Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 180

Chapter 180: You Are Not Dead

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In the fairy land, it is still in that hall.

Seeing this scene, the Spiritual Emperor Emperor could not help but sigh gently: "Hey! I originally wanted to train students well as disciples. It seems that I will call him a disciple in the future!"

The Kongshan Taoist nodded with a smile, and couldn't help being bowed down by Zhao Yuande.

The black shadow was burned in the flame of the copper lamp for twelve hours, and this gradually turned into a burst of smoke.

Zhao Yuande also practiced twelve hours of celestial fingers in the seal hall. With the cultivation experience and the tireless guidance of the leader of the empty mountain, he mastered the speed very quickly. Now he can display the celestial fingers. One or two points of power.

Although it was only a minute or two, it was a huge surprise for Zhao Yuande.

Because he wanted to enter the **** market to obtain Kaitian nine fist achievements, he did not focus his energy on the cultivation of other attack methods, even the slightest palm method contained in the Huoyun Monument, He didn't go to lapping, so he could only use his fists to fight against the enemy, and the battle was a little simple.

But now I have gotten the celestial fingers, and finally there is a sharp attack method, which increases the combat effectiveness against the enemy by at least 20% to 30%!

"Okay! My spiritual time is coming. I will send you out of this seal first, and then I will re-seal the seal here! Wait until one day your strength is enough to destroy this ancient devil After that, I want you to come here again and destroy it completely!" The body of the leader of the empty mountain has been a little weak at this time, and his strength has slowly faded.

"I will definitely!" Zhao Yuande focused on this, this is his commitment to the leader of the empty mountain in this life, even if he is to crush the bones and come back to complete!

"Let's go!" The empty mountain road was long, and both hands pressed the ground hard. A huge crack appeared on the ground of the hall. A light flashed through the large crack. Zhao Yuande saw a lush mountain forest and a familiar empty space. The mountain gate of the mountain sect

Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated and jumped directly into the big crack.

Seeing Zhao Yuande leave, Kong Shandao let go of his hands, and the big crack disappeared.

Suddenly, his whole body turned into a bright light and rushed directly into his own statue behind him, and the whole statue became alive...

After a burst of light and shadow, Zhao Yuande found that he was falling down from midair, and below it seemed...

A little Taoist is looking up at the sky, and still sees a big crack in the sky, a figure can fall out of it, and the direction of the fall is here!


Zhao Yuande sat down on the head of the little Taoist and pressed the little Taoist down beneath!

"Hey! Open it, it hurts me!" the little Taoist screamed again and again.

"Hey! The Jingtan Taoist is really embarrassed!" Zhao Yuande patted his **** and got off the young Taoist. Isn't this just the Jingtan that brings himself like a mountain?

"You! You are not dead yet!" Jing Tan saw Zhao Yuande's appearance, and he was startled, pointing at Zhao Yuande's stammer, "You, did you come out from there? Did you release that demon?" "

"What do you say!" Zhao Yuande felt that the little Taoist must know something. "Are you bringing me here for the purpose of saving me from the leader of the empty mountain soon? Now that I'm done, should you give me a god?" Qualified for the market trial?"

Zhao Yuande extended his hand to the little Taoist.

"Damn it! Really **** it! You really put it out! It's really over this late! The world of the Eastern Emperor is going to suffer!" The little Taoist beat his chest, his face showing a regretful expression, watching Zhao Yuande teeth bite Giggled.

"Quick! You follow me to see Uncle Shi and tell you what happened inside, maybe there is a remedy!" The little Taoist could not help but pull Zhao Yuande and ran towards the Taoist temple on the mountain.

Zhao Yuande is also responsible for him. He wants to see what is going on in this empty mountain Taoist sect, and why it will help Gudang Demon to choose the person to open the seal.

The little Taoist took Zhao Yuande to pick up the place where there were few people.


The little Taoist tapped regularly a few times, and the door opened.

It was very dark inside. Zhao Yuande looked around and found out that besides the young Taoist priest who had opened the door, there were two middle-aged Taoist priests sitting with sad faces in it.

"Jingtan, who is this boy?" The young Taoist who opened the door glanced at Zhao Yuande, and looked at the little Taoist with some complaints. "Do you not know where this is? How can you bring outsiders in?"

"Brother Jinglun, this person has a lot to do. I bring it to the master and all the uncles." The little Taoist did not explain the situation of Zhao Yuande, but just glanced at the young Taoist called Jinglun.

"But..." There was a bit of anger on the face of the young Taoist, and he was just about to say something.

"Okay, come on Jingtan, and tell me what's going on?" A middle-aged Taoist headed beckoned to the young Taoist.

The little Taoist hurriedly pulled Zhao Yuande forward and gave a glance at the middle-aged Taoist.

"Oh, Jinglun! I forgot, today I am going to Houshan to change the Lingyu. You have to change it soon! Otherwise, that person will be unhappy again!" The middle-aged Taoist immediately grasped and waved at the Jinglun Taoist Wave.

"But..." Jing Lun apparently hesitated, watching Zhao Yuande's eyes grow suspicious.

"Not yet!" The middle-aged Taoist voice suddenly became severer.

"Yes! Uncle!" Jing Lun Taoist body shuddered and hurriedly opened the door and left.

Zhao Yuande was curious about the performance with the other party, and he pointed his finger at the moment before the Jinglun Taoist walked out the door.

"Jinglun, the third generation of disciples of Kongshan Daozong were'controlled', in the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, Daoxuanzheng... low-order ingredients... matching recipes... catching is easy!"

Being controlled, is this person also controlled by Gudang Demon King? No, Gudang Demon King has been refined and purified. Could there be other forces involved in this?

He turned his attention to the two middle-aged Taoists.

"Wenkai, the second generation disciple of Kongshan Daozong, the head of the generation, the six-level realm of freedom in the field, the body of cloud and sky... intermediate ingredients... matching recipes... it is very difficult to capture!"

"Wen Sheng, the second-generation disciple of Kongshan Daozong is'controlled', the realm of the six layers of realm, the body of flying clouds... low-level ingredients... matching recipes... it is very difficult to capture!"

Three people in one room, two of them are controlled. It seems that this empty mountain Daozong has basically been aerial!

"Jing Tan talk about it!" A middle-aged Taoist named Wen Kai looked up and down on Zhao Yuande, his face showing doubt.

"Master, this man was brought back from Shenxu Square a few days ago. He..." When Jingtan was about to tell the master what he knew, Zhao Yuande grabbed him.