Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785: Monster

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But soon he noticed a bright light appeared underneath, as if it were a large sword with a golden light shining on it.

All kinds of mysterious runes on the sword were overwhelming, a fierce murderous overflowing, even Zhao Yuande felt a thrilling burst from thousands of feet away.

"I'm afraid this sword is not weaker than Yuanci Shenjian, how could it fall in this swamp!" Zhao Yuande wondered, but his body approached the past involuntarily.

Soon he came to this sword, as long as he stretched out his hand, he could grab it, but Zhao Yuande stopped at this moment.

He always felt that there was something wrong, he seemed to be drawn by an invisible force before this sword, is it free to arrange in the dark?

He involuntarily moved forward again, reaching towards the hilt and grabbing directly.

At the moment when his finger was about to touch the hilt, he suddenly closed Huo's turn and punched him directly into the void.

"Hey! It was discovered by you, but it's too late!" A dark voice came into his ears, and a black shadow appeared quietly behind him. The shadow was holding the sword in his hand. Zhao Yuande's back stabbed fiercely.


Although Zhao Yuande responded in time, he was still pierced by a sword in his heart, and a terrible force instantly raged in his body. The next moment his body was shattered alive and turned into countless pieces of flesh. .


Zhao Yuande's soul rushed out of the sea of knowledge and snorted.

Suddenly all the flesh and blood flew back to reorganize his body, and a strong life force in the body was constantly flowing, and the injury where this life force flowed was completely recovered.

"Oh! Undead? I see how much blood you have!" The black shadow, with a long sword, disappeared into the dark swamp.


Zhao Yuande breathed heavily, his eyes were full of incredible looks, he was still ambushed with such care!

Who is this person? Why does it appear in this swamp? And the sword, does it really exist?

Zhao Yuande touched his chest, feeling the kind of tearing pain he had just made, and his face became very dignified.

"Be careful! Be careful, don't be attacked by him again!" Zhao Yuande's soul can't be released from the body, but can only rely on keen perception and constantly feel the atmosphere around him.

As the other party said, his current undead body has been cultivated to the point of rebirth, but every rebirth will consume huge amounts.

With his current physical strength, I am afraid that it will consume all his essential blood within a few times of resurrection, and he will never die again by that time!

He carefully searched under the swamp, but he found nothing unusual, and the black shadow never appeared again, which made him strange and relieved at the same time.

But soon his face changed and became very ugly, because he noticed that the black shadow appeared again not far in front.

"Boy, since you are here, don't think about going back, I will unload you eight and then take you to feed my pet!" The black shadow provocatively tickled him. Although Zhao Yuande He couldn't see his face clearly, but he knew it must be a bright sneer now.

"Don't think about it!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to take out Black Rock.

Heiyan turned into a radiant long sword in his hand, and suddenly increased his confidence!

Black Rock Sword, but even the Ninth Grade Immortal Treasure can be broken, I don't believe that you can't stop your long sword!

Zhao Yuande simply chased toward the other party.

The black shadow flashed and disappeared directly into the distance, and Zhao Yuande chased himself.

But the next moment, he seemed to hit an invisible light curtain, and the whole person rushed into a blood-red space at once.

There are huge flames everywhere in this space, and some are still erupting. The scorching heat wave rolls and a strong smell of sulfur rushes into the nose.

"Hey! Come on! I'll take you to see my pet!" The black shadow waved at him not far in front of him.

This time Zhao Yuande looked at the other party clearly with the red light, but he didn't have a skin, only a **** mouth, fangs in the big mouth, a big scarlet tongue sweeping around his lips, as if it were I saw some delicious.

He couldn't help but wonder, what kind of monster is this, so ugly!

But looking at the monster's provocative appearance, he couldn't help but get angry and chased toward the weirdo.

One after the other, they quickly appeared before one of the largest volcanoes and dived into the volcano. Zhao Yuande found that he followed each other into a huge underground lava lake.

"My pet, come out quickly! See what gift I brought you!" The weird man shouted at the Magma Lake.


Suddenly there were waves on the magma lake, a huge monster protruded his head from the magma lake, and its huge body also followed the magma lake.

It's just a monster covered with **** feathers all over his body. It looks like a duck that has been magnified countless times, but there is a single horn on his head, and the purple flame is on top of the single horn.

Zhao Yuande wanted to use appraisal to identify what this monster was, but failed to find that his soul could not be found outside the body.

When the monster saw Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly gleamed with joy, suddenly jumped out of the magma lake and rushed towards Zhao Yuande!

He just felt a very dangerous breath rushing towards him. The power of this monster is already comparable to that of a fairy monarch.

"I will cut you off today!" Zhao Yuande didn't know why, his heart was full of anger, and he waved the Black Rock Sword and fought with the monster.

Although the Black Rock Sword is endless, although the monster is cut with scars, but the monster seems to have an undead body, the body is constantly flowing out of lava-like blood, and the wounds are also visible to the naked eye. The speed is back.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was more and more anxious during the Vietnam War, as if there was an irritable mood in his heart.


The monster's claws grabbed Zhao Yuande's body fiercely, and tore off most of his body.

Zhao Yuande was shocked and wanted to escape, but it was too late.

The monster had a mouth, and an irresistible huge suction pulled him into the monster's mouth.

He felt a strong flame coming from the monster's mouth. He seemed to be soaked in a pool of magma. He felt like he was about to be melted!