Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1817

Chapter 1817: Yangmou

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"Okay! You will rescue the group of disciples in a moment, and I will slaughter the kid and the abominable tortoise!" When the word tortoise was said, the barbaric could not help but grind his teeth.

"Hiccups...barbarians! I warn you to call me Lord Turtle! I am not a turtle!" Lord Turtle corrected with a hiccup, "Also, please hurry up, otherwise I will be covered in rain and dew. It cant be done!"

"I am..." The savage first Buddha was born and the second Buddha ascended to heaven, only to spread endless anger on Qinglong's body.

Finally Qinglong couldn't bear the attack of the barbaric bully, and was finally smashed by his punch, and the debris fell all over the ground!

Just at the moment when the Blue Dragon shattered, the entire tomb shook, and a faint click was heard.

Zhao Yuande heard this slight change and couldn't help but frown slightly, but then he opened his eyes and turned his eyes to the only remaining coffin, revealing his color.

But at this time, others didn't notice all this, especially the barbarism, which almost blew their lungs.

"Roar! Your death time is up!" The barbaric roared and rushed towards Zhao Yuande, showing cold killing in his eyes. "Do you want to rely on that turtle to block me? Your abacus fights Wrong, the tortoise is too slow to stop me at all, I will solve the two of you with one punch!"

The golden light of his fist was shining brightly, as if a huge sun had fallen from the void, trying to wipe out the entire beginning.

"Is it?" Zhao Yuande took a step forward at this time and greeted him without hesitation.

The stars in his body were shining brightly, and he felt the savage power, so he did not underestimate the enemy, but directly turned on four stars!

"This... is this guy going to take the initiative to seek death?" Zhang Jifeng couldn't help but look weird when he saw this scene. There was an uneasiness in his heart at this time.

Has this man always been a pig and a tiger, maybe he really has the strength to fight against barbarism?

With the same idea, there is also Tianling Xuannv. Her eyes are full of shock. She keenly feels that the fist that Zhao Yuande ushered in contains a terrifying power, even if you want this power. Taboo three points.

"Finally, I want to see Brother Jiang's true strength!" Guo Rui was a little excited, clenching his fists tightly.

"Brother Jiang is not a master of kendo? Why use fists again now?" Song Ji was a little puzzled. He heard Zhao Yuande talk about kendo that day, and immediately classified it as a first-class sword fairy.

"Do you think he can take this punch?" Gu Linyue was beating in the heart at this time, but this punch was pinning her infinite hope!

"Hey! You are too young to look at Master, Master Turtle thinks he hasn't used his strength!" Master Turtle drove the giant turtle under him and also came together and looked at Zhao Yuande excitedly.

Everyone listened to its weird title, and could not help but twitch slightly, Master! I don't know what is in your turtle's head...

"Master Tortoise! How much power do you think he used?" the giant turtle underneath asked at this moment.

"You guy, he slapped him with a slap!" Lord Turtle looked down at the giant tortoise with contempt. "If Lord Turtle knows this in detail, it would have become a roundworm in this guy's stomach. Now!"

"What are roundworms?" the giant turtle asked puzzled. "What level of fairy beast!"

" ask what these do, and you can't tell clearly, shut up, you!" Lord Turtle thought he seemed to be missing his mouth, and stomped his feet in a hurry.

"Yes! Lord Turtle!" The giant tortoise had seen the strength of Lord Turtle, and it had been worshipped to the extreme. It has now become its faithful mount and servant. Mouth closed.


The fists of the two finally slammed together.

There was a hurricane suddenly in the field, the golden lights overflowed, and the rumbling echo sounded like thunder.

A figure wrapped in golden light took a few steps back and forth in the void, the golden light shattered, it was barbaric!

He looked at the corner of his mouth slightly in amazement, with a slight smile to Zhao Yuande, the shock in his chest was beyond words.

"You... who... who are you?" The barbarian gritted his teeth, his face awful.

"My name is Jiang Yilin!" Zhao Yuande walked step by step in the void with a light smile, constantly approaching the wildness not far away!

"Good! Good! So powerful!" Guo Rui almost jumped with excitement.

"Is this his real strength?" Song Ji said a bit stupidly. "Could his sword be more powerful?"

"Huh!" Gu Linyue exhaled for a long time. She knew that she was in her early days, maybe as the other party said, he really came from Immortal Realm, and really belonged to a big part of Immortal Realm. Power, I really don't have to worry about Zhang Jifeng's threat.

Although other people were shocked, they did not reach the state of three people. Their vision and knowledge were not as good as that of three people.

"Qua! How about it, Master Turtle said it's right!" Master Turtle laughed loudly and shouted at the barbarian on the opposite side. "Barbarian, if he hits him, he will call, call..."

"I killed you!" The barbaric roared with anger, and even wanted to rush over Zhao Yuande to attack Lord Turtle.

But how did Zhao Yuande let him succeed, his figure was faster than the barbarity, and he intercepted it easily.


The two continued to collide violently, and the entire tomb of the emperor was shaking!

The barbarian felt a strong pressure. Every time he collided with the opponent, he felt that the blood in his body was tumbling you, and his hands with gloves were shaking.

He couldn't understand that the other party clearly only had the early cultivation practices of Xianren Realm, why the power would be so powerful, and why he couldn't get the upper hand wearing Sipin Xianbao gloves!

If he knew that Zhao Yuande was probably using only one-tenth of his strength now, he might even breathe blood directly!

The battle between the two you come and go, after hundreds of confrontations, the barbarian finally felt a little out of hand.

"Zhang Jifeng! Celestial mystery girl, do you just look at it like that? It's just to help! If these people alone face him, no one is his opponent! Besides, they still have a powerful tortoise that didn't start!" Really helpless, can only ask for help.

As the abominable turtle said, this is a conspiracy, and you will die if you don't call a helper!

Tian Ling Xuan Nu and Zhang Jifeng glanced at each other.