Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812: High Starting Point

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"That... kid! You put us all in that bag, I'm going to help him change his bloodline!" Lord Turtle turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"I say Master Turtle, I have my own name. Don't always call me that kid, I don't like your title!" Zhao Yuande looked at Master Turtle very uncomfortably.

"Then what do you want me to call you!" Lord Turtle is very alert, he feels that the other party is holding back the bad.

"Called the master!" Zhao Yuande said sternly.

"What! You are dreaming!" Lord Turtle has a very high tone.

"I never dream!" Zhao Yuande looked at Master Turtle with a smile, "I am not interested in your secrets, but what! If you want to stay by my side, you must listen to me! Sir, you don't suffer. !"


This time Lord Turtle did not speak, but Snapping Turtle was not happy!

A roar will rush towards Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande's big hand turned, and a huge palm print was shot from the void!


Snapping turtles are like two Daotongs, and their huge bodies are photographed directly into the ground.

The shells on his body made a crackling sound.

You should know that the ground of this tomb is made of solid stone. After hundreds of millions of years, it has not rotted, and it is still hard into the gold and iron. The big body of the snapping turtle was shot into the ground by Zhao Yuande. power!

Gu Linyue and others also felt a dry throat and couldn't help swallowing!

"Hey! I said...Must leave him a little life! Lord Turtle can rely on it to walk for me!" Lord Turtle also feels cold in his heart, this guy is really violent!

"Relax! I have a sense of size, it can't die!" Zhao Yuande said lightly, "Even if it is dead, I will give you a better one than it."

"You... make me embarrassed!" Lord Turtle showed a contemplative look for a long time, "It's not impossible to call you Master. can't treat me as your servant, I am Lord Turtle!" "

"It's okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded without hesitation, and said cheerfully, "I just listen to it, I think you think so!"

In fact, he just mentioned it casually, and did not really want the other party to recognize himself as the master.

Although the other party spoke with no boundaries and was not reliable, it was very arrogant!

"Master, please send us both in!" Master Turtle finally became soft, but an adult was added behind the master, which made people feel a little uncomfortable.

But Zhao Yuande didn't care about it! It can make Master Turtle soft and soft, but it is really unprecedented.

Zhao Yuande happily sent them into the beast bag.

"Several, let's go! Let's continue to explore forward!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Gu Linyue.

There was joy on the faces of the people, and the other party did not get rid of their meaning, which made their hearts settled.

This passage is long, and they walked for dozens of miles before they reached a turning point!

The dozens of passages all depict scenes of fairy demon wars, but the battle is fierce, but it is difficult to attract their attention.

No matter how fierce the fairy demon war is, it is only an internal battle in the fairy world, but the Pantheon is an invasion of foreign enemies!

Although the two realms of Immortals and Demon seem to be at peace with the Pantheon on the surface, they know that as long as the Pantheon has the tendency to invade the Immortal Realm, the two Realms will definitely join forces again.

The current fairy demon war is just a training ground, so that the young people of the two circles will continue to be strong in this battle in order to resist the invasion of the Pantheon one day.

After the bend, they found a huge tomb in front of them.

There are several passages leading to the surrounding of the tomb.

A huge vermilion coffin was placed in the tomb, and seven, forty-nine small coffins were placed around the huge coffin. These small coffins seemed to be placed in a special position, giving a very mysterious a feeling of.

There are four huge stone carvings around the coffin, including the green dragon, white tiger, suzaku, and Xuanwu. Among the four stone statues, the green dragon is the most grand and tall, and the most vivid, a pair of eyes even have a feeling of coming to life.

"'s terrible!" Gu Linyue felt the terror from the four stone statues, and she couldn't help looking slightly changed.

"They... they won't come back to life!" Guo Rui looked at the four stone statues with uncertainty, and even stopped breathing.

"Brother Jiang..." Song Ji looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes showing expectation.

"Not for the time being, but..." Zhao Yuande didn't say it, but he saw a group of people pouring into the passage opposite.

At one glance, Zhao Yuande saw a beautiful face, but it was an arrogant woman. As soon as this woman appeared, the whole catacombs shone brightly for a moment, and people couldn't help but feel excited.

At this time, this woman's pair of phoenix eyes fell on the stone statue of that blue dragon!

"Tian Ling Xuan Nu!" Gu Linyue saw this beautiful woman, her body suddenly shook, and lowered her head subconsciously.

The other party's brilliance made her feel ashamed.

"It's just a woman, Gu Linyue, you're just a little bit worse than her." Zhao Yuande saw Gu Linyue's complexion and couldn't help but slightly mention her.

"But her physique... her teacher..." Gu Linyue bit her lip, and there was a glimmer in her eyes.

"Hehe! Physique is indeed very important in the lower realm, but there are also many people who have achieved immortal emperors in the fairy world. The most important thing is that they can live longer and longer in the fierce fairy world! And her teachers are even more. Not worth mentioning, she is the same as your starting point in the fairy world! No... your starting point is higher than her, because you met me!" Zhao Yuande said with a smile on his face.

"What you said is true?" Gu Linyue looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

"It's true, you'll know when you're in fairyland soon!"

"Thank you! Brother Jiang!" Gu Linyue's eyes grabbed a bit of expectation, and the feeling of ashamedness disappeared!

At this time, Guo Rui and Song Ji and others were refreshed when they heard Zhao Yuande's words.

As Zhao Yuande said, everyone in Xianjie has a similar starting point, and the one who can live to the end is the real winner.

Through this passage of Zhao Yuande in everyone's mind, he had a general understanding of the fairy world, and his heart was full of desire for the fairy world.

When they were in the family of teachers, the teachers said similar things, but they didn't care at all!

These people are the best among the Zongmen family. Only in the twelve ascendant city did they find themselves just a member of all living beings. Sometimes they were even beaten up and not as good as ordinary practitioners.