Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1805

Chapter 1805: Slightly Understand One Or Two

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In particular, Zhao Yuande's smile was still so mysterious, and he could not help feeling a bit puzzled.

She just remembered that when the two younger brothers saw each other, they were obviously a little nervous and excited, and they were very kind to them. Is it because of his relationship?

But at this time, there was a loud noise on the snow boat ahead.

A huge black monster rushed out of the snow ship and directly into the lake.

After everyone saw this black monster clearly, they couldn't help but take a breath.

This is a huge black snapping turtle. The shell of this snapping turtle is spiky, its limbs are thick, its claws are sharp, and there are a row of sharp long horns on its head, which looks a bit terrible.

"A hybrid animal! It's really embarrassing the face of Lord Turtle!" Zhao Yuande's ear whispered from Lord Turtle, it sounded a little angry.

"You turtles are also very lovable, even like crocodiles..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but smiled at the corner of his mouth, looking at the other person can not help but ridiculed.

"I x... you dare to scorn Master Turtle so much, I fight with you!" Master Turtle is very angry, very angry, and bit her shoulder on Zhao Yuande's shoulder.

But it was too small, and even Zhao Yuande's clothes didn't bite through.

"Okay! Let's see how your classmates are so powerful under water!" Zhao Yuande covered his mouth and almost laughed.

"Humph! Lord Turtle is angry!" Lord Turtle turned his head and ignored Zhao Yuande again.

Zhao Yuande's mouth chuckled, and he didn't think this guy would be silent.

Sure enough, as he expected, just under ten breaths had passed, and this guy turned his head back again.

Carefully glanced at Zhao Yuande and found that the other party did not pay attention to himself, so he assuredly cast his eyes into the water in front.

The snapping turtle is very powerful, and its fighting power is at the peak of the third-grade fairy beast. It is almost swept all the way.

Seeing the snapping turtle instinctively, the group of big fish felt fear and wanted to escape, but they were chased one by one and swallowed.

There was only one **** fish equivalent to the third-grade fairy beast, who fought with the snapping turtle for about a scent of incense, but it was finally torn to pieces by the snapping turtle.

Snapping turtles proudly swim in the Great Lakes, as if to become the patron saint of the snow ship.

"Hey! This is Master Shengui's courtier, that kind of demeanor..." Lord Turtle is proud.

"Don't you say it's a hybrid animal?" Zhao Yuande interrupted the narcissism of Lord Turtle very kindly.

"You... can you not talk!" Lord Turtle looked at Zhao Yuande angrily.

"No!" Zhao Yuande shook his head very simply.

"I'm so angry, Lord Turtle! You... you... I won't talk to you anymore!" Lord Turtle is very angry, and the consequences are very serious. It directly shrank his head into the shell and decided not to ignore this guy anymore. Too.


Suddenly there was a war again in the water ahead. This time it was not the **** fish, but a huge evil catfish.

The evil caterpillar was covered with sharp bone spurs, and the huge beast fangs were sensuous, and a black air burst out of the mouth.

The snapping turtle is obviously not the opponent of this evil beetle. It is just a few breaths that can't hold it. It shrinks its limbs and head into the shell, but the tail is too long to shrink in at all.

So it's tragic that the evil caterpillar is about to drop its tail!

"Click!" Evil Jiao chewed the snapping turtle's tail in excitement, and a roar of excitement was heard deep in his throat.

"Dirty beast! Give me death!" The azure child who manipulated the snapping turtle could no longer sit idly by, and a bright sword light flew out of his body, turning into a glorious human sword, towards the evil caterpillar. Cleave directly.

"It's so powerful!" Gu Linyue felt the power of this sword, and she couldn't help turning pale.

If Tian Qingzi's sword was slashed at her, she had no resistance except to sacrifice her life-saving cards!

If the other party comes again with the second sword, then she will definitely die!

"This person's fighting power has been endlessly close to the peak of the fairy, and indeed it is worthy of the top ten strong!" Guo Rui couldn't help but look at this sword.

"This sword already has some comprehension of sword power in it! He is about to reach the second realm of sword immortal sword power, no wonder his fighting power will be so powerful!" Song Ji is also the one who uses the sword and also comprehends With the sword in mind, he found himself far inferior to each other.

He couldn't help turning his eyes to Zhao Yuande, but he found that the other person's face was still as plain as water, but he looked at the sword quietly, as if he hadn't put it in his eyes at all.

"Brother Jiang! What do you think of this sword?" Song Ji asked at this time.

"It's okay! I've got a glimpse of the sword's path, but it's still a bit short of the real sword. If it is placed in the fairy world, it can only be regarded as an ordinary genius!" Zhao Yuande said honestly.

"Does Brother Jiang also understand swords?" When he heard Zhao Yuande's words, Song Ji's eyes lit up immediately, but after hearing the comments later, he couldn't help but change his face, which was very ugly.

Think of a strong man such as Tian Qingzi, in the fairy world is only an ordinary genius, then what kind of talent is really a genius?

How should a person like yourself get to the fairy world?

and also! How did he know about the fairyland? Did he go to fairyland before?

"Oh! I understand a little!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled.

In fact, Zhao Yuande's swordsmanship is only similar to that of Tian Qingzi. If the power of a single-round sword, he may not be as good as the other. The other's cultivation ability is higher than his own.

However, Kendo only started to practice halfway because he had to teach his disciples, and then he never went to study again, otherwise he must now have more understanding and strength than the other party!

"Brother Jiang really surprised me!" Song Ji's eyes were bright, and he was expecting Tian Qingzi to roll his face.

He wants to see what kind of skill Brother Jiang has!


At this time, the evil caterpillar had been split by the sword light, half of the body was split, and the dark blood suddenly filled the water.

The evil Jiao roared, dived into the water all at once, and soon disappeared!

"Hey! Come back!" Tian Qingzi looked at the missing tail, and the **** snapping turtle shook his head slightly.

This guy's combat effectiveness must be reduced by at least 30%. It seems that he needs to find a fairy medicine that can help the snapping turtle grow its tail again.

This snapping turtle is not only his mount, but also one of his most important means of combat. Now it is injured, making Tian Qingzi slightly angry.

He involuntarily turned his eyes to the imperial ship behind him, but found that the water around the imperial ship was extremely quiet, and it seemed that he had not been attacked.