Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1802

Chapter 1802: Rain And Dew

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"Okay! Many people are strong! But between us..." Gu Linyue showed a little excitement in his eyes, but he soon thought of a serious problem.

"Naturally, it's cancelled out! What Qiu is very pale and weak in front of interests, as long as you have enough interests, you can cooperate sincerely even with deep hatred!" Tian Qingzi said lightly, "In addition, there is no deep hatred between us, cooperation. There is no problem."

"Brother Dao said! Let's join!" Gu Linyue nodded.

"Really naive!" Lord Turtle whispered.

Although the voice is not loud, everyone can hear it clearly.

"This Daoist, if you have any opinions to raise, let's discuss together." Tian Qingzi turned his attention to Zhao Yuande. Obviously he also thought that this was manipulated by Zhao Yuande.

"No, no! This guy has a broken mouth, which is spoiled by me!" Zhao Yuande covered Master Turtle's mouth to prevent it from continuing to talk nonsense.

"Oh! I think so, I won't care!" Tian Qingzi nodded greatly.

"Tianqingzi Dao brother is really guilty!" Wu Fei on the side took the opportunity to pat the other party with a blow.

"Okay! Let's rest!" Tian Qingzi waved his hand. "There may be many entrances to this Tomb of the Immortal Emperor. After we enter it, we may meet other people. Maybe a war will be ushered in, everyone Get well!"

"it is good!"

Everyone sat cross-legged.

Zhao Yuande was naturally sitting with Guo Rui and Song Ji!

"Brother Jiang, have you noticed that something is wrong!" Song Ji sent a voice to Zhao Yuande, a little uncertain in his voice.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande asked knowingly.

"This is not the case in the legend of Tian Qingzi. His method is very vicious. Why is it so peaceful to Brother Jiang today?" Song Ji said.

"Maybe he was afraid of me!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly.

"This..." Song Ji sagged for a while, thinking of Zhao Yuande's power, he could not help agreeing.

Tian Qingzi might have discovered Zhao Yuande's power, so he behaved so peacefully.

"Actually, I'm kidding!" Zhao Yuande smiled and said, "Actually, he wanted to use us as a path-finding stone, as a chess piece! Now he turns our face and even kills us. He won't get any benefits. If he can We coaxed into the Tomb of Immortal Emperor, we can use us to help him explore!"

"I think so too, but I don't know if Sister Gu knows now, or can you believe it!" Song Ji worried.

"It's okay, everything is with me, you and Brother Guo communicate!" Zhao Yuande nodded to him.

"Good!" Song Ji's eyes showed a look of excitement.

I don't know why. Zhao Yuande's words seemed to give him infinite confidence, and he settled down in a sudden.

"Hey! You guys are bad!" Lord Turtle looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! They all learned from Master Turtle!" Zhao Yuande showed a big smile.

"Huh! Master Turtle is not so bad! Master Turtle has always been bright and upright, I will roar them all in one voice, and then **** on their heads one by one!" Master Turtle held his head, one. Vice Gao Gao's appearance.

"Okay! I'm very satisfied with your handling. If they want to embarrass me, you must do this!" Zhao Yuande clapped his hands, his face was wonderful.

"Just wait and see!" Lord Turtle held his head up.

After a while, Song Ji told Guo Rui. The three people gathered together and did not practice, but discussed the matter of trial together.

Zhao Yuande naturally knew that the two of them and Gu Linyue were both disciples called Huang Jizong.

Gu Linyue is the first true disciple, the two are the second and third true disciples.

However, the two are also quite convinced of Gu Linyue's strength, and they both like this sister!

But what they didn't expect was that the world didn't look at them, but at another disciple.

This makes them feel both pity and happy!

Both of them lost the election, but instead made the relationship between them better. Otherwise, if one person got the right sister, I am afraid that the other person would be very uncomfortable even if he didnt say it on the surface!

Zhao Yuande observed that Gu Linyue was probably not a reckless person. It seemed that she did not believe Tian Qingzi in thousands, and her mind seemed to have other plans.

During this time, Lord Turtle seemed to be thinking about some advanced problems, and had not spoken, which made Zhao Yuande a little confused and unaccustomed.

"Hey! Boy, get some water! Master Turtle wants to drink water!" Just when Zhao Yuande was puzzled, Master Turtle finally spoke.

"Want to drink?" Zhao Yuande froze slightly, but then snapped his fingers, and a water polo appeared in front of Lord Turtle.

"Of course it's water! Lord Turtle doesn't drink water, where does the urine come from! So many people, Turtle Turtle is going to suffer, pouring one by one... Imagine Lord Turtle is worried!" The sad face, but did not expect it to be for this matter!

Zhao Yuande felt like he was sweating at the moment, wouldn't this guy's brain turn? Do you still want rain and dew to dip?

With such a small body, how much water do you need to drink to meet this condition!

"That... I mean, we mean what we want! Don't take it too seriously!" Zhao Yuande felt that this guy was so clueless that he couldn't make sense. He said that he was just doing his best to obey his destiny.

"No! This is absolutely not possible, I can't be bothersome! You said that the word is very good, rain and dew are soaked, yes, rain and dew are soaked!" Master Turtle's eyes are very bright, and his head is tilted to Zhao Yuande. With such a wonderful word, Lord Turtle is out, and they will be exposed to rain and dew for a while!"

Zhao Yuande was speechless and watched this guy put his head into the water polo and sucked desperately.

Knowing that the ball of water was sucked in a clean light, the turtle turtle nodded contentedly.

"Hiccup! It seems like my belly is bloated..."

"Okay! You drank water ten times larger than yours. Where did you drink it?" Zhao Yuande looked at Lord Turtle.

"That... I don't know. Anyway, if I want to drink, I can drink a lot, but the taste is too light!" Lord Turtle said a little uncomfortably. "I might have been born from the sea!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded seriously, which is a useful clue!

I am afraid that the ocean that can breed such a wonderful flower will not be easy!

Could it be a sea of chaos? Zhao Yuande guessed this way.