Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795: Devil

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He didn't break it, but walked towards the building with a smile.

The buildings were also incomplete, and the gates were torn by powerful forces, showing how fierce the fighting was at that time.

When he entered the building, he suddenly felt an eerie breath coming, but as soon as these breaths approached him, he was bounced away by an invisible force.

Zhao Yuande knew that this was probably the problem of the mysterious turtle, but he didn't break it, and proceeded casually.

Through this building, there are towers towering into the clouds. In front of each tower there is a terrifying statue of the demon god. These statues have blue-faced fangs, some have three heads and six arms, and some have bird heads. Of course, there are humans. Appearance, but very few.

Zhao Yuande approached a dark statue of the demon god. He just wanted to find out if there was any magic energy left in the statue, but the statue suddenly shattered and the black pieces scattered all over the floor.

He couldn't help but turned around and walked to another statue, and as a result came to the front, the statue shattered again.

Zhao Yuande looked weird, and he refused to walk towards a statue again. This time he first explored with his soul.

"The fang tooth demon statue is carved from black gold stone, and there is a trace of magical energy in its memory..."

He walked unbelievably to the statue, and the result was still that the statue exploded.

"It must not be the role of this guy, it must not be!" Zhao Yuande sent Lord Turtle into the body world again, and then walked to a statue of the same material.

The statue hasn't changed in any way, and even there is a slight pressure in it.

Zhao Yuande seemed to feel that an ancient demon **** was standing in front of him, staring at himself.

"Is it really!" Zhao Yuande felt incredible, what is this little turtle? Is it really just a turtle?

Zhao Yuande summoned Lord Turtle from the inner world.

"Click!" As soon as Lord Turtle appeared, the statue in front of him suddenly shattered, and the demon-like coercion suddenly disappeared!

"Haha! Haha! How can I be convinced!" Lord Turtle saw Zhao Yuande's incredible expression, and his heart was as cool as he could be. "I said, I am the Devil's nemesis, you just don't believe it, now you are dumbfounded. Thats it! Dont get it! Haha!"

"Don't be complacent!" Zhao Yuande felt the urge to run away again, and wanted to stew the little turtle, but he wanted to know the truth of the matter even more. What secrets does this guy have?

Is it blessed by Zen? He also practiced the six-character mantra, but did not feel the power of Zen at all.

"I'm not happy! What is there to be proud of? This is my mighty power, divine power..." The guy said in disappointment, his tail and his head were both skyward!

Zhao Yuande hated his teeth, but still suppressed his inner anger. Although he felt that this little guy was very hateful, he certainly contained some kind of amazing secret. Before he could figure out the secret, he didn't want to eat it. Got it.

Zhao Yuande tried a few more statues unswervingly, and all were still broken.

It attracted a series of smug laughs from Lord Turtle!

Zhao Yuande felt that this was too much to encourage the other party's arrogance. He walked towards those statues, but wanted to step into the tower to see what was inside.

But he hadn't waited to enter the tower, and the tower suddenly disintegrated!

He almost did not bury him directly in the rubble!

"I rely on! What is this situation, is it..." Zhao Yuande felt strange.

But at this moment Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that it was not far away that someone seemed to be approaching.

He hurriedly covered his body with the yin and yang sky mirror

But what made him feel helpless was that this yin and yang sky mirror could not cover the breath of Lord Turtle, and there was still no dense fog here.

Just when he was helpless, a few figures suddenly appeared in a short distance.

These are three young people, two of them are normal humans. They are a man and a woman, but there is a little black gas on their faces, and there is a strange purple demon on the exposed skin. Pattern.

The other person's appearance is a little scary, with blue-faced fangs and a single horn on top of his head, which is somewhat similar to a broken statue.

The three are obviously all demons.

"Hey! Did you find that there is no thick fog here, is it that our ancestors of the Mozu are blessing us?" The blue-faced Mozu's eyes showed excitement in his eyes.

"How do I feel that there is an uncomfortable atmosphere here that makes me feel a little vomiting!" The woman of the Mozu looks enchanting, but at this time, she frowned deeply.

"I seem to have this feeling too! Could it be because the devil qi is too strong here, and the reason for our cultivation is too low?" said the demon man.

"It's possible! The statues here are all the ancestors of my demon clan. Although they have gone through millions of years, there is still a trace of pure devil qi!" The demon clan with green fangs nodded.

"Huh! These statues... why are they all broken! And this tower... how could it be broken? Could it be that someone before us came to Modu, and it must have been broken by the fairyland, and only they can do it? This is what happened!" The three demons had appeared before this tower at this time, but the cracked statues made their faces exasperated.

"It must be this group of cubs, if I see that they have to swallow them!" The Devil with blue-faced fangs gritted their teeth.

A dark golem appeared behind him, as if it were a dragon that had eaten away people, and a pair of lantern-like eyes stared at the other two.

The other two felt a sudden chill in their hearts, and their faces even showed fear.

"No... something is wrong! Each of these statues of the ancestors has great power, which is not something that ordinary people can destroy at all. Even Ji Mingzhen, the Celestial Mysterious Girl doesn't have this ability!" Careful, I quickly thought of all this.

"The Spirit Girl is right. It has experienced endless years here, maybe the devil qi inside is exhausted, maybe!" The Devil Man analyzed.

"Yes, that fairy demon war has been tens of millions of years now, and these statues may also be broken for this reason! I am too reckless!" The green-faced fangs demon nodded slowly, the body's momentum was this Just after it was closed, the golem slowly disappeared.

"Let's find our own demon masters, and then enter the tower! Maybe we can get the real demon inheritance!" The demon woman is excited.