Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Seven Elders

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Hearing the masked person's suggestion, Zhou Jinfeng's eyes clearly changed.

He glanced at Shui Youdao, who was sinking into the water, and he said that he had offended the other party anyway. This matter is definitely not good. It is better to gamble on a joint effort to cut the other party. Shui Youdao Alchemy has been practicing medicine for decades. I am afraid that the richness is not less than the treasures of the city's main palace.

"I don't know how to allocate the two of us after the event is completed?" Zhou Jinfeng asked the most critical question.

"The water has the way to you, the boy to me!" The masked man's cold eyes showed a grinning smile.

Although the opponent is at the same level as his own, but his blood is decayed, and his combat effectiveness is not as good as his own. I will give you some sweetness first, and I will finally make my own decisions afterwards.

"Deal!" Zhou Jinfeng gritted his teeth fiercely. For him to make such a decision is to put the entire Zhou family on it. If it fails, the Zhou family will be wiped out.

The newly relaxed Zhao Yunpeng couple stood up nervously again at this time. They hurriedly came to protect their son in front of them. Their meaning was obvious. If they wanted to kill my son, they would step over our body .

"You really don't know life or death!" Shui Youdao's gloomy eyes glanced at the two, and slowly took out an aura-filled long sword from the storage ring on his finger.

An invisible sharp air swept across the space, and everyone had the illusion that a sharp weapon pointed at the throat.

Some of the monks who practised underneath squatted down on the ground, their backs were wet with cold sweat at this moment, and they had the illusion that they would be killed under the sword in the next moment.

"Supreme Spirit Tool!" Zhou Jinfeng felt this sharpness, and immediately screamed in excitement, but in an instant he was almost excited to scream, he could not resist the temptation of the top grade Spirit Tool.

"Hey! Do you have a high-grade spirit weapon? I also have it!" The masked man didn't know when there was an extra big gun in his hand, the gun body was black and black, and the tip of the gun was icy and cold.

As soon as the gun came out, Zhou Jinfeng's expression was suddenly stagnant. He looked at the big gun inconceivably. He suddenly guessed the identity of the other party through this big gun. He didn't understand why the other party did this kind of thing. ?

The atmosphere at the scene was somewhat depressed. Shui Youdao held the long sword in his hand tightly and turned to glance at Zhao Yuande, who was still awake, and he could not help lamenting.

But thinking of Zhao Yuande's graciousness of giving his profession, his heart was re-firmed, and the majestic power of his body burst into his long sword, and the long sword suddenly burst out with a brilliant brilliance.

"Brother Zhou, let's do it!" The masked man's words were gloomy. The spear in his hand drew a shiny silver awn and nodded toward the forehead of the water.

Seeing that the masked man started, Zhou Jinfeng gritted his teeth, lifted his palm and hacked out a dark, black hand, and pressed hard toward Shui Youdao cover.

"I fight with you!" Shui Youdao shouted and rushed towards the two.

"Hey!" A melodious sigh sounded in the field.

A beam of blood rose into the sky, and a blood-stained head grumbled to the ground!


The big gun landed on the ground and made a loud deafening noise, and the ground was smashed into a big pit.

A mighty and tall figure stands in the center and stands hand in hand, it is the seven elders of Huo Yunzong.

He saw the changes in the field, and he also had a little appreciation for the way people are. He still shot the masked people at the most critical moment.


Zhou Jinfeng collapsed to the ground all at once, his face full of fear and remorse, how could he think of such a master.

"Hey!" Seven Elders swept the corpse on the ground, as if remembering something.

With a big wave of his hand, a fiery flame spewed out of his hand, directly wrapping the body on the ground.

At the next moment, the body turned into a pool of fly ash and drifted with the wind.

He took another trick, put the spear on the ground into his hands, and threw it into his storage space.

He is not greedy for this thing. If this thing is exposed because of this, the seeds he sees may have a gap in his heart, which is not a good thing for the Huoyun Sect.

The eyes of the seven elders swept to Zhou Jinfeng again, and the other party clearly recognized the identity of this person and must not stay in the world.

Zhou Jinfeng grew old and mature. As soon as he saw the other person's eyes, he knew what the other person had thought of. He hurriedly yelled, "Seniors are free, I have everything..."


Seven elders lifted their fingers gently, a flame flew out and directly penetrated Zhou Jinfeng's eyebrow, penetrating it.

The Zhao family saw the death of Zhou Jinfeng, and the gray color of their faces suddenly, they knew that Zhao Yuande would not be lighthearted when he woke up, but they did not dare to escape, but turned his attention to Zhao Yunpeng and his wife for help!

Seeing everyone's help-seeing eyes, Zhao Yunpeng groaned involuntarily and turned his head to continue to pay attention to his son's situation.

"You are... you are Senior Luo!" Shui Youdao looked at the middle-aged man who beheaded the powerful enemy repeatedly, and suddenly shouted in surprise.

"Are you?" The Seven Elders turned their heads in amazement and looked up and down at Shui Youdao. The more they looked at this look, the more familiar they were, but they couldn't remember seeing them there.

"I am Xiaoshui! Shuiyuncheng's Xiaoshui!" Shui Youdao rejoiced, as if she saw her loved ones who had been separated for many years.

"Xiao Shui!" Elder Seven looked at the water again and again, his face gradually showing joy, patting his shoulder gently, his voice softly said, "It's really Xiao Shui, you don't say I'm really nobody out, You actually become an alchemy master, and it seems that your brother did not hurt you in vain."

"Small water is ashamed." Shui Youdao lowered her head somewhat sadly. After more than forty years, he was only able to step into the threshold of the spirit-level pill master. Now he really wants to be young and ignorant.

The people who had recovered from the shock looked at the expressions of their movements. An old man respectfully called his predecessors, and the other party accepted it calmly. He always felt that this scene was really funny.

In fact, this is also very normal. The higher one's cultivation level, the longer the life expectancy.

Looking at the seven elders as if they were only 30 or 40 years old, in fact, he is more than 150 years old, and Shui Youdao is really only 67 years old.

After a person's cultivation practice reaches the blood-sea **** fetus, life expectancy also begins to increase with the growth of the realm.

The lifespan of an ordinary person in this world is 70 or 80 years old, and after cultivating, he starts to squeeze his own potential. Before Lingtai became pregnant, his lifespan will not increase, but will gradually decrease due to cultivation.

Only after he has passed the Lingtai conception can the lifespan be increased to about 150 years old, and the lifespan to reach the yin and yang unity will double, reaching about 300 years old.

Don't look at the fact that Shui Youdao is an old man with a white beard, but as long as he stepped into Lingtai's pregnant divine realm, the whole person was nourished by God and immediately returned to his youth.

But wanting to conceive is not a simple matter. It takes a long time to accumulate and comprehend. Generally, practitioners will be blocked on this hurdle and will never stop.

There can be no one who can enter the Lingtai Pregnancy God, and no one can be Yin and Yang! Future cultivation will become more and more difficult. Before every big realm, countless people are sad and sad. This life can never be crossed.

Just like a thousand soldiers crossing a single bridge, there are very few people who can get through safely.

"Xiaoshui! When you accompanied our brothers to free the cities, the brothers ordered you some pill spells. I really did not expect that you could actually become a pill master. I once bet with my brother, but I did not expect the eyes of my brother. It's better than me!" The Seven Elders glanced at the water, and his eyes showed the color of recollection.

"Xiao Shui wants to see Senior Gu for over 40 years. I don't know if Senior Gu can recognize me..." Shui Youdao looked at Seven Elders almost in prayer, and his voice became a little stunned with excitement. .

"Okay! This is the case, please follow me back to Zongmen!" Elder Seven looked at Shui Youdao and remembered the young man who was behind his brother's **** and begged to learn how to learn magic. Nodded, Brother will be very happy to see him!

"Thank you Senior Luo!" Shui Youdao heard an affirmative answer, some danced, and a complex expression appeared on his face, a little anxious, a little excited, and a little overwhelmed.

In the sky, I don't know when the clouds are overcast, a thunder bursts in the clouds, an electric dragon soars in the clouds, and an unparalleled pressure of terror comes to the earth.

Everyone present felt this horrible pressure, and they couldn't help feeling horrified.

Especially the Seven Elders raised their heads dignifiedly.


A thick thunderbolt pours down from the clouds and cuts down towards the people below.

The seven elders changed their complexion, wrapped their sleeves with a wave of water, and Zhao Yunpeng and his wife instantly appeared hundreds of meters away.

The thunder column fell straight and fell sharply on top of Zhao Yuande sitting cross-legged.