Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1815

Chapter 1815: I Have A Strong Taste

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"Is it troublesome to show God's Light?" Zhao Yuande looked at Gu Linyue.

"I need to consume a lot of my blood. After the show, I am afraid that I will be weak for a while!" Gu Linyue said truthfully.

"Don't ignore him!" Zhao Yuande waved to Gu Linyue, "We have no obligation to save them!"

"But!" Gu Linyue looked at Zhang Jifeng.

"It's okay, as I said, I will let Lord Turtle give him some color to see!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Okay!" Gu Linyue was a little bit afraid of Zhang Jifeng. His strength is far above Tian Qingzi, and now he can almost fight the strong man of the fairy realm.

But Zhao Yuande's words reassured her a lot. She had a blind faith in Zhao Yuande and the little turtle.

"Gu Linyue! Guo Rui! Song Ji! Are you going to betray the Emperor Jizong!" Zhang Jifeng in the distant war saw Gu Linyue's motionlessness and suddenly burst out of his heart.

"Zhang Jifeng, did you make a mistake? The three of us are Huang Jizong's people, and you are really just an outsider!" Gu Linyue glanced at each other, and his eyes also showed anger. "You just didn't recognize us just now. When we are in danger, we will not help each other, but now it is better to let us take action, when we are all fools?"

"Who knows if you are Zhang Jifeng, maybe you are just a fake, we will not be so stupid!" Guo Rui also said coldly.

"Don't pay attention to him, he is not a person of our imperial sect, there is no place for him to speak!" Song Ji was also indifferent.

They originally admired Zhang Jifeng very much. This talent is the most talented person in the Emperor Jizong, but they did not develop in the Emperor Jizong, but recognized a strong man as a master and followed this strong man. By his side, he left Huang Jizong.

Unexpectedly, when I saw him today, he turned so cold and so ruthless. The worship in their hearts had long turned into resentment and disdain!

"Humph! You three traitors, you see what this is!" Zhang Jifeng smiled angrily, took out a token and threw it to three people.

As soon as the token appeared, the three men's complexions changed suddenly, and they became very ugly.

Because the token represents the deputy suzerain, which shows that Zhang Yifeng's identity turned out to be the deputy suzerain of the imperial sect!

Even more chilling for them, as the deputy suzerain saw the disciples in the sect's distress but ignored it, which made them feel cold.

However, the time they spent in the Emperor Jizong was too long, and they had already regarded the command of the teacher as a subconscious.

Zhao Yuande knew that he was wrong when he saw the expressions of the three people. This token must represent a lofty position among the emperors.

He didn't do anything twice, he held the token in his hand with one hand, and then spit out the strength in his palm, and the jade token suddenly turned into powder.

"What token? I didn't see any token, it was just a piece of dust!" Zhao Yuande stretched out his palm and suddenly a piece of jade powder fell down.

"Have you seen any tokens?" Zhao Yuande turned to look at the three people again.

"No! We didn't see anything!" The three of them expressed gratitude to Zhao Yuande. Without Zhao Yuande's move, the three would probably do a lot of things against their hearts!

"Good! I must sue the matter to the ancestors. I will make the three of you infamous and be swept away!" Zhang Jifeng looked at Zhao Yuande angrily, but at this time he could only make cruel words.

"They are about to enter Immortal Realm, and among the forces of Immortal Realm, unless the head of the Emperor Jizong Sect is crazy, he will never listen to you talking nonsense!" Zhao Yuande mocked.

"You... who the **** are you!" Zhang Jifeng stared at Zhao Yuande fiercely. Today's events are all destroyed by this unknown little person. He has lost his reason again and again. Now he just wants Slap Zhao Yuande to death.

"Who am I? You don't want to know!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly and waved his hand. A huge turtle appeared in front of him. There was a slap-sized turtle on his head. Zhao Yuande was a little surprised, but Soon a smile appeared on his face again, "Master Turtle, there is a business coming again!"

"Master, Lord!" Lord Turtle looked proudly at Zhao Yuande, "You first look at my mount!"

"Well! Not bad!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the huge turtle and came to the turtle's back with a light jump!

The tortoise shook and almost shook the turtle turtle above him.

It was the snapping turtle. I just remembered that Zhao Yuande slapped himself into the ground with a slap, and he almost collapsed to the ground!

"This turtle! At the very least are the fighting power of the late fairyland!" Zhang Jifeng not far away saw the appearance of the head turtle, and he was shocked.

No wonder this guy can be so indifferent, it turns out that there are still backers, such a powerful turtle should be able to resist characters like himself.

But if the three of them solved the blue dragon for a while, the turtle was just a piece of cake.

"Master Turtle, you are good! You can turn a **** snapping turtle into a pure-blooded turtle, but you are sure of his current combat effectiveness..." Zhao Yuande looked at the snarling turtle with his head Adults, can't help but show doubts.

"Master, you can rest assured, you will know my handwriting in a moment!" Lord Turtle held his head up, his expression was gone!

"This time there are three, you have a good look, if you can't solve it, don't force it!" Zhao Yuande intentionally stimulated.

"Isn't the problem that Master Turtle can't solve, isn't it the three little thieves? After a while, you see Master Turtle **** their faces!" Color.

"Do you need to prepare some water for you first?" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Oh! Lord Master is really considerate, but this time I want sea water, I have a strong taste!" Lord Turtle nodded with satisfaction, but he made his own request!

"Meet you!" Zhao Yuande grabbed his hand, grabbed a ball of water from the inner world and sent it to Lord Turtle.

"Well! The taste is just right, not bad!" Lord Turtle plunged his head into the water polo and began to drink water.

Gu Linyue saw the appearance of Lord Turtle, and remembered that Tian Qingzi's grief came to an end soon, and she couldn't restrain her mouth and smiled.

Zhang Jifeng, savage, and the three celestial mysterious girls became powerful, and naturally heard the words of Master Turtle.

An angry expression appeared on their faces. They thought it was Zhao Yuande who deliberately humiliated them by this little turtle and tried to distract them!