Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Cut Off

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"Do not hurry!"

Zhao Yuande was awakened by the little girl's voice and turned to look at her. The irony in this look made the other party feel bad in an instant.

The little girl turned around and wanted to leave. Unfortunately, she was fighting against the power of the seal. The pressure on her body seemed to press a big world, and she walked slower than ordinary people.

"I just want to go now. Isn't it too late! Suppress me!" Zhao Yuande flew a gray-black seal over his head and directly suppressed it against the little girl's head.


Chao Tianyin smashed on the head of the little girl, as if hitting a mountain that could not be shaken, Chao Tianyin was shocked out and popped far away.

" did you find out!" The little girl's eyes suddenly turned into blood red. The whole body's body was lit with black ripples, and the black ripples spread to the four sides, and a terrible magic power burst out. Like the tide, I want to sweep the whole hall.

Zhao Yuande only felt as if he was standing in front of a terrifying demon king, and he guessed that the little girl's body in front of him might be holding a fluttering soul of Gudang Demon King.

"I found out that Kong Shandao was a fake as soon as he was outside the cave!" He hurriedly took back the chaotic Tianyin, and his body backed up again and again, and came to the statue of Kong Shan Dao, before he felt a warm power wrapped himself .

"Hurry and break the shrine for me, and remove the statue of the old man from the empty mountain, otherwise I will take away your soul and make you like this fairy corpse, become my puppet!" The little girl roared again and again, the voice was already The change was extremely horrible, and the goose bumps on the whole body stood up.

"If you have the ability, you can come by yourself. I would rather die than help you!" Zhao Yuande is also determined, and he will die if he lives after two lifetimes!

"Why are you all this?" The little girl's voice suddenly turned gently. "Come, as long as you help me shatter this shrine, I will give you supreme fortune and make you eternal! Even, even me I will also give you this fairy body, her body function is still intact, there are many things to do..."

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande saw that the little **** the opposite side had taken off her clothes, revealing the perfect immortal body of the clothes. Although it looked a little bit immature, it had already taken shape and it was the most exciting moment!

Zhao Yuande's mind banged, as if a thunder burst sounded, and shocked his head. At this moment, an invisible thought came to control his body instantaneously, and he turned to take a picture of the shrine behind him.


I don't know when, the storage ring on his hand exploded, countless objects were like the scattered flowers of the heavenly girl, the entire hall sprayed was messy, and a picture scroll rose into the air, even the picture of the empty mountain Taoist.

The picture scroll ascended into the air suddenly bright and generous, a bright white light enveloped the entire space, letting time stand still at this moment, an invisible big hand came out of the picture scroll and grabbed the little girl.

"Wake me up yet!"

Zhao Yuande only felt as if he was being hit **** the head with a sledgehammer. The whole mind felt a daze, but fortunately his spirit was strong, but he recovered the clarity in a flash.

The head of the hollow mountain in the picture slowly walked out like a **** and smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande, "Xiaoyou, thank you! If it were not for you to bring me here, this evil obstacle would come out and ruin the world!"

"Seniors are the blessings of the East Emperor's Great World, and they are also far-sighted! It can be counted as one day." Zhao Yuande held his respect for the head of the empty mountain extremely.

"You, old man in the empty mountain, you are not dead!" The little girl's face twisted and glared at the long mountain road, "Unfortunately, unfortunately I am too anxious, otherwise how could it fall into your gang today!"

"This is the way of heaven's path, you should have this disaster today!" The leader of the empty mountain pinched the little girl with one hand, and the other hand made a void, and the rusty copper lamp flew into his hand.

"Old friend, old friend! Use your prestige to burn all the demons today!" The leader of the empty mountain threw the copper lamp into the sky, and a red glow radiated from the body of the leader of the empty mountain, and fell into the bronze lamp. He turned to Zhao Yuande and shouted, "Little friends, don't use Qinglian to light the fuel lamp!"

"No... no! As long as you let me go, I promise you anything..." The little girl shouted at the empty space, and the whole person began to struggle violently.

However, in the hands of Kong Shan Lao Dao, it seems that he has been a little chicken, and there is no possibility of breaking free.

Zhao Yuande stayed for a while, but immediately reacted with a light bulb in his hand and flew towards the copper lamp.


A blazing flame instantly enveloped the entire hall, and many elixir spirits on the ground were turned into coke, and Zhao Yuande's aching face twitched.

"Burn me!"

Kong Shandao throws the little girl into the blazing flame.


Not only did the little girl's body show no signs of being burnt in the flame, but instead became more crystal-like, but at this time the spirit of the ancient demon king in the little girl's body made a tear. The scream of the lungs.

"Stop it! Stop it soon...I surrender...I am willing...not to destroy me!" The little girl's voice became smaller and smaller, and finally there was no sound.

"This old devil is very devilish, and will roast for two more hours!" Instead of stopping the copper lamp in his hand, Kong Shandao Chang became more nervous.

"Old man you... I fight with you!" A black shadow in the flame rushed out suddenly, and flew towards Zhao Yuande!

"I've known it for a long time!" The copper lamp in the hands of Kong Shandao flicked gently, and a flame cage immediately enveloped the black shadow.

"Little friend, this fairy corpse will be given to you!" Kongshan Laodao threw the little girl who had no interest in his hand directly to him.

"Give me!" Zhao Yuande stayed and hurried to catch it. A warm and jade-like touch made him sway, and then he found that there was no inch of thread on the fairy corpse in his hand. He hurriedly took it from another storage ring Take out a dress and put it on her.

Although he was very surprised in his heart, he still showed an embarrassed look on his face, and said to the empty mountain road: "Senior, this is too precious!"

"Well friends, don't be arrogant! Hold it and use it to ensure that you are not in danger in the Emperor's territory!" The leader of the empty mountain shook his head and stretched his finger to gently touch his brow, said, "between you and me Its also a good chance, here is a type of celestial finger, just let me give you a gift!"

Zhao Yuande felt that a piece of information had passed into his own sea of knowledge, which was a kind of cultivation method called Intercepting the Sky, and there were many cultivation experiences of the empty mountain master.

"Thank you seniors for your kind gifts!" Zhao Yuande knelt down on the ground respectfully, and banged the head of the empty mountain road for three times.