Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800: Stew Soup

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"Master Turtle! You must not bark at this time, otherwise I will send you to the inner world, but there are many resentful souls waiting for you!" Zhao Yuande threatened Master Turtle while walking.

"Dare you threaten me! Believe me or not...well! I'm just kidding, don't take it seriously, okay...I just shut up!" Lord Turtle quickly compromised.

What he is most afraid of is entering the inner world. Imagine that those resentful souls are trembling all over the body.

"It's almost...if you dare..." Zhao Yuande felt a little unbelievable about this guy.

"Okay, well! You can rest assured, Master Turtle will never say anything!" Master Turtle looked at Zhao Yuande very unhappy. Was he the kind of turtle that didn't speak?

"Hey, two brothers!" Zhao Yuande greeted the two enthusiastically.

"This Xiongtai, you are here too!" The big-eyed big-eyed man saw Zhao Yuande's kindness and did not mean to blame himself or herself. He could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

"Oh! I don't know this Xiongtai high surname!" The young man with Jianmei stared slightly at Zhao Yuande with a very polite attitude.

Seeing this scene, the girl with golden eyes clearly felt a slight difference.

She knew the character of these two people, she was very arrogant and confident, what happened to this today, and why would it be this behavior to see this young man.

However, she was very interested and did not ask, but secretly watched Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! My name is Jiang Yilin. I don't know how to call the two brothers?" Zhao Yuande naturally did not report his real name, but still used the pseudonym Jiang Yilin.

"Brother Jiang, my name is Guo Rui, this is Song Ji!" The big-eyed big-eyed man is called Guo Rui. After briefly introducing the names of the two people, his eyes turned to Master Zhao Yuande's shoulder turtle master. A trace of fear.

"Oh! It was Brother Guo and Brother Song!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands and smiled curiously, "I don't know what happened here, why are you standing in front of this stone wall?"

"We found a line of words appearing on this stone wall every once in a while, but the word is too old, we don't know it, but the legend says there is a tomb of the immortal emperor, we think it is the tomb of the immortal emperor It may be related, even the entrance of the tomb of the Immortal Emperor is this mountain wall, so..." Guo Rui is also real, and he said the situation here directly.

He didn't dare to lie, the guy opposite looked amiable, but in fact it was terrible.

In case the other party knows that he lied to him, without him, the little turtle will be able to lose their fighting power to this group of people.

The golden pupil woman who secretly observed was even more shocked at this time. Can such things be said casually? Isn't this just one more person snatching the chance?

But she was not a reckless person. He still didn't speak. He felt the two look at each other's, to be precise, the little turtle looking at each other's shoulders was very afraid.

Does this little turtle on this person's shoulder have a huge origin?

At this time, the group of people opposite, led by the young also saw the arrival of Zhao Yuande.

He was a little anxious in his heart. Just now the scene was evenly matched. This time there was another person on the opposite side. If he doesn't do it again, I'm afraid they will be kicked out of the game!

"Gu Linyue, you say it! How do we open this place, is it to be violently destroyed or what?" The young man on the opposite side wore a white jade robe, with a white jade sword obliquely behind his back, with a pair of fairy style bones the taste of.

However, his eyes flickered, and his handsome face was often flashed with haze, but it made him less indifferent out of thin air, and had a non-descript feeling.

"Wu Fei, what qualifications do you have in the Pantheon to grab our baby in the fairyland, or get away with it, or dont blame us!" The golden pupil woman was not talking, and was pulling with Zhao Yuande. Guo Rui, who was in a relationship, was unhappy at once, his voice was cold, and he didn't give his opponent a face.

"Gu Linyue! Take care of your dog...otherwise I don't mind helping you to teach you a lesson!" The young man called Wu Fei, his eyes flashing, his eyes swept across Guo Rui are all fierce murderous opportunities.

"Wu Fei, you bastard, your mother is a dog. Believe it or not..." Guo Rui was scolded as a dog, and his face suddenly turned red.

Especially in front of Zhao Yuande, he felt his face seemed to be stepped on by the soles of people.

"Well, Brother Guo, what can I say with this kind of person!" Song Ji on the side also stared at each other with cold eyes, and the cold murder in his eyes flashed away.

"Cough! Brother Jiang laughed!" Guo Rui looked at Zhao Yuande, and his face felt hot.

"It's okay, this kind of spitting man is everywhere. Brother Guo doesn't need to care!" Zhao Yuande has no good feelings for the Pantheon from the psychology, so he didn't hide his aversion to them.

"What do you guys say!" Wu Fei looked at Zhao Yuande, and his eyes showed a cruel color. It was this person's arrival that made him feel a sense of urgency. He felt very disgusted about Zhao Yuande's raw face, which was important. Feeling fast after killing.

"I said you must not provoke me, otherwise you don't know how to die!" Zhao Yuande's eyes turned cold and turned his eyes to each other.

"You...find to death!" Wu Fei felt a force suffocating himself. If it weren't for him, he was already a cultivation person in the late stage of Immortal Realm. I'm afraid he would fly him directly.

Although he said in his mouth that he was looking for death, he didn't act, but he looked at the opponent with some surprise, the opponent's fighting power was clearly above himself.

He was not a reckless person, so he did not impulsively go up to kill, but turned to look at the person behind him.

But before he spoke, he heard a chuckle from the opposite side.

"Qua! It's not ashamed! It's terribly terrible in my heart, and I have to pretend to be casual. I don't want you to be my petty person like me!" Zhao Yuande's shoulder turtle master finally couldn't hold back. , Laughing.

Lord Turtle said that he regretted it a little. He turned his head quietly and looked at Zhao Yuande. He found that his face was not angry, but he still had a slight smile on his face.

"You... dare to indulge a pet to humiliate me, and I will kill you today!" Wu Fei was exposed by a turtle, and was devalued for nothing, and suddenly his heart was about to explode, pointing Zhao Yuande shouted, "Everyone gave it to me, slaughtered this person, and caught the turtle alive, I want to bring it to stew soup to drink!"