Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1806

Chapter 1806: There Must Be A Road Before The Car

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He couldn't help but feel a grudge, originally intended to let them explore the way for himself, but did not expect these guys to follow behind their ass, but he opened the way for them first.

However, he quickly put this grievance under pressure, because as long as you enter the tomb of the Immortal Emperor, you can't help them, and then you must take back the profit-taking together!

The ship continued to move forward. The sword that Tian Qingzi had just worried about would attract the attention of the bat swarm in the sky, but found that they did not seem to respond at all.

He probably also understood that the swarm of bats should only attack things in the sky, and the fighting on the water has nothing to do with them.

With this conjecture, he also became more at ease.

Later, from time to time, a powerful beast came to attack, and he sent two of his Daotong shots.

The two Daotong are very powerful, each of which has the combat power of the early fairyland, and the two also have a set of combat skills. The combat power may still go to a higher level. The fierce beasts that were killed by the two together are falling. .

Gu Linyue couldn't help but look at these two Daotongs, but she couldn't help but even she couldn't beat them!

Other people's faces are even more unsightly, and they can't help feeling worried about their future.

If they enter the Tomb of the Immortal Emperor for a while, they may be involuntarily!

"Gu Xianzi, why don't we just leave! If we go on like this, we will soon become cannon fodder!" someone suggested.

"Yes! This celestial son is terrible! Even if we got the treasure, we might die in his hands in the end!" Someone nodded and echoed.

"What do you think?" Gu Linyue looked at Guo Rui and Song Ji. Among all people, she only cared about the opinions of these two brothers.

Hearing Gu Linyue's words, the two turned their attention to Zhao Yuande at the same time, wanting to see what his opinion was.

"Hehe! The two of you see what I do, and you decide your own affairs." Zhao Yuande shrugged helplessly.

The two looked at Zhao Yuande's light and light expression, and couldn't help but feel calm.

Gu Linyue also looked at Zhao Yuande, and she found that the two brothers were too concerned about Zhao Yuande's decision.

These two younger brothers obviously knew this person before, is it really as they thought, this person...

She couldn't help but give birth to a hope again.

"Sister! Our opinion is to move on and enter the Tomb of the Immortal Emperor!" The two nodded at each other, Song Ji said.

"Since the two younger brothers are not afraid, then what am I afraid of?" Gu Linyue nodded and said to the others, "It is the so-called not to enter the tiger's lair to win the tiger, there is no chance of danger! If you want to leave, I will not stop you, but wait until we reach the shore!"

"We... don't leave!" One of them sighed helplessly, "If we leave, I'm afraid I will die even faster!"

"We are following Gu Guzi!"


After this small episode, the Huangji Ship continued to follow the snow ship, and everyone felt a slight error at this time.

The snowship ahead is constantly being attacked by powerful enemies, but their imperial ship has no enemies at all, and has been quietly following the snowship.

On the snow ship, Wu Fei's men and sisters and four sisters have died, and the remaining disciple of the Pantheon plus him, but there are only seven left!

This made everyone uncomfortable, and they looked at Tian Qingzi from time to time.

"The big ship stopped!" Tian Qingzi saw this and couldn't help frowning slightly, waving, "We're waiting for Huangji Ship!"

Soon the Huangji ship was moored next to the snow ship. Tian Qingzi looked at Gu Linyue and said: "Gu Linyue, we have opened the road for a long time in the front, and the manpower loss is serious. Now you should open the road in front!"

"This..." Gu Linyue was stagnant and felt a little bad.

They drove smoothly along the water, except that they had been gnawed at the bottom of the ship by a few **** fish, and they had never encountered a beast attack!

But she saw the powerful fairy beasts that attacked the snow ship. If you let her Huangji ship walk in front, I am afraid that it can't resist a few waves. All the people around her will be killed and injured!

"What's the matter? Don't you want to?" Tian Qingzi's complexion suddenly turned ugly.

"No... it should be, it should be!" Gu Linyue clearly felt the terrible coercion of the other party.

She knew that if she didn't agree, she might be upset when the other person was angry, and it must be very dangerous for these people to fall on their hands.

"Well! You go ahead!" Tian Qingzi nodded.

The Huangji Ship opened the road in front, leaving a distance of about a thousand feet between the two ships. This is also a battle buffer zone. Don't let the battle spread to the snow ship.

"What to do! We're afraid we can't stick to a few waves of beast attacks!" Gu Linyue was like an ant on a hot pot at this time, playing with people and being restless.

"It's okay, there must be a way to the car before the mountain, we just have to go forward!" Zhao Yuande said at this time, "Because the beasts under the big lake are afraid of golden light, so they dare not attack!"

"Brother Jiang, don't make jokes!" Gu Linyue looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help showing a bitter smile.

However, Gu Linyue soon discovered that the imperial ship had traveled a full distance of tens of miles, and no fierce beast had even attacked.

At this time, there was a burst of roar from the snowboat behind.

A huge dark figure came out of the big lake and bit off towards the snow ship.

"Damn!" Tian Qingzi's eyes were red. He looked at the Huangji ship in front of him, and found that the Huangji ship was quiet and okay, and their snow ship was once again attacked by fairy beasts.

And this fairy beast is very powerful, giving him a sense of danger.

In desperation, he could only successfully run away this beast if he tried his best and united his two boys and the seven disciples on the ship!

"That's not right! Why are their ships not being attacked, and we are constantly attacking no matter how thick or in front!" Tian Qingzi felt something was not right.

He couldn't help but set his sights on the imperial ship in front of him. Was there any powerful person on the ship, or something on the ship that scared the beasts?

"Stop! Gu Linyue, you stop the boat!" Tian Qingzi couldn't help but shouted.

"I don't know what Tianqingzi Daoyou want us to do?" Gu Linyue stopped the boat and turned to look at each other.

"Driving the ship back, we are going to get on your ship! This snow ship has been damaged!" Tian Qingzi could not doubt.

"Okay!" Gu Linyue thought for a moment, and finally nodded and agreed!

She drove the Huangji ship to the side of Fengxue ship and stopped.

The azure sons all jumped onto the imperial ship.