Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1777

Chapter 1777: Welfare

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Zhao Yuande felt the vortex of engulfing in his body, and was about to move, and began to engulfed against the huge blood cells.

However, this blood cell is really too huge, and the energy contained in it is endless.

And at this time, there was still a golden light shining out from the inside of the blood cell, and a large number of blood beasts were still being generated.

Although Zhao Yuande's engulfing vortex is powerful, after all, his realm is too low, so there is no end to its absorption. He feels that with his current realm, he may not be able to absorb it completely for hundreds of millions of years.

Is it always consumed here?

I'm afraid it won't be long before those guys will be able to kill in. I think when I was sucked on the blood cell like an octopus, it would make me feel like crying and laughing when anyone slaughtered him.

But there is really no way for him, he can only constantly absorb the power on the blood cell!

With the continuous absorption of power, he felt that his heavenly body began to gradually rise, and his sixth star was slowly emerging at this time.

This time the sixth star is above the eyebrows of the forehead, right in the eye of the sky!

He feels that if the sixth star is turned on, it will let the Heavenly Eye, who has not much help to him, release a powerful force again.

"Okay! This is a surprise!"

I don't know how long I kept this posture. Zhao Yuande felt his body numb at this time.


I don't know how long it took, Zhao Yuande felt a sudden click in his body, and his celestial body reached the seventh floor unconsciously!

And the sixth star has accumulated enough energy at this time, but now the sixth star is unable to open, as if it lacks something crucial.

However, his fighting power did not increase much at this time, still staying in the middle of the fairy realm.

"How long has the time passed? Dong Guofu, they may be anxious now! I can't continue this way!" Zhao Yuande was already impatient at this time.

At this time, he also found the blood cell that sucked himself, and he has gradually started to change the color, becoming golden!


Zhao Yuande was startled, and he felt as if something in his body was gradually forming.

In the sea of blood of Dantian, a little golden light kept flashing, turned out to be a golden bead, and it was growing at an incredible speed!

"What is this?" Zhao Yuande watched the golden bead in shock.

At the same time, the blood beads that sucked on him were shrinking at a rate visible to the naked eye, shrinking and shrinking!

Half a day later, the bead seemed to have changed, and a golden bead in the size of a hundred feet appeared in his sea of blood, but the bead that firmly adsorbed him in front of him disappeared!

"What the **** is this?" Zhao Yuande looked at the bead in the sea of blood incredible.

"That's the origin of Chaos Giant! You now have the ability to transform into Chaos Giant for a long time, but... your cultivation base is still low, and the combat effectiveness after transformation will not increase much!" Feng Cang's voice came, There was a hint of excitement.

"That's useless?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help being disappointed.

"No! This original pearl is a symbol of Chaos Giants, and it is also unique. As long as you have it, you can have the qualification to open the ninth star, and it will be considered a real Chaos Giant!" Feng Cangdao said, "However, Your pearl of origin is too small, and you need to keep accumulating!"

"How big should the chaotic giant's source bead be?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"Like a star!" Feng Cangdao said.

"His!" Zhao Yuande could not help but take a breath.

A star!

It seems that in this endless years, the chaotic giant's orb's source pearl is really consuming too much, otherwise it will not be so big.

"You must not be content! If there is no loss of this source pearl, I am afraid that you will not be able to get close at all, and you will not be able to absorb the power. As soon as you approach, you will be firmly attached to it and you will never be able to leave!" Feng Cangdao.

"Okay! It seems that I made a big profit this time!" Zhao Yuande thought about it too.

The ancestral bead of the size of a hundred feet is so against the sky, if it is a star so big, I dont know what powerful covetment will be attracted, and I dont know how powerful a blood beast will be born, he may not be able to get close at all!

"Go back! Your friends are in danger!" Feng Cang's voice gradually fell.

"What!" Zhao Yuande's face changed, and he left the sea of blood as soon as his figure flashed, and he entered the passage at the next moment.

Entering the passage, he suddenly felt something was wrong!

Because of his anxiety at this time, he did not cast a yin and yang sky mirror to hide his figure, and those flesh and blood can naturally see themselves.

But at this time, these flesh and blood are not fierce to fight up, but show a fear of his appearance!

Is it the problem of the source pearl?

Zhao Yuande instantly thought of the Pearl of Origin, knowing that these blood beasts were all the power of the origin leaked from the Pearl of Origin, and some mysterious power contained in the blood sea condensed.

They are essentially children of the Pearl of Origin!

Zhao Yuande figured this out and couldn't help but move his heart, slightly releasing the breath of the source pearl.

Suddenly all the blood beasts in the passage were crawling on the ground, the body trembling, and it seemed to be submitting to him.

His spirit communicated with a recent blood beast, and he soon received a message of obedience.

The consciousness of these blood beasts is very vague, only simple killing and obedience.

"Haha! I didn't expect that there would be such benefits!" Zhao Yuande waved his fist in excitement, the excitement on his face could not be concealed.

"Let me go, I'm going to see who the **** dare to come to see me in trouble!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and all the blood beasts in the channel surged like water!

Even the huge blood beast he saw earlier did not dare to disobey his orders at this time.

Zhao Yuande gave the blood beast an order to move forward. Zhao Yuande's body flickered continuously, without the blood beast's block. After only a dozen breaths, he reappeared before his cave.

He saw many strong men, and was attacking a foggy and misty place frantically at this time. This place was not large and only had dozens of square meters. Among them, Dao Guanghua shot out from time to time to deal with the outsiders.

There are hundreds of strong players attacking from outside, but they are divided into left and right sides to fight each other. It seems that they are two sides.