Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1782

Chapter 1782: Bluestone

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"It seems that I have to let me go up there!" Zhao Yuande was really helpless at this time. He was really a little afraid of the blood devil, not knowing whether it was still waiting for himself in the sky.

His soul protruded out of the earth and radiated towards the sky, but did not find the blood devil eagle, but found an ancient town!

The town was built on a huge cyan rock, enveloped by a hazy cyan light curtain.

Through the blue light, Zhao Yuande found that there were not many people in the town. Most of their cultivation practices were under the fairy land. Occasionally there was a strong man above the two fairy land. Their realm was also unreliable.

How did they live in a place full of powerful fairy beasts?

I am afraid that any fairy beast can overturn this small town!

Zhao Yuande did not find any danger here. He left the earth with strong curiosity and walked to the small city.

However, when he was close to the cyan light curtain, he obviously felt a hint of repulsion, but it didn't seem to be aimed at him. He could easily approach the light curtain.

"Who are you!" Just as he stepped into the light curtain, an old voice rang in his ears.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel cold, he didn't find the source of this voice, this voice has a very strong oppression, giving him a very dangerous feeling.

He immediately understood that there is a strong man in this small city.

"Senior! The juniors are not malicious, just the testers who went to the Twelve Immortals City for trial!" Zhao Yuande's voice was soft and his tone was not weak, and he did not appear panicked because the other party was strong.

"What! A tester can actually come here? Gee, you have a physique!" The master of that voice seemed to be able to see through Zhao Yuande's details and gave a sigh of admiration.

"Senior, where is this place?" Zhao Yuande was amazed by the ability of the other party, but he covered the breath with the yin and yang sky mirror. I am afraid that even the powerful existence of the fairy king's peak cannot detect his reality.

"This is a forgotten town! A group of helpless people are trapped here. Our generations want to get out of this place, but they can't go out at all!" The voice was full of helplessness.

"It's not difficult for the predecessor Xiuwei to walk out of this desert!" Zhao Yuande asked somewhat puzzled.

"Difficult! Difficult!" The voice didn't explain much, but sighed softly.

At this time, many people in small cities have discovered the existence of Zhao Yuande.

They approached here and looked at Zhao Yuande curiously.

Among them, many children were instructing Zhao Yuande's dress.

The clothes on these people are all made of some fur carapace, which looks weird, but it is also what Zhao Yuande expected.

"Everyone is not allowed to come here! This person is very dangerous!" The voice issued a warning.

"Yes! Grandpa!" The group of people heard this voice, and all of them immediately bowed respectfully, without any intention of daring to go against it, and stepped back carefully.

Taking advantage of this time, Zhao Yuande probed the small town, which was a few miles in size. On the surface, there were only hundreds of people.

The small city sits on a huge bluestone, which seems to be a huge isolation zone, separating the two worlds.

The world he passed by was filled with all kinds of horrible and powerful fairy beasts. Many powerful breaths made him feel trembling.

The other side of Bluestone is much safer, although it is also a desert, but it has some weak beasts that can allow these people to survive.

"Seniors and juniors just pass by. If you don't welcome, I will go!" Zhao Yuande saw that voice hadn't spoken for a long time, and then took the initiative to speak.

"Well!" The voice was silent for a while, "Is there any fairy or spirit jade on your body, I want to exchange some!"

"Oh! There are some. If seniors don't dislike it, they give it to seniors!" Zhao Yuande took out a storage ring. Instead of taking out the fairy jade, he put millions of top-grade spirit jade in it.

In fact, the top-grade spirit jade on his body is also piled up, he is not reluctant, but understands the truth and bears his sins!

The other party is obviously stronger than himself. In case of financial fortune, if you want to keep yourself, you are asking for trouble!

"No! I can't take your things in vain." A big hand appeared in the void, catching the storage ring that Zhao Yuande handed out, and there was obviously a little excitement in his voice.

"This is a heart of sapphire, enough to match the value of these top-grade spirit jade! You close it!" The voice fell, and a hazy blue light fell into the hands of Zhao Yuande.

As soon as the blue light started, Zhao Yuande immediately felt a warm breath and spread it along his arms to his limbs.

An unspeakable feeling of comfort spread throughout his body. He seemed to be a weary man soaking in the hot spring, sweeping away the fatigue caused by the fighting during this time.

"This is..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but widen his eyes.

A slap-sized cyan jade piece lay quietly in his palm, exuding a cyan halo. It was this slap-sized jade piece that gave him the wonderful feeling just now.

"This is the guardian sapphire of our sapphire town, and one piece is enough to match these top-grade spirit jade!" the voice explained.

"Chaotic sapphire, with its magical effect, will continue to refine the flesh and bring it to the soul..."

Zhao Yuande felt the magic of this sapphire, but he also felt that this kind of tempering power did not have much effect on himself.

"Thank you, Senior!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands, hesitating a little, "Since the Senior does not bully, then the younger should also remind the senior that he can't stay here anymore, can leave or hurry to leave!"

"What did you say?" The voice was obviously shocked.

"I said this world is going to collapse! You still have to leave here quickly!" Zhao Yuande said solemnly.

"This world is about to collapse! is it possible!" The voice was obviously flustered, "Isn't there still more than a dozen years according to the estimation of the ancestors?"

"Seniors probably know where this is! The body of Chaos Giant, now the origin of Chaos Giant is taken away, and the world is about to collapse!" Zhao Yuande explained.

"Then... why don't you go yet?" The voice seemed to grasp a key.

"Elder Shimen let me enter the Chaos Giant's sea of knowledge to find something, so..." Zhao Yuande did not conceal.