Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804: Retreated

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"I! You are the pet... Umm... I am... Lord Turtle!" Zhao Yuande held Master Turtle's mouth.

He knew that this guy would go crazy when he heard the word pet, so he was prepared!

Everyone can't help but have some shame, it seems that this Jiang Yilin is really not intentional, this little turtle is really a bit cheap.

Tian Qingzi's eyes swept over Zhao Yuande, and one of the wisps of opportunity disappeared.

"Okay! Don't worry too much!" Tian Qingzi looked at Wu Fei Road, "Wu Fei, I heard that you have a big snow ship in the Snow Palace, did you bring one on your body."

"Yes!" Wu Fei heard Tian Qingzi mentioning the big ship of snow and snow, and she couldn't help showing a trace of pride in her face.

With a big wave of his hand, a large silver-white ship appeared by the lake. The big ship seemed to be carved out of a huge piece of ice. It was crystal clear, and there seemed to be a soft wind around it. It seemed that as long as the heart moved, these winds could push The big ship moves forward.

"The big ship is really extraordinary, we will take this big ship to pass!" Tian Qingzi smiled faintly on his face.

"Tianqingzi Dao brother please!" Wu Fei's face was slightly flattered.

"Gu Linyue, please come too!" Tian Qingzi turned to look at Gu Linyue's people, and did not forget to invite them.

"No!" Gu Linyue waved his hand. "We, Huang Jizong, also have a big ship called the Huang Ji ship, so we don't have to borrow other people's hands, and our hearts are not pragmatic!"

She said that she also released a golden ship, which looked magnificent, grand and solemn, like the emperor's sleeping palace.

As soon as the big golden ship came out, the snow ship was compared with it, like a little courtier beside the king.

Tian Qingzi could not help moving slightly when he saw this big ship. He could feel that this big ship was a second-grade fairy treasure, which was much stronger and stronger than the snow ship, even in the sky and the bats in the water. The **** fish can't help but get this big ship.

He also wanted to enter this big ship, but looking at Wu Fei's uncomfortable complexion beside him, he could not help but sigh slightly.

Wu Fei said that he is also his own, and he can't give up on him under less than a last resort!

"Let's go! Let's go first!" Tian Qingzi waved his hand to Wu Fei, whose face was not good-looking, and turned his head around. It was enough to see the imperial ship without seeing it.

"Qua! This big ship is good! Only this big ship is worthy of the style of Master Turtle, Quack!" Master Turtle seemed to be the emperor of the tour, slapping Zhao Yuande's shoulder, "Go! Let's go!"

"You... are too arrogant!" Zhao Yuande thinks this guy is getting more and more inflated, is he looking for an opportunity to clean up and clean it up?

However, in this large public, Zhao Yuande temporarily gave up this idea.

"Humph! Lord Turtle is a sacred incarnation, God..." Lord Turtle's voice was very proud, and Mung Bean's small eyes looked around everyone.

Everyone couldn't help but stunned. This guy is a neuropath!

A tortoise pet only, the stinky fart has gone to heaven, and it is also a sacred incarnation, the beloved of Heavenly Dao... Why don't you say that you are the incarnation of Heavenly Dao!

Zhao Yuande grabbed Master Turtle very helplessly and wanted to throw it into the inner world.

"Hey! Stop...stop..." Lord Turtle grabbed Zhao Yuande's fingers with a pair of small paws, and whispered, "Can't I be wrong? Don't throw me with those innocent souls, I No more nonsense!"

"This is the last time, I warn you!" Zhao Yuande threatened in a low voice.

"Relax! Master Turtle has a word, is it the kind of turtle that doesn't count!" Master Turtle very seriously guarantees, but Zhao Yuande feels that he is talking about farts and is not worth believing at all.

But he still let go of his hand. Apart from being able to provoke nonsense, this guy has some uses!

Everyone boarded the Huangji ship, and Gu Linyue urged the big ship to slowly follow the snow ship ahead.

Zhao Yuande dived into the Great Lake, and quickly sensed that the Great Lake was unfathomable, and there was a strong breath hidden in it.

In the deepest part of the Great Lakes, there is even a breath that is not weaker than himself.


At this time, Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a subtle click from under the big ship, as if something terrible was eating the ship's hull.

"Not good! Something is attacking the big ship!" Gu Linyue also felt at this time, his face suddenly turned very ugly, "Guo Rui, Song Ji! Open the defensive light curtain immediately, especially the defensive light curtain on the bottom of the ship!"

"Yes!" The two led the order and hurriedly transported the power of the fairy into the big ship, and suddenly a hazy golden light enveloped the big ship.

At this time, Zhao Yuande turned his attention to the snow boat in front, and at a glance, he saw that the people on the snow boat were also in a hurry, and they were similarly attacked.

"Click! Click!"

Zhao Yuande can still hear this sound from under the big ship, as if the golden mask is useless to the underwater creatures.

Zhao Yuande explored the past and found that it was the **** fish.

The teeth of this group of big fish are like saws separated by two factions, constantly cutting the hull, and the golden light curtain seems to be false in front of them, and they can't stop their form.

According to Zhao Yuande's estimation, the imperial ship would be bitten through without taking ten breaths. Although these people are all cultivated above the fairyland, they will soon become things in the belly of these big fish.

Of course he wouldn't let this happen. The powerful gods and spirits gushed out like a tide and instantly wrapped the **** fish.

The **** fish shook all over his head, and his eyes showed endless horror.

Most of this group of black big fish are from the first-grade fairy beast to the second-grade fairy beast, and there is also a powerful existence of the third-grade fairy beast, which is equivalent to the powerful of the fairy realm!

Zhao Yuande's soul has actually reached the realm of the fairy monarch, and crushing these black big fish is more than enough.

As soon as his soul was over, all the **** fish rushed into the depths of the lake like amnesty, and they never dared to look back.

"What! This group of big fish has retreated!" Gu Linyue took control of the big ship and immediately felt all of this, and couldn't help showing a little excitement on his face.

"Retired? How is this possible!" Guo Ruihe also couldn't believe it.

They invariably turned their attention to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at them.

The two knew immediately that Zhao Yuande must have shot this time, otherwise how could the group of fierce black big fish suddenly retreat.

Gu Linyue thought the eyes of the two younger brothers were very strange. She looked along the eyes of the two, but found that their eyes fell on Zhao Yuande.