Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791: Separate

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After listening to the discussion, Zhao Yuande nodded.

This is basically consistent with the information he got, it seems that the middle-aged people did not deceive themselves.

"Okay! I have said what I should have said, and a lot of people have begun to explore before. You go too!" The old man waved at the crowd and entered a dark-toned building.

Zhang Fan glanced at the old man, and then turned and walked towards the foggy place in the distance.

The dozen or so testers behind him all followed him closely.

The breath of these people is very powerful, almost all of them have stepped into the fairyland, and their bodies are full of magical energy. Obviously they are the testers of the demon world.

Everyone else left here and set off towards the depths of the mist.

Zhao Yuande also mixed with the crowd and walked towards the foggy area.

But when he entered the mist, he found that everyone was gone, as if entering a randomly transmitted area.

"Big guys come out!" Since no outsiders were present, Zhao Yuande simply released Dong Guofu and Zhou Fei from the inner world.

"Brother, where is this place?" Zhou Fei looked away as soon as he came out, "Have we left the seventh fairy city world?"

"It's a terrible place here, won't it be a cemetery!" Dong Guofu also felt the strange atmosphere around him and couldn't help asking.

As soon as he said this, several women's faces suddenly changed.

Although they have experienced a lot, they have fought many powerful beasts, and even killed blood beasts in the realm of fairy beasts, but when they heard the two words in the cemetery, they couldn't help but shivering.

"We have reached the eighth fairy city world, but here should not be called the fairy city world but the graveyard world!" Zhao Yuande nodded helplessly, "This is the abandoned cemetery of fairy world, our character is from this slow Find the way to the ninth fairy city in the slow mist!"

"Is there any danger?" The young woman was calmer among the three women, he asked softly.

"There will be grievances, but not many. As long as you defend the soul, there should be no problem!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

This group of people has been promoted to the fairyland, each with its own hole card.

He felt that it should not be difficult to pass this graveyard!

"Since this is the case, I'm relieved!" Zhou Fei patted his chest.

"Do you want to follow me, or do we separate, or divide into groups?" Zhao Yuande looked at them.

"Surely not following you! You are not a nanny, neither of us are children. There is no meaning in being with you. There is no suspense. It does not show my masculinity at all. It is not fun!" Zhou Fei first proposed opinion.

"Good! You are too strong, we have no pressure to follow you, since it is not dangerous here, then we will separate from you! You go to the ninth fairy city world to wait for us!" Dong Guofu nodded.

Zhao Yuande set his sights on the three girls and found that there was a trace of reluctance in Rosa's eyes, but there was still a trace of utter desolation.

In fact, her heart is also very contradictory, do not want to leave Zhao Yuande's side, and do not want to continue to suppress this.

She feels that her practice is too low. If her practice is now similar to that of Zhao Yuande, the other party might be...

She secretly made up her mind that she must work hard to try to catch up with Zhao Yuande.

The other two girls were full of excitement.

"Well, since that's the case, then I'm going to go first! You must be careful!" Zhao Yuande also simply waved his hand and turned and walked away.

He was really scared by Yu Rosa's burning eyes and had to hurry away.

"You have to be careful yourself!" Yu Rosa's voice came into his ears, making his body stop a little. He didn't turn around but just nodded slightly, then accelerated away.

"Come on, the big guy comes, let's discuss the assignment of the next task. Brother Dong Guo, you are the strongest, walk ahead..."


Zhao Yuande's speed is very fast, and he walked out hundreds of miles in a blink of an eye, and then the Zhu family slowed down.

The mist here is really weird. It can be seen at most tens of meters by the naked eye, and the spirit of the **** is also suppressed, it is not as far as the naked eye.

He didn't know how far he had traveled. He saw a broken building in front of him, and a strange breath came from the building.

"Huh? This kind of breath is so strange!" Zhao Yuan Deyi was brave and stepped into the building without slowing down. The broken bricks piled up in the ground.

Zhao Yuande felt a cold wind blowing out of it.

He crossed the broken brick and saw a staircase leading directly to the underground.

This should be the entrance to a burial mound!

Zhao Yuande looked at the deep stairs and strode in.

The passage below was dark, and a cold wind blew out of it, making him feel a little chill in his heart.


As soon as he walked down the stairs, he heard a low cry in the depths of the passage.

He did not rush to the place of crying, but observed this passage.

The passage is made of black rock. It seems to be a hard stone called Heigangyan. This kind of stone naturally emits cold air, so people will feel chilly in the passage.

In the black passage, a black and white mural fell into his eyes. The mural depicts a powerful war between the fairy and the demon, and finally the battlefield died and became the master of this grave.

Zhao Yuande also fought with the Demon Race once, knowing that the Devil's brutal cunning is also quite admired by the owner of the grave.

So he decided that if a battle took place in a while, he must not destroy this grave.

After getting this information, he went all the way.

Soon came to a huge tomb.

A black figure in the burial chamber was constantly bowing at a yellow coffin.

When the black figure saw Zhao Yuande appear, he suddenly took off and jumped into the air.

Zhao Yuande only saw this, it was a black shadow, and he could not see the features without blurring.

However, it can be seen from the other person's figure that he is a man of great shore.

"Damn intruder, you disturbed the adult's deep sleep. I want to draw your soul out and pay homage to the adult!" The shadow screamed hysterically and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, and dived into the coffin, and suddenly found a tall, burly body lying in it.

The body was dark, covered with fine black hair, and the eyes were half-open and half-closed, and the breath on his body was very powerful.