Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Fairy Corpse

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"Is this a trap?" Zhao Yuande looked at the little girl's pure and pleasant face and smiled at the corner of her mouth. "No matter what you are, you can't lie to my eyes!"

He gave his hand to the little girl.

"Heavenly puppet, a powerful puppet made by immortal corpses, has no self-consciousness, only knows to follow the master's order and cannot be an ingredient!"

"Fairy Corpse!" Zhao Yuande almost choked to death without a spit.

Those who can hang with the word immortal represent powerful and powerful. Although an immortal corpse has lost its immortal power, the corpse is the most solid and powerful. It is basically impossible to find something that can destroy the immortal corpse in the world! Not even the Chaos Arcana Eternal Tower of his previous life!

A fairy corpse represents in this world that it cannot be destroyed, which makes it invincible in advance!

The little girl in the kiosk is a puppet made by a fairy corpse, and he will certainly not be his opponent, and if he does not pass by, he will arouse suspicion of manipulating people behind the scenes. I think they let them in so hard. Not to kill yourself, but to save yourself from the ancient demon king sealed in the shrine.

He felt that he could not show his feet for the time being and proceeded according to the planned plan.

Zhao Yuande looked at the little girl in the small pavilion, and his face suddenly showed joy. It was a surprise for the drowning person to see rescue.

He struggled to kill Xiaoting in the past, and finally half an hour later, he successfully set foot on Xiaoting.

The tidal wave of corpses in the back was heard at once, as if to lose the target and continue to wander around the small pavilion.

"You are finally here!" The little girl's voice is very nice, and her expression is also in place. If Zhao Yuande did not know her true identity in advance, there would be no doubt.

"It was the leader of the empty mountain who asked me to come. Why did you get trapped here?" Zhao Yuande didn't show the slightest foot, hiding the deep pain in the deepest part of his heart.

"I was attacked by a corpse, exhausting all the panacea. If it weren't for the protection of Shimen Zhibao Liuliting, it would have killed the zombie mouth." The girl seemed very weak, standing beside Zhao Yuande a little shaky.

"I have some panacea here, you take it first!" Zhao Yuande generously took out a bottle of panacea and handed it to the other party, with a smile in his eyes.

"We can't spend any more time here! The spirit of Kongshan Daochang is getting weaker and weaker. We need to traverse this corpse as soon as possible and arrive at Zhenfeng Hall to release Daochang's flesh!" The little girl took a pill. His face also turned ruddy, pointing deep in the jungle.

"Okay! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande promised, turned around and walked out of the small pavilion and started to rush towards the direction of the little girl.

The pavilion can rest at any time. Zhao Yuande is also desperate enough. The two factors add up, and they soon see a majestic hall standing at the end of the corpse tide.

"There is the Zhenfeng Hall!" The little girl's eyes clearly showed excitement.

"Let's go!"

Zhao Yuande fought desperately, and finally came to the hall.

Within a hundred meters in front of the main hall, the endless tide of tide suddenly dissipated. The corpses seemed to lose consciousness all at once, and they all fell to the ground.

"Zhen Feng Dian"

Three vigorous and powerful characters hang at the top of the hall, which seems to contain a terrible power.

At the moment when the little girl beside Zhao Yuande who was still glowing red appeared in front of the hall, he seemed to be suppressed by some terrible power. His original blood was lost on his face, and he became pale, and his body exuded a cold breath. As if it were just a corpse.

"Go! Let's go in!"

Zhao Yuande inadvertently pulled the little girl's arm, and suddenly felt a biting cold rush into the body, even his powerful body was frozen with a trembling, almost fell to the ground.

"I... my injury relapsed and I can't move anymore. Go in by yourself!" The little girl stepped back again and again, sitting on the floor at once, her face pale and her teeth seemed to tremble.

"It's okay, I'll take you in. I'm afraid I can't find the shrine!" Zhao Yuande said, pulling the little girl up and taking her to the door of the hall.

"I..." Just as Zhao Yuandela walked in with the little girl, the young girl's face showed boundless killing intent, but the killing intent disappeared instantly, and a cold smile appeared from the corner of the little girl's mouth. , The little girl gritted her teeth, as if fighting against this kind of power.

Zhao Yuande pushed the door of the hall smoothly and saw the situation inside.

The hall is very empty, with only a few stone statues standing quietly in the center of the hall.

Those stone statues are a respected human powerhouse, they either opened their eyes, or clenched their teeth, or clenched their fists...

There is a huge shrine in the middle of these stone carvings. A statue of Taoist is enshrined in the shrine, and a black kitten lies at the foot of the statue.

At the foot of the Taoist, there is a black stone ball, and the light shines in the stone ball, which seems to contain endless terrible power.

"This is..." Zhao Yuande finally knew where the familiarity came from. The statue of the Taoist was exactly the same as the portrait he got in the stone cave beside the ghost blood river, even the black kitten. Exactly the same!

It turned out that the statue turned out to be Zhang Jiyang, the master of that invincible strongman.

At the foot of Zhang Jiyang, the black stone ball is probably the sealed Gudang Demon King. This old guy wants me to let him out and dream about it!

"This is the place where the leader of the empty mountain is sealed. If the shrine is broken, the leader of the empty mountain will come out and take us back to the cave!" The little girl's voice was anxious, looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes with expectation.

"The statue of the Daoist of the Empty Mountain, which contains a huge power of sealing, seals the eyes of the Demon Clan Gudang Demon King and cannot become an ingredient!"

"Sima Kongqing, the disciple of Kongshan Taoist, was petrified by Yu Dang, the ancient demon king, and he has lost his breath and cannot be an ingredient!"

"The second disciple of Kongshan Taoist..."


Zhao Yuande passed these stone statues one by one, and they were all petrified in the last tragic war, and died here, no wonder their expressions are so vivid!

The master of Zhang Jiyang is probably the leader of Kongshan, and the leader of Kongshan Dao may have been created by the leader himself, but I dont know if the leader of Kongshan has already been in the fairy world and joined Zhang Jiyang?

Zhao Yuande's thoughts were erratic and he hadn't spoken for a long time. The anxiety on the little girls on the side was getting stronger and stronger.

At this point, the little girl's body had begun to tremble, and she was struggling against the terrible seal of the statue. If Zhao Yuande didn't do anything, she would not be able to persevere!