Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1780

Chapter 1780: Going To Explode

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"You...I think the girl of the blue girl also has some meaning to you. Do you also consider considering..." Zhao Yuande sneered.

"This..." Dong Guofu closed his mouth with interest!

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande felt that a pair of burning eyes fell on his body. The red fruit of this eyes showed admiration, and he couldn't help but sigh.

Everyone around looked at Zhao Yuande with strange eyes too. Yu Rosa was such a good girl, they didn't know what Zhao Yuande was avoiding.

"Oh! I'm okay, completely okay! And I got a lot of chance!" Zhao Yuande couldn't bear the scorching heat in those eyes, and hurriedly led the topic to other places.

Everyone was immediately attracted by his words, and all looked at him without blinking, and even sighed slightly in Rosa's heart, knowing that it was impatient.

"What is the chance, you will not enter the blood sea!" Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes showing expectation.

"Yes! I entered the sea of blood, and I also got the things in the sea of blood. Now not only is the power soaring, but I can also command the blood beast!" Zhao Yuande's face was excited.

"What! Can command the blood beast! Isn't this developed?" Jiao Xiao's excited eyes were red, "Let them all explode, and we'll just pick up the blood essence!"

"Stupid! Command the blood beasts to kill the guys and let them sneak attack us!" Zhou Fei gave him a brain.

"Yes! My brother is right! Clear all the other six channels, and we are all left here!" Jiao Xiao clenched his fists. "Countless blood essences can just bury us. Absorb as you like!"

"I'm're dead, still buried..."

"Let's go and flatten those forces!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed, feeling that they said something very reasonable, and drove all the moths away from the body of the Chaos Giant!

He had this idea from the beginning, but here is the physical body of Chaos Giant, and also respects Chaos Giant also belongs to one of his ancestors.

This is considered the ancestor's tomb has been planed, how could he not be angry.

"Go! Push them flat!" Zhou Fei waved his fists.

"Everyone follow me!" Zhao Yuande led the way, and soon came to the place where blood beasts gathered in the passage.

The blood beast felt Zhao Yuande's arrival, kneeling on the ground and knocking on him constantly.

Zhao Yuande flew to the huge blood beast in the middle of the fairy king, and then waved at the crowd.

The people flew close in fear and found that these blood beasts did not mean to attack themselves.

"Departure, let's go to the channel of the Emperor Hades first. The Emperor died in my hands. Their channel will be messed up!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and all the fierce beasts roared and followed the huge blood beast. Behind him, borrowed from the sea of blood, and rushed towards the channel that belongs to the Emperor.

The newly encountered blood beasts all around were also photographed by Zhao Yuande, followed behind him, and pushed all the way across.

Soon, the channel of the Emperor Emperor was flattened without resistance. Except for a few lucky escaped guys, almost the rest of the army was destroyed.

"Haha! It's so enjoyable to continue. The next channel is Feng Rong!" Zhao Yuande drove more and more blood beasts into the channel of Feng Rong like a tide.

Although there is still resistance in Fengrong's passage, under the attack of the tide-like blood beast, it was only broken down alive in less than ten breaths.

But to Zhao Yuande's regret, he didn't find any trace of Fengrong. Presumably this guy guessed that he would come to him and escaped!

"Next is Tian Ling Xuan Nu!" Zhao Yuande grinned. Although there was no direct hatred between him and Tian Ling Xuan Nu, but there was a lot of unhappiness between her two maids, and even took him to Tian Ling Xuan Nu also has no good impression.

The Celestial Mystery did not expect that there would be so many blood beasts coming in, and the camp was suddenly in chaos, even the Celestial Mystery had escaped!

"Who is the next one? Zhang Fan? I really look forward to meeting this guy. I don't know if he can still be my opponent." Zhao Yuande's mouth widened, and there was some expectation in his eyes.

But to his disappointment, Zhang Fan's channel was long gone.

I don't know if they got the news back, or if there is another reason.

The same is true that Ji Mingzhen's passage has already been empty!

Although Zhao Yuande and Ji Mingzhen are still friends, they did not plan to let him continue to be a borer here.

"Full-heartedly search all the places for me. Once I find out that there are cultivators, they will be expelled immediately. Don't let them hunt blood beasts here!" Zhao Yuande gave orders to the blood beasts of several powerful fairy monarchs.

Several blood beasts nodded respectfully, and each rushed in all directions with a large number of blood beasts.

The cultivators who fought through the various passages and slashed the blood beasts had a nightmare at this time.

Countless powerful blood beasts gush out, let them run away.

Almost everyone followed the passage when they came, swarming out of the body of the Chaos Giant.

"Looking for the true spirit immediately, I felt a strange breath. This body seemed to explode!" And Zhao Yuande heard Feng Cang's voice at this time, and there was obviously some urgency in the voice.

"What! How is this possible! The body has been silent for hundreds of millions of years, how could it explode?" Zhao Yuande's eyes widened incredulously.

"This body is completely supported by his source, so it can be transformed into a small world. Now that the source is taken by you, so... in fact, even if you didnt take it, its not been supported here for ten years. That source The Pearl has shrunk to a critical point!" Feng Cang returned.

"Okay! Then let's hurry up!" Zhao Yuande was helpless and could only take everyone else into his own body world.

His body turned into a streamer and ran away into the distance.

Under the guidance of Feng Cang, he soon appeared in a golden world, where it was almost full of wind and sand, and there was no grass.

"Here is what he used to be in the inner world. Only by passing through this inner world can we reach his bridge, and step on the bridge to enter his sea of knowledge. I have felt that his sea of knowledge is almost already Dry up, the remaining point of wisdom will soon be wiped out!" Feng Cang's voice was a little eager.

"Then hurry to fly!" Zhao Yuande's figure flashed, and he had appeared thousands of miles away.