Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1799

Chapter 1799: I Like To Listen To Good Ones

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"You... don't go too far! Rabbits will bite when they're anxious, and Lord Turtle might bite you if they're afraid!" Lord Turtle grabs tighter, and a pair of green bean-sized eyeballs grunt. Turning around.


At this time, they heard a voice at the same time, a sound like howling wolf.

"What is it! There is a pair of eyes staring at us in the dark, it's in front! Let's run away!" Master Turtle almost drew his head into his shell.

"Oh! It's just a grievance, what is there to be afraid of!" Zhao Yuande really saw a vague shadow lurking in the darkness in the distance.

The breath of this shadow is not powerful, and it is probably equivalent to the soul of the late fairyland. It is easy for Zhao Yuande to pinch him!

"No! It's terrible!" Lord Turtle didn't dare to stretch out his head, just howling constantly.

The howling sound instantly caught the attention of the grudge, and it fluttered in this direction, making a horrifying whine in his mouth.

"You quickly get rid of him, get rid of!" Master Turtle's shells are shaking.

"Hehe! Lord Turtle, you are so great, so sublime, so...Why would you be afraid of such a small thing." Zhao Yuande grabbed his grievance, and the powerful soul directly deterred him from moving.

"Ah! It's going to die! You guys who are killing you, you are not going to take him away, Lord Turtle will ignore you anymore!" Lord Turtle feels that the blame seems to be gone, and he probes his head from the shell When I came out, I found that the soul of resentment was in front of my own eyes. Although I couldn't move at all, the fear in my heart caused it to almost cry.

"Oh! Okay! Okay!" Zhao Yuande threw this complaint directly into a space ring.

This thing is very useful. It can produce a gourmet meal and enhance people's soul. Although it has little effect on him, he still has a large group of friends. This kind of thing must not be wasted.

"You... what are you doing? Why don't you destroy it!" Lord Turtle saw a grievance disappeared, and then he took a breath, but stared at Zhao Yuande.

"Hehe! Stay, if you trouble me in the future, I will take it out to scare you!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

"You... so vicious! Lord Turtle doesn't play with you anymore, Lord Turtle is leaving!" Although Lord Turtle said so in his mouth, a pair of small claws was holding Zhao Yuande's clothes, and he didn't want to loose it at all. Open, but a pair of green bean small eyes is about to burst into tears!

"Okay! I am teasing you to play, this thing can be made delicious, and can supplement the power of the soul!" Zhao Yuande saw it, and he couldn't help but feel soft.

"You don't lie to me?" Lord Turtle blinked.

"Master Turtle Turtle like you are so brilliant, can I deceive you?" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Also! Also! I am a sacred incarnation, the darling of Heavenly Dao..." Lord Turtle proudly held his head in triumph, and had forgotten what he had almost been scared just now.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help being speechless. Does this guy have a problem with his mind?

"Hey! What are you doing, what is your expression, what your eyes are! Do you think Lord Turtle is a neuropathy?" Lord Turtle looked at Zhao Yuande very angrily.

"I don't mean this, I just want to say, let's go now! I'm afraid there are still a lot of grievances ahead, and I'm going to catch it together!" Zhao Yuande strode forward and quickly appeared at the end of the channel.

"The next time I see that terrible thing...soul, please tell me in advance, Im so indented, that thing is really terrible!" Lord Turtle wanted to say something against it, but Zhang Zhang Kou didn't say it, but could only remind Zhao Yuande in advance.

"Relax, it can only scare you at most, they can't hurt you! Your old man is a sacred incarnation, heaven..." Zhao Yuande felt that he had memorized this line.

"Stop! How do I think you are laughing at me!" Master Turtle is not stupid, and he suddenly heard Zhao Yuande's implication.

"Impossible! You are so wise, who dares to laugh at you... I mean to state a fact!" Zhao Yuande said seriously.

"It's about the same, you have a vision! One day, Lord Turtle is developed, you will definitely mention it!" Lord Turtle nodded his head in satisfaction.

Whatever he thinks in his heart, anyway, what he says is good!

Lord Turtle likes to listen to it!

Zhao Yuande was walking in the tomb, and he really didn't encounter a few grievances along the way, and the level of these grievances was not high. The lowest one was not even in the fairyland.

The tomb is thousands of miles away, and the underground is like a labyrinth, but the funerary inside is very clean, and almost no broken tiles can be found.

He walked out of the tomb and then stopped entering the tomb, only searching forward.

Since Lord Turtle came out of the tomb, his demeanor flew up again, and his eyes were all looking up.

This is a sea of tombs, one after another with huge tombs.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but burst into a chill, how many people would die, how many fairy powers fell in this fairy demon war!

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande walked on a large tomb, suddenly felt a familiar breath.

He was swept away by his soul, and suddenly found Dong Guofu, Zhou Fei, Yu Rosa and a few of them were moving forward cautiously.

Seeing the excitement on their faces, they seemed to be getting something.

Zhao Yuande saw that they were all okay, and finally a heart was put down.

He did not appear in front of them, but ignored them to continue on.

Before coming to a towering giant mountain again, Zhao Yuande saw a strong man standing in front of a stone cliff. These people were obviously divided into two groups. Their faces showed excitement and anxiety.

Among this group of people, Zhao Yuande discovered the big-eyed Han and Jianmei youths.

The two were standing next to a beautiful woman whose skin was as white as jade. The woman's eyes were very large, and her eyes were golden. There was a hint of golden light between the opening and closing.

This woman's cultivation is in the middle of the fairyland, and it seems to have a special kind of eye. It should improve her combat effectiveness. Her combat effectiveness should be in the late stage of the fairyland, which is also a very strong genius.

The two seemed very respectful to the woman, standing motionless behind the woman, like two door gods.

Zhao Yuande didn't feel bad about these two people, and he only knew them, so he walked towards them naturally.

The two of them naturally found Zhao Yuande's arrival, inexplicable bursts of tension.