Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1814

Chapter 1814: Zhang Jifeng

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At this time, Zhao Yuande's mouth showed a smile, and said to Gu Linyue around him: "Do you know the young man named Zhang?"

"That man... I'm familiar with it!" Gu Linyue looked at the young man in white and couldn't help but show his doubts on his face.

"He should have changed his appearance, but his name is Zhang Jifeng!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Zhang Jifeng! The grandson of my elder Emperor Jizong, how could this be possible!" Gu Linyue's eyes were full of incredible words, "He was accepted as a disciple by a mysterious strongman, and he should not be in the twelve ascendant city now!"

"Oh! That's right!" Zhao Yuande's mouth smiled indifferently, "I hate this kind of profitable person, I will let Lord Turtle repair and repair him!"

"This..." Gu Linyue thought of Tian Qingzi's tragic encounter just now, and couldn't help shivering!

A arrogant man of heaven, who was sprinkled alive by a little turtle... It shudders to think about it. If it is changed to himself, I am afraid that even if the other party spares himself, he has no face to live!

"Oh! Since everyone has this relationship, then I'm welcome! Now let's start exploring this tomb, Gu Linyue, you explore that direction, Zheng Hai, you explore that direction..." Wildness glanced at Tian Ling Xuan With a glance at the woman, the team of Gu Linyue was deliberately photographed in the direction of Tianling Xuannv.

"But..." Gu Linyue still wanted to say something, but Zhao Yuandela lived.

"Don't say more, I have everything!"

"Good!" Gu Linyue felt relieved, but still looked at Tianling Xuannv with some care, but her eyes finally fell on Zhang Jifeng's body.

"Does this woman recognize me?" Zhang Jifeng looked at Gu Linyue's eyes and couldn't help but frown slightly.

"Brother Zhang wouldn't say one set to another!" Tianling Xuannv looked at each other with a smile.

"Relax! As long as I don't get your benefits in one day, I won't do anything to betray you!" Zhang Jifeng shook his head.

"It's almost the same!" Tian Ling Xuan Nu had a charming smile on her face, "You said that Barbaric ignored us, but explored those coffins with such a big fan, what did he think in his heart?"

"This guy looks rude, in fact, he is as attentive and as deceitful as a fox, I can't guess him!" Zhang Jifeng shook his head gently, but finally said, "He should want us to explore together, and those emperors The most extreme person may be a sentiment sent by him!"

"That's good! We have also explored in the past!" Tian Ling Xuan Nu nodded, and she thought so.

She also arranged to divide the people into small teams, and began to explore the tomb.

"Everyone, don't worry! They will soon be in chaos!" Zhao Yuande saw the anxious look on Gu Linyue's faces, and could not help secretly telling them.

"How chaotic?" Gu Linyue didn't believe it!

"Look!" Zhao Yuande pointed forward.

They looked in the direction pointed by Zhao Yuande, and they found the statue of the green dragon, as if it came to life at once, and there was a flame of anger in the eyes.

"Roar! Dwarf mortals, you dare to destroy in the Tomb of the Immortal Emperor, I want to tear you all!" Qinglong stretched out his body and opened a blue to the nearest team of people. Shine.


That team of people was barbarous, swept by the blue light, and suddenly turned into a blue stone sculpture.

"This... what the **** is this! This blue dragon has the strength of an early fairy king!" The barbaric eyes widened, looking at this blue dragon inconceivably.

"Savage, don't hide, the three of us join forces together, or we might be destroyed by the whole army!" At this time, Zhang Jifeng made a decisive decision and rushed to the blue dragon first.

His strength is not even under the Heavenly Spirit Xuannv, and Xiu Wei has even entered the early stage of the fairy land!

"Okay! Let's join hands to kill this blue dragon, and then talk about how to divide up the things here!" The barbaric is also the second to rush to the blue dragon.

He knew that apart from the three of them joining forces, the only thing left was to escape!

Tianling Xuannv was able to get to this point, and naturally she could see the situation clearly, and she rushed up.

The fighting strength of the three men is extremely powerful, and they battled with Qinglong instantly.

The aftermath of their battle was too strong. It seemed like a huge storm was set off within a few thousand feet of the surrounding area. Several people did not evacuate in time. They were suddenly thrown out by the violent airflow, and the heavy impact was far away. On the wall of the tomb.

However, no matter how they fight, the tomb has been as stable as Mount Tai, and the coffins do not seem to be on the same plane as them. No matter how fierce their fighting is, the coffins are not affected at all.

Others did not pay attention to this situation, but Zhao Yuande set his sights on the coffins. He quietly explored with his soul and found that these coffins were all illusions, and the place they were in seemed to be a huge illusion!

This is not the tomb of the immortal emperor, or the burial place of the immortal emperor who is not the tomb of the immortal emperor, but an illusory illusion.

But that blue dragon actually exists!

"Everyone should not be too far away from me!" Zhao Yuande passed on to everyone.

He felt that the danger here did not stop at this blue dragon, as if there was still a powerful crisis.


Suddenly, the tranquility of the onlookers was broken, and all the illusory coffins exploded at once, and a black shadow rushed out of the coffin and rushed towards the crowd.


In an instant, someone was thrown on the body by the shadow, and the person's eyes turned red instantly, and the weapon in his hand attacked the person next to him!

Suddenly the scene was a mess!

There was a dark shadow rushing in the direction of Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande fell in love with it, and a powerful divine soul rushed out instantly, killing the dark shadow directly in front of everyone.

"This is a more terrible thing than a grudge, you must not be careless, they are permeable!" Zhao Yuande's face is dignified!

"It's the Wraith!" Gu Linyue had a certain degree of certainty in her heart at this time. She took out a stack of golden rune paper and gave it to everyone, "This is my Emperor Jizong's Divine Light Rune. Restrain this evil spirit!"

The crowd aroused the Divine Light Rune, and all of their foreheads suddenly lit up with a Divine Light.

The shadows flying in the air felt that these divine lights were all subconsciously hiding aside.

"Gu Linyue! I'm Zhang Jifeng, you haven't cast Shenguang Tianzhao to disperse these wraiths, otherwise you will all die in their hands!" Zhang Jifeng, the white-clothed young man, saw a divine light appear and suddenly thought of it Gu Linyue's identity can no longer cover up his identity and shouted.