Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1789

Chapter 1789: Graveyard

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The young man's neck was broken.

"You... dare to kill!"



"Huh! Without top grade immortal jade, no one wants to step into the teleportation half step!" The middle-aged man's cultivation practice has reached the middle of the fairyland, and his eyes glanced indifferently at everyone.

At this time, the city manager was gone, and only he was an elder. Seeing the large number of testers in front of him, but the cultivation of God Emperor's Peak, he couldn't help feeling greedy.

"Senior...We really don't have any fairy jade. I have a first-grade fairy medicine here, you see..." A young man took out the jade box with reluctance and opened the jade box with a tangled face, which lay quietly A jade-colored grass the size of a slap.

"Well! Not bad! You can go in!" The middle-aged man saw the jade-colored grass, and suddenly his eyes were full of joy, grabbing the jade box.

"Thank you, senior..." The young man looked at the jade box reluctantly, sighed helplessly, and walked into the light.

"I have a first-grade fairy sword here..." Another person took out a first-grade fairy sword and handed it up.

"You can go too!"

The vast majority of these people are the elites of the Zongmen family, and even they walked all the way in the fairy city.

In just a short half hour, the middle-aged people had already collected hundreds of treasures and medicines, and there were only a dozen people left.

Here are a few people. Look at me. I look at you. They all look at middle-aged people unwillingly.

Some of them have treasures on their bodies, but they dont want to be cheap, and some dont have treasures of this level at all, so they can only worry.

"Senior! The little girl really has no treasures. What do you think of my appearance...I think..." A woman with a good looks and a somewhat flamboyant look looked at the middle-aged man timidly.

"Oh! The small looks are really good, but... how many times do you think you want to use your body in exchange for leaving the place?" The middle-aged man's mouth showed a strange smile.

"All listen to seniors!" The woman said this sentence, but she felt helpless for a while,

Although she is not a good woman, nor a pure girl, but this is too stifling!

In the big world where they are, many people have tried their best to get close to Fangze, but here they have become a loss-making goods, and they have to... She dare not think about it!

However, if you want to survive, you can't do anything!

"Oh! You are waiting by my side! I will take you away when I leave!" The middle-aged nodded with satisfaction, his eyes sweeping across the other's bumpy figure, seeming to be very satisfied.

Looking at the ugly face of this middle-aged man, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a sense of disgust in his heart.

He strode forward and ignored the middle-aged man, but walked straight to the teleportation array behind him.

Although Zhao Yuande was very disgusted with him, the other party had nothing to do with him despite his bad practice. The other party did not provoke him, and he was too lazy to care about this person.

"Wait! What are you going to do? Do you want to break through?" The middle-aged man's eyes suddenly fixed on Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! I originally wanted to let you go. Who knows you don't cherish the opportunity, you can't blame me!" Although Zhao Yuan's temperament was dull, but it was murderous.

"Haha! Is your brain flooding! You give me a chance, I slapped you with a slap!" The middle-aged man's eyes were cold, he would rush up and kill Zhao Yuande.

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande's powerful momentum suddenly burst out, and the almost terrible atmosphere of horror suddenly enveloped the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man's knees softened and he fell to his knees directly, revealing infinite panic in his eyes.

" are you!" The middle-aged man's voice trembled violently, at this time his heart was already filled with fear, and he even stuttered!

"It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is that you make me hate it now!" Zhao Yuande looked down at each other coldly, with a hint of taunt in his mouth.

The dozen people saw that this kind of thing had happened. A strong man in the fairyland even knelt in front of a young man, and his whole body shook like a wind!

They all widened their eyes, grew their mouths, and their faces were incredible.

The woman who had just smiled and smiled at this time quickly drove her body away, fearing that she would be implicated by middle-aged people.

"Rao life! Seniors rave life!" The middle-aged man at this time decided that Zhao Yuande must be an old monster hiding somewhere, otherwise how could it be so powerful, he felt that it was not a loss of face to kowtow in front of this old monster.

As long as you can save a life, you can say anything!

His head rattled on the ground!

"It's late! As long as you don't provoke me, I'm too lazy to kill you. Now you're too late to say anything!" Zhao Yuande kicked the middle-aged man to the ground without a sympathetic foot, and stepped on the other person's head.

"Senior, I have a lot of treasures here for you first. As long as you keep my life, I can give all the news of the eighth fairy city world to my seniors!" Middle-aged people can only throw their final cards. If this can no longer impress the other party, he will surely die!

"Oh! If that is the case, then I will spare you your life. Tell me! As long as you can make me satisfied, your life will be saved!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the corner of his mouth and gently removed his foot from the other side. Removed his head.

"Hoo!" The middle-aged man exhaled a long breath, knowing that his life was finally saved.

"Senior is my treasure, you see!" The middle-aged man grumbled up from the ground, took out a storage ring and brought it to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande swept casually and found that there are a large amount of low-level materials elixir, although it has no great effect on him, but many of these elixirs are relatively widely used materials, which are indispensable for many cuisines.

"Tell me about the eighth fairy city world!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"The eighth fairy city world is actually a huge burial mound..." The middle-aged man told Zhao Yuande everything he knew.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly when he heard it turned out to be a tomb, but this was indeed a necessary force. Unlike the seventh fairy city world, he could enter the higher world at will as long as he didn't want to break through.

He also learned from the other party's mouth that the ninth fairy city world may now be an empty city. It is said that a change has occurred and there is no chance!

The higher tenth floor, eleventh floor, twelfth floor, this person does not understand.