Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Third Party Forces

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"Oh! Jingtan Taoist, I was actually joking with you just now." Zhao Yuande put his eyes on Jingtan with his back, and his eyes fluttered toward the middle-aged Taoist named Wensheng.

Jingtan is not a fool, and immediately understood what Zhao Yuande meant.

"You... you guys dare to play tricks on me, you..." Jingtan was furious, scolding at Zhao Yuande's face, almost spitting Zhao Yuande's face.

"Master, I've been ignorant for a while. Bring this guy here and ask the master to punish me!" After clearing the air, Zhao Yuande turned his head and turned his head down to admit that he was wrong.

Wen Kaidao did not understand what the apprentice was playing, but he knew that the apprentice had always been clever and clever, and he would never do things without purpose. He must have his own reasons for doing so.

"Okay! Don't blame you for this matter, you can step back!" Wenkai Taoist waved his hand.

The little Taoist Rumeng Da Zhao pulled Zhao Yuande out of the room.

"Brother, I think there must be something wrong with Jingtan. That young man may really have a problem!" As soon as Jingtan went out, Director Wen Sheng said to Wenkai with a puzzled face, "You see if we are going to use it Take down..."

"Hey! Forget it, this kid in Jingtan won't hide from me!" Wen Kai waved his hand and stood up. "Okay, I'll go to Houshan to see the life of the master who is in control, We mustn't make any mistakes in the sacrifice!"

"Alright! Brother please!" Wen Sheng heard that, his face suddenly cleared, and he said nothing more.

Zhao Yuande and Jingtan Taoist walked not far away and were caught up by Wenkai who hurriedly came.

Wen Kai said nothing, flew up the back of the mountain with the big sleeves rolled around.

In a dense cave, the three stood opposite each other.

"Let's talk! What the **** happened?" Wen Kaidao looked at Jing Tan's face with a dignified color and said, "Is there anything you can't say in front of your uncle, to report it to me alone? Is it outside? What did you find?"

"No! Master he..." The little Taoist pointed at Zhao Yuande, but he didn't know where to start.

"Let me go!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and interrupted the little Taoist. "Actually, I have entered the seal hall!"

"What! You have already entered the Sealing Hall! You... you... you won't!" Wen Kaidao said when he heard the four words of the Sealing Hall suddenly turned very shocked. He looked at the teenager in front of him in disbelief, How can it be possible to walk through the ancient battlefield safely and enter the corpse forest with the opponent's cultivation practice!

"I have reinforced the seal of Gudang Demon King, and Gudang Demon King can no longer come out to make chaos, and the crisis of Kongshan Daozong is lifted!" Zhao Yuande's face had a smile on his face, he wanted to see the master and apprentice listen What is the reaction to this matter?

" wouldn't be kidding!" Wen Kaidao's first reaction was not believing that if the other party is a strong player in the world, he might now be excited and laughing.

But how could a monk of the blood-sea **** fetus re-seal a powerful demon equivalent to the realm of the **** emperor? This is just a joke!

"Who the **** are you? Could you be Gudang Demon King?" Wen Kai thought of a possibility. This young man was taken away by the spirit of Gudang Demon King, but this also makes no sense. With many strong men he doesn't How do you win a young man who has such a low profile?

The little Taoist on the side was indeed full of mist at this time. In fact, he did not know the real inside story. Zhao Yuande and the master said that he could not understand it at all.

"Okay! What do you think this is?" Zhao Yuande raised his right hand and slid a crystal-like jade palm from his sleeve. His index finger flicked toward a tens of thousands of pounds of stone not far away.


As if the silk was cut by scissors, the big rock was cut straight from the middle!

"Cut Heavenly Finger! This is a piece of Heavenly Crescent Finger that my sect lost for hundreds of thousands of years. Did you... really enter the Zhenfeng Hall and meet the old ancestor!" Wen Kai suddenly thought of such a possibility!

"Yes, I met the real leader of the empty mountain. I helped him to complete the seal. He passed my finger!" Zhao Yuande outlined everything he had experienced after entering the cave. Of course, he omitted the link of the fairy corpse. .

Everyone has greed, he doesn't know what kind of person the other person is. Even things like fairy corpse must have red eyes even when they are seen by the mighty emperor, he dare not take risks.

"It turns out that this is true! The ancestors still have the opportunity to be outside. No wonder you can seal it smoothly. All this is a matter of heaven!" Wen Kaidao's eyes were slightly moist in his eyes. "How many years! I finally heard this good news. There is no need to be manipulated anymore!"

"Sure enough, there are third-party forces. Who are they?" Zhao Yuande could not tell the story of esophagus identification, and he could only compile a reason, "I still have a pair of **** eyes given by the leader of the empty mountain here. See for a moment whether a person is controlled!"

"What! The ancestor also gave such a magical power!" Wen Kai was more excited in his eyes, "So just now..."

Suddenly he remembered that his disciple motioned to follow him.

"Yes, Wen Sheng and the net profit from you are controlled by others! What is the third-party power?"

"Hey! Unexpectedly, even he was..." Wen Kai continued with a long sigh, "This third-party force is very mysterious. I only heard the man say something like "Moyingzong"! "

The helpless little Taoist can only listen to the conversation of the two like a book, and he quickly got a rough outline of an event from their conversation. He who was shocked and unable to speak, which is beyond him Understandable range!

"Moyingzong!" Zhao Yuande almost screamed out, he remembered the previous life, this Moyingzong combined with the Mohists to open the gap of the East Emperor's Great World, and introduced the alien invasion, but in the end the alien invasion failed, the Moss was destroyed, and this Mo Yingzong disappeared in this world, no one can find the clues he once existed.

And when everyone in the Eastern Emperor Great World thought that this battle was a victory, the Demon Sect even uprooted a large gate, Xuan Tianzong, from the Central Region. Their purpose was to seal a powerful demon in the Eastern Emperor Great World in the ancient times. A hand of the tribe!

In the end, Mo Yingzong successfully unlocked the seal, released that hand, and retreated!

This period of history has always been a haze in the hearts of the major forces of the East Emperor and the world, and it can't be lingered.

And now I heard about the Shadow Sect, is it possible...

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but start counting!

"Did Xiaoyou have heard of Mo Ying Sect? What kind of sect is this?" Wen Kai saw Zhao Yuande's expression.

"This is an extremely evil sect. I suspect that they are the remnants of the Demon Race!" Zhao Yuande got this conclusion through these many doubts and his own conjecture.

"Devil Clan Remnants! No wonder, no wonder they will try my best to control my empty mountain Daozong, want to rescue Gudang Demon King...What should we do now?" Wen Kai's face was worried, "The mysterious man's repair Because it is already in the world, we cannot defeat it with the power of our entire sect, and he also took my master and let us cast a mouse!"

"This matter needs to be considered for a long time, let's do this and so on..." Zhao Yuande told the other party some of the ideas in his heart.

"Good! Good! I listen to everything!" Wen Kai was more and more excited!

"Go! Let's go to the first step!"