Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1784

Chapter 1784: Black Swamp

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He crawled before a string of colored fruits, smelling the aroma of the fruit, and couldn't help feeling that his stomach seemed empty, and couldn't help but wanted to reach out and pick it.

These fruits are fist-sized, covered with dragon-like markings, and a refreshing fragrance is introduced into the nose.

"Purple Lingguo, the fruit of the sixth-grade fairy medicine Purple Spirit Vine, can temper the sea, strengthen the powerful soul..."

Zhao Yuande was overjoyed by this introduction!

This purple spirit vine is too huge, I am afraid I dont know how many years it has grown. Now I am afraid that it has far exceeded the level of the sixth-grade fairy medicine, and the efficacy of these purple spirits must be extraordinarily powerful. Some, even if you dont use it yourself, those friends can use it!

But he just stretched out his hand, and he felt a cold glance sweep over him.

He found a golden-haired monkey with his whole body sticking his head out of one of your caves and looked alertly in his direction.

Although this golden-haired monkey did not reach the fifth-grade fairy beast, but according to Zhao Yuande's estimate, its combat effectiveness is probably not much worse than that of the sandworm.

If you can fight each other and defeat the opponent, you will also attract a large number of monkeys, and who knows how many golden monkeys of this state are above this stone pillar, if you exceed a certain number, I am afraid that you want to escape. difficult!

So he could only force this thought and continue to climb upward.

Sure enough, as he expected, there is a golden monkey lurking in almost every cave. They seem to be quietly practicing, absorbing a strange power released from the inside of the stone pillar.

"This should be what the ancestors called the Tongtianqiao. It has the knowledge of the sea above and the inner world underneath. The Tongtianqiao has the function of connecting the two worlds and is nourished by the power of the two worlds. The power contained in it is absolutely Astonishing.

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande was unwilling to explore here and could only hurry up.

Just as Zhao Yuande climbed halfway up, there was a bird song in the distant sky.

A large swarm of black birds pressed toward the sky pillar like a cloud.

Zhao Yuande felt for the first time that there was a horrible existence among the birds, the powerful creature that had locked him.


Suddenly at the top of the Tongtian Stone Pillar, there was an angry roar. A golden monkey with a size of only a few feet tall held a **** rod and looked at the black-pressed bird in the sky with fire. group.

"Roar!" All the golden-haired monkeys in the caves rushed over at this time, watching the birds roaring in the sky.

At this time, the small group of gray-haired weak monkeys all rushed into the stone cave. They were not chaotic and orderly, as if this had happened countless times.

But these gray monkeys, all roaring into the cave, all looked at the birds in the air with the eyes of hatred.

At this time the flock of birds had swooped down, and the eyes of a large black bird flashed with bloodthirsty and fierce light.

The birds and the golden monkeys collided in an instant, and the golden monkey holding the big stick jumped up and smashed a stick towards an extremely large black giant bird among the birds. !

Screams, sorrows, bone fractures...the place instantly became a cruel battlefield!

Zhao Yuande watched the death of golden monkeys and big birds, and the **** limbs flew around, not only in his heart but also lamented the cruel rules of survival here.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he climbed up quickly, spared the place where no monkey noticed, and successfully picked some purple fruit.

Without the attention of these powerful golden monkeys, his speed is very fast, only half an hour later, he climbed to the top of Tianzhu.

At this time, the battle was basically over. A large number of monkeys and black birds' bodies were piled up under the sky pillar, while the few golden monkeys and black birds that had survived were confronting each other at this time.

Because the battle between the golden monkey and the huge black bird has reached its most intense time, if the two sides fight again, they may be directly torn by the aftermath of their battle.

"It's so powerful!" Zhao Yuande felt the breath of the two. They may have reached the combat power of Immortal Emperor Realm infinitely, and belonged to the category of Seven Grade Immortal Beasts!

However, they will die in a few days after the collapse of this world, and now its so hard to kill each other!

He looked to the top of his head, and there was a huge hole in the dome. The black hole in the hole didn't know where to go.

Zhao Yuande jumped into the sky without hesitation and entered the cave.

The next moment, he appeared in a dim world.

There is no light source, no vitality in this dim world, only an endless darkness.

However, Zhao Yuande's cultivation at this time no longer needs to see the world with his eyes, and the powerful souls are sweeping in all directions.

"That direction!" Zhao Yuande felt a little fluctuation of the soul, and his eyes lit up, and his body flew away in that direction.

He didn't feel a trace of danger here, so he began to fly boldly.

After flying for dozens of breaths, Zhao Yuande reached his destination, and he saw a dark swamp appear on the dry ground.

The swamp is not very big, and black bubbles pop up from time to time, and a dizzy stench is released from these bubbles.

"I clearly felt that breath appeared here, how could it disappear at once?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning.

He found that his soul could not be stretched out in this black swamp, as if suppressed by some powerful force.

"Ancestor? How can we find his soul?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask Feng Cang.

"Well! His soul should be hidden under this black swamp. This black swamp was born of his evil thoughts, but it also allowed the only trace of his soul to survive!" Feng Cang said seriously, "You can Be careful, there may be a huge crisis under the swamp."

"Huge crisis? Swamp transformed by evil thoughts? Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel that his head was big. What a mess?" Zhao Yuande complained, but he was helpless.

He could only gritt his teeth, covering his whole body with a light curtain, and then plunged into the black swamp.

Even if this light curtain was shrouded, Zhao Yuande could still feel a very uncomfortable feeling, as if he had jumped into a dirty and stinky ditch.