Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808: Pee His Face

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"Do you know why it was abandoned here by the two realms of fairy and demon?" Zhao Yuande suddenly said.

"I don't know! But I heard from the elder Shimen that it seems that it was broken by the joint of the two realms!" Gu Linyue is the hope of Zongmen, and naturally knows more than others!

"Do you know why Immortals and Demon Realms are breaking here?" Zhao Yuande continued to ask.

Everyone shook their heads together!

"Because of the sudden attack of the Pantheon! If you do not smash this continent, I am afraid that the Pantheon has now ruled the entire fairy and demon world! They are the culprits that caused this continent to crack!" Zhao Yuande said solemnly.

"It turns out so! I only know that there is constant fighting between the two realms of Immortals and Demons, but as long as the Pantheon appears, they will always fight against the Pantheon. It turns out that there is a reason for it!" Gu Linyue nodded.

Everyone's eyes also showed a thoughtful look, turned to look at the Pantheon who slowly fell from above, and there was also a bit of hatred in the eyes.

They all belong to the lower realm forces of the Immortal Realm. After arriving in the Immortal Realm, the Pantheon is their biggest enemy, so the disciples of these Pantheon are their biggest enemies!

Just when everyone looked at Tianqingzi with hatred, they had slowly fallen to the ground.

"Sure enough, there is no problem!" Tian Qingzi looked at these coffins with satisfaction, quietly feeling whether there was any treasure hidden in it.

Suddenly his eyes lit up and looked at a coffin, which seemed to have a strong fluctuation.

"Tong'er, open this coffin for me!" Tian Qingzi pointed to the coffin not far away, his face slightly excited.

The child stepped forward and opened the coffin. A golden light rose into the sky. There was a golden bell floating in the coffin!

"This is... at least the fairy treasure of the third grade!" Tian Qingzi's eyes lit up, reaching out and scratching away toward the golden bell.

But he felt that this golden clock was very heavy!

He pulled hard again!

"Ah! What is this!" The nearby child suddenly saw the situation in the coffin and jumped away when scared!

Tian Qingzi pulled out a monster with green hair all over her body. The golden clock was pinched in the monster's hand, and a pair of chaotic eyes slowly opened!

"Who disturbed my deep sleep! Who is..." The green-haired zombie opened his eyes violently, and a dark beam of light suddenly shot from its eyes, and shot towards the Azure Child.

Tian Qingzi felt a horror for a while, his body flashed, and he directly avoided the shooting of this black beam of light.

However, a disciple in the Pantheon behind him instantly penetrated his head by the pillar of light, and then turned into a pool of blood.

"Brother! Brother!" Wu Fei cried when he saw the death of the disciple of the Pantheon.


At this time, another scream was heard not far away.

A disciple of the Pantheon was penetrated directly by a spear, and the whole person quickly shrivelled.

It was a stone statue holding a spear. After absorbing the blood of the disciple of the Pantheon, the stone statue suddenly became vivid, and the whole body became flexible all at once!

The arm shook gently, and the disciple of the Pantheon was directly shattered, and the broken bones and flesh flew everywhere.

At this time, all the stone statues around began to move slowly, and the rumbling footsteps resounded throughout the space.

"No! These stone statues come alive!" disciples of the Pantheon shouted in horror!

"This... how is this possible!" Wu Fei felt anger in his heart at this time, and smashed the stone statue of Zun over with his backhand!

"Don't panic, everyone, these stone statues are not powerful, we can kill them!" Wu Fei broke the stone statue, Wu Fei immediately felt that the stone statue's combat power is at most equivalent to the early stage of the fairyland!

Just now one person was killed by a spear, because that person didn't even think that such a thing would happen.

"Tong'er helped them solve this group of stone statues!" Tian Qingzi's sword slashed the paws of the green-haired zombie and said to the two Tong'er.

"Yes!" The two children nodded and joined the battle instantly.

However, the blood-sucked stone statue was somewhat outrageously powerful, even blocking the male child alone, and pushing him back again and again.

"Everyone, don't let the stone people **** blood!" Wu Fei suddenly changed his face when he saw the situation.

However, there are too many stone statues, there are thirty or forty statues, but they have fewer than ten!

There are green-haired zombies to restrain the azure child, there are blood-suckers to block the male child, and the rest is only the female child, Wu Fei, and the five disciples of the Pantheon in the fairyland, almost unable to resist!

"Gu Linyue, what are you still doing there for a while! Don't hurry up and help!" At this time Wu Fei saw the Gu Linyue people watching the drama in the channel, and immediately roared.

"Wu Fei, don't talk to me in this tone! I don't eat your set!" Gu Linyue how to listen to him, still standing quietly, watching them surrounded by a group of stone people.

"Tianqingzi Dao Brother!" Wu Fei's eyes were red, he saw another of his brothers stabbed to death by seven or eight stone statues, and his heart was like a knife.

Tian Qingzi also felt the seriousness of the matter, but he was fighting fiercely with the green-haired zombie, and he was a little vaguely unable to suppress the feeling of the other party.

At this time, he really had more than enough energy!

"Gu Linyue, come here to help! Do you want to watch them all killed?" Tian Qingzi looked at Gu Linyue, a little cold in his tone.

Gu Linyue's face stiffened, although she could ignore Wu Fei, but Tian Qingzi she couldn't ignore it, the other party's fighting power was too strong, she couldn't resist it at all.

"Hey! Gu Xianzi, don't worry! Have you forgotten what I just said? Saving the disciples of the Pantheon is equivalent to putting pressure on the fairy world. Their life and death matter what we do!" Zhao Yuande this time Slowly came out and stopped Gu Linyue.

"Yes! Brother Jiang is right! We must not shoot!" Guo Rui and Song Ji also came out at this time!

"This..." Gu Linyue looked at the three men, a little hesitation in his eyes.

"There is nothing wrong with listening to me!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly.

"It's not wrong to listen to Lord Turtle! This group of guys is not a good thing, especially the decent guy who actually made a hybrid turtle appear in front of Lord Turtle." Lord Turtle also stretched out at this time. He looked at the group of people uncomfortably, and then turned his head to look at Gu Linyue, "Don't be afraid, little girl, if that guy dares to come to your trouble for a while, I will leave it to Master Turtle to deal with him, I Keep a **** on his face!"