geniuses toward himself. Determined his invincible path.

But now there is this style, and there is also a Zhang Fan, two major opponents make his heart anxious!

Lost the original indifferent, now just thinking about promotion!

On the contrary, he has never been able to break through the current state, and if he continues this way, I am afraid that it will have a bad influence on his future cultivation.

If this situation intensifies, maybe he will still have no chance!

"Okay! I will go for a walk!" Zhao Yuande sighed helplessly and walked out of the cave!

Everyone was sitting in excitement around the channel at this time, distributing the blood essence obtained in the battle.

"Brother Zhao! You finally come out!" Dong Guofu looked at Zhao Yuande with excitement, "I'm promoted to fairy land! Now you can defeat the blood beast equivalent to the peak of fairy land!"

"Oh! Then congratulate Brother Dong Guo!" Zhao Yuande was also happy for him.

"Brother! I have also been promoted to fairyland!" Jiao Xiao also hurriedly came forward, excited to express his credit.

"Haha! It seems that today is a day of great joy, then I will spend a lot of money to make a meal for everyone! I still have a second-grade fairy beast in my space, and now you should all be able to eat some!" Zhao Yuande was also in a moment Much better, and began to get busy.

Soon everyone was sitting in front of the gluttonous true spirit tripod, and began to swell quickly.

Zhao Yuande's mood suddenly improved after everyone's mouth was full of oil!

"While the medicine in the food is still there, let's kill the past and kill more blood beasts! Maybe there will be a breakthrough!" Zhou Fei's face looked expectant.

Now only he and Xiaokang are still the pinnacle of Divine Realm. What they lack should be just an opportunity.

Now, this delicious meal of Zhao Yuande is exactly this opportunity. They feel the power in their bodies is surging and there is a feeling that they can't suppress it.

"What are you waiting for! Go quickly!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly and first rushed into the depths of the passage.

This time with Zhao Yuande's leadership, his battle was much simpler, and he didn't have to care about any special circumstances.

As long as the fierce beasts beyond the fairyland will be taken care of by Zhao Yuande, one by one!

However, after just one hour, Zhou Fei and Xiao Kang ushered in their own catastrophe.

They are fighting against the blood beast in the sky-tribulation, even more powerful!

However, Xiao Kang's flesh was not as good as Zhou Fei, so he was quickly sent back to the Dong Mansion by Zhao Yuande to absorb the spirit of fairy spirits.

And Zhou Fei was killed by Zhao Yuande for a while after he was killed with Tian robbery!

However, Zhao Yuande and the rest of the people continued to move forward, and most of the blood beasts that came out of the tide were the cultivation practices of the early fairyland.

Zhao Yuande beheaded a strong enemy in the front, blocked by Dong Guofu's prison body, there was Du Xiner's invincible defense, there was...

Anyway, they are very happy to kill!

Their advancement is hundreds of miles!

Knowing that Zhao Yuande had found a large number of blood beasts in the fairyland, they had to return temporarily.

There are tens of thousands of blood sperm collected this time.

"You will divide these blood essences! Then start to refine these blood essences, and then refine the blood of chaos before refining! That will do you more good!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Then you?" Dong Guofu asked.

"I want to hide my body and go ahead and explore how many blood beasts there are. Card to see if I can sneak into the sea of blood." Zhao Yuande said.

"Then you have to be careful!" Dong Guofu's face appeared worried.

"Don't worry! Don't you know me yet? Is it so easy for me to go wrong?" Zhao Yuande patted Dong Guofu's shoulder and focused on him and nodded. "If I encounter a danger, I will return as soon as possible!"

"Good!" Dong Guofu nodded, his eyes showing gratitude.

He knew that the other party was telling him that he would not make fun of his family's life!

"It's still up to you to guard them back a lot. If there is any strong man invading, you will notify me immediately!" Zhao Yuande nodded.