Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1775

Chapter 1775: Giant Snake

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At this time, Dong Guofu is the most powerful except Zhao Yuande, followed by Rosa. Her unparalleled body is small, and should now be able to overcome the people in the middle of the fairyland, but the late fairyland can only contend!

Next is Du Xin'er, her defense is impeccable, and the most headache-prone opponent, even in the late fairyland can also fight!

The overall strength of their group of people is not weaker than the other five forces, plus Zhao Yuande's existence can be said to be the most powerful of the six forces!

Zhao Yuande saw the figure of the people leaving, and his figure disappeared into the void.

He flew all the way over the head of the blood-like blood beast, the power of the Yin and Yang Zhao Tian Jing was revealed, and even the blood beast at the peak of the fairy land was not even noticed.

Knowing that he flew out hundreds of miles, he saw several powerful blood beasts taking lazy strides in the flesh and blood group. Their bodies were huge, and their movements were thousands of feet tall. If they accidentally stepped on a large group Ordinary blood beast.

As he flew beside these mighty blood beasts, there was a hint of doubt in the eyes of these mighty flesh and blood.

The breath of these powerful blood beasts has been comparable to the strong existence of the early fairy king. Although they have no way to discover Zhao Yuande, they have already been alert, which is a bad omen!

After traveling a hundred miles, he saw a huge blood beast body occupying almost half of the passageway. Numerous flesh and blood wailing during its walk, most of them were completely crushed into pieces of blood essence.

But these blood essences all rushed into the body of this huge blood beast.

Zhao Yuande is hundreds of meters away from this blood beast, and the huge eyes of the flesh and blood have fallen to his position!

However, it was full of doubts, and Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the horror and coercion carried in those eyes.

He almost scared and turned away!

The fighting power of this huge blood beast can already be comparable to the mid-term of the fairy monarch realm. Now he may not be able to support it for one round, and he will be shot dead alive!

But this blood beast's body is too large, it seems a little inconvenient to act, otherwise he will really turn around and leave!

As he stepped closer to the blood beast, the doubts in his eyes grew heavier and heavier.

Zhao Yuande felt helpless for a while, did he just give up?

"No! No!" Zhao Yuande could clearly feel that the other party's eyes became sharper and sharper, as if he had already discovered his existence.

"Hey! Only the avatars are used!!" Zhao Yuande was helpless, purple gas was steaming above his head, and an avatar that looked exactly like him appeared beside him.

This avatar has 70% of his strength, and can last for an hour, enough to draw away this big guy!

"Go!" Zhao Yuande directly tore the void in front of him and let the avatar walk in!

At the next moment, the avatar appeared a thousand feet away from the front of this huge blood beast, and a huge six-color wheel flew out of his head.


As soon as Baolun came out, he directly killed the blood beasts of unknown fairyland.

"Roar!" The huge writer's eyes froze, his territory was occupied, and it finally became angry.

The huge body flew towards the avatar!

Zhao Yuande moved his body, skipped the flesh and came to the front of the passage!

Although there are still a lot of flesh and blood in the passage, and the flesh and blood of the early fairy kingdom are mixed in the blood beast group, but there is no longer a blood beast in the middle of the realm of the fairy king!

He hurried forward and finally saw a sea of blood before a huge bend!

Blood beasts popping up from time to time in the Scarlet Ocean, but most of them are blood beasts in the fairyland.

His eyes suddenly looked into the depths of the blood sea, he felt a huge heart beating in the depths of the blood sea!

"Is that the origin of this Chaos Giant?" Zhao Yuande's eyes showed excitement.

But soon his face changed, and in the depths of the blood he felt a terrifying force that made his heart hairy.

That should be a powerful existence that surpassed the late fairy king, even stronger than the breath of the star picker!

This discovery made Zhao Yuande a bit lost at once!

Obviously, he couldn't get it at all. This kind of taste made him feel crazy.

"But... that existence seems to be...sleeping!" Zhao Yuande soon discovered a new situation, "open up, the past exploration, it is a big deal that he still has a hole card, not necessarily die here."

He was not willing to leave in this way.

Feeling the powerful breath at all times, he flew slowly over the sea of blood, and there were no other creatures here besides the ordinary blood beast like a surge.

The closer to the center of the blood sea, Zhao Yuande felt a wonderful feeling in his heart, and a strong desire emerged deep in his heart, as if a hungry wolf met a lamb and wanted to slap the blood sea That kind of thing swallowed, and the vortex that swallowed inside him was a bit tempting.

It should be that the origin of the Chaos Giant is good, but I dont know if I can swallow it with my current state.

Zhao Yuande sneaked into the blood sea, and the kind of breath in the blood sea was more intense and the attraction was more intense!

He even has a feeling of being torn by a powerful force, and he wants to pull it past hard, as if the group of sources in the middle of the blood sea also wants to devour him!

But this time Zhao Yuande can't manage that much anymore.

He had seen a blood snake tens of thousands of feet before, a giant snake coiled deep in the blood sea, the giant snake coiled into a snake mountain, and there seemed to be a beating heart in its body coiling.

This giant snake seemed to be in a deep sleep, and a strange wave passed from the Snake Mountain, making Zhao Yuande feel a strong desire.

Zhao Yuande could vaguely see that a hazy golden light spilled out of the Snake Mountain, and these golden light spills would be quickly absorbed by the surrounding sea of blood, and a blood beast was born!

It's just that a little overflowing power can give birth to so many blood beasts, and the terror power contained in it may have been so powerful that he couldn't imagine it!

If he can get the power of the source, he may be able to directly turn on the five stars, or maybe even directly turn on the six stars!

It is the so-called courageous starvation and timidity. There is no opportunity for danger. If you have been afraid of the tail, the opportunity will disappear in front of you!

do not care! do my best!

"Ten thousand feet... eight thousand feet... five thousand feet..." He hides his figure and slowly approaches the sea of blood, while the giant snake is still sleeping.