Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1811

Chapter 1811: Beast Bag

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"To be honest, I don't like to beat children!" Zhao Yuande pressed the palm of his hand into the air, and immediately pressed the two Daotongs directly under the ground.


Gu Linyue took a breath, she just thought that Zhao Yuande's combat strength might not be too strong, only relying on the little turtle to attack the other party successfully.

Now it seems that he was wrong. The strength of these two Daotongs is not weaker than himself. They were pressed into the ground by a light palm. What kind of strength is this!

Guo Rui and Song Ji were full of excitement, and they finally saw Zhao Yuande's power.

Wu Fei couldn't believe his eyes, and at this moment he was desperate!

It was not long before I imagined that I wanted to kill others. Now, even Tian Qingzi and two Daotongs are easily controlled. Dealing with myself is not simpler than stepping on an ant!

His body was trembling, his legs were disobedient, and Gudong fell directly to the ground.

"Tong'er..." Tian Qingzi was anxious when he saw that the two children who had been with him were pressed into the ground.

But what can he do now!

At this time, his heart was full of regret, he had nothing to pretend to be a big-tail wolf, and he wanted to calculate this computer, that's how he calculated himself!

If he were allowed to choose again, he would turn around without hesitation and leave at that time, and he would not take himself in because of the relationship of the Pantheon.

He also wanted to understand that today I am afraid he can't live anymore, he already has the consciousness of death.

If you die, you wont hear the infamy!

"That hybrid tortoise on you?" Lord Turtle looked at Tian Qingzi and asked very politely.

"I won't tell you!" Since Tian Qingzi already had the consciousness of death, she simply became angry.

"Hey! You want to be angry with Master Tortoise, right!" Master Tortoise stared at Mung Bean with small eyes, and looked at each other vigorously, "It seems that Master Tortoise has not urinated to wake you up, you still want to Yes! That...would give me another water polo, big and big! I want to drown him and hold him!"

Lord Turtle naturally spoke to Zhao Yuande in the end, but what he said made Tian Qingzi's heart tremble.

Drowning is easy to understand, suffocating... he was suddenly scared!

If he was struck to death...Is he still face reincarnated?

I'm afraid...vomiting...

He imagined that he felt rolling in his abdomen and almost spit it out!

"You think it's big enough!" Zhao Yuande snapped a finger, and a large round water polo with a size of more than ten feet appeared in the void. The water polo was almost full of the entire channel, not to mention drowning Tianqingzi, I'm afraid everyone Can be drowned by this amount.

"I...I said it wouldn't work?" Tian Qingzi saw that the water polo finally collapsed, and he almost cried. "After I said it, you'll be happy for me!"

"No problem, as long as you tell it honestly, everything is easy to say!" Zhao Yuande replied.

"The beast bag is..." Tian Qingzi said honestly.

Zhao Yuande, as he said, found a small leather bag in his body world.

"It really is a good thing, there is a mysterious space inside, which is best for the survival of fairy beasts. This kind of baby is best given to that guy Zhou Fei!" Zhao Yuande thought of Zhou Fei and couldn't help but smile on his face.

He shook gently, and the only fairy in the space, the snapping turtle with its broken tail, fell out.


The snapping turtle growled angrily.

It was healing, was thrown out by everyone, and suddenly looked at Tian Qingzi very annoyed.

Only this time I felt something was wrong. I turned around and found that Zhao Yuande was smiling at the mirror.

With his wisdom, I knew at a glance that this guy must have subdued Tian Qingzi!


The snapping turtle roared towards Zhao Yuande and rushed to fight Zhao Yuande.

At this moment, it suddenly felt a powerful coercion coming from the other person's shoulder.

A fear from the depths of the soul made its body tremble.


His limbs involuntarily softened and fell directly to the ground.

"Your hybrid turtle, how dare you yell at Master Turtle so much, it's really unforgivable!" Master Turtle held his head and glanced at the snapping turtle with the afterglow of his eyes. There was a kind of disdain in his eyes.

"You... you are! You are not in the legend..." The snapping turtle looked at Zhao Yuande's shoulder with a trembling body. The slap-sized turtle turtle showed an incredible light in his eyes, followed by a burst of panic.

"Shut up!" Lord Turtle swept Zhao Yuande subconsciously, and found that the other party did not show the kind of looking eyes, and this was considered to be put down.

"Master Tortoise and the Lord will follow you from now on, and hope Master Tortoise will not be disappointed!" Snapping Turtle looked at Master Tortoise and couldn't help but think of the legend spread in the clan. It will make your own group rise again, maybe you can follow it besides...

"Your bloodline is mixed, there was no chance to follow me, but you are still loyal. I will help you get rid of the bloodline and let you return to the real body of the turtle." Lord Turtle is full of face The seriousness is really a bit of a posture of the ancestors of the turtle clan.

"Thank you!" Snapping turtles have lived for infinite years, and they are naturally monkey spirits. I know what the words of Lord Turtle represented just now!

Its status among the tortoises is indeed underground. It is because of its impure and impure blood that it will be looked down upon by some powerful tortoises, and it has been unable to advance on the realm.

In desperation, it can only come out to take luck, and as a result, Tian Qingzi surrendered!

How can it not grasp this opportunity now?

Zhao Yuande was also taking advantage of this opportunity to let Gu Linyue and Guo Rui rush to solve the disciples of Tian Qingzi, two Daotong, Wu Fei, and two Pantheon.

And handed over a dozen pieces of second and third grade Xianbao to them.

These things have no effect on him.

As soon as the other party included Gu Linyue, Guo Rui, and Song Ji, there were eleven people in total. No one picked a top grade Xianbao. Finally, there were a few left. They refused to ask for it!

He was also embarrassed to ask for it. It was all Zhao Yuande's spoils. They all had a great chance, but they should not be too greedy.

Zhao Yuande did not say much, put away a few pieces of Xianbao!

Everyone's face was full of excitement at this time. If they could follow behind Zhao Yuande, this trip would basically guarantee that there would be no surprises and no accidents.

Zhao Yuande's cultivation practice is unpredictable in their eyes. I am afraid that the early cultivation practice of the fairyland is just a guise, maybe the other party has already reached the fairyland, or even higher!