Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1819

Chapter 1819: Break Through

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"Cough!" Lord Turtle sighed proudly, "I told you before, don't look down on Lord Turtle, especially you, it makes Lord Turtle uncomfortable!"

Lord Turtle's small paw pointed at the barbaric, and said fiercely: "As Lord Turtle has said before, I will give you double punishment! I changed Yulu Junzhang's plan, which is now called "two-one-plus-five-plan", I The punishment will be divided equally into two, one will focus on you, the barbarian, and the other will be divided into two equal parts again, you two guys will each share one!"

"Oh! But this is too much test for Master Turtle's control, I have to calculate it wait a minute, don't worry!" Master Turtle frowned, how to divide it evenly, became one of its hearts problem.

The three are confused!

What punishment? Can it be divided into two equal parts, is it funny?

"Huh! Turtle! Can you think of any way to torture us, though come on! I don't call it barbaric when I frown!" Barbaric looked at Master Turtle coldly, provocatively.

"Dare you call me Turtle! I'm Lord Turtle! Lord Turtle knows? Oh! Forget it! What is the average distribution, Lord Turtle wants to let go of your mind, just give you a little more!" Lord Turtle Was irritated by the other party's turtle, pointing furiously to the barbaric.

"Hey!" The barbarian suddenly grinned and saw a low sneer when he saw the torment of the turtle's popularity.

But when he grinned, he suddenly felt a warm current falling from the sky, and he fell into his mouth impartially, and his taste buds were filled with the salty smell of the sea tide!

"Wow!" When the barbarian saw the source of the liquid, he suddenly felt his stomach roll, and his mouth began to vomit.

But at this time he felt a warm breath coming out...

The barbarians finally knew what the punishment was!

He finally remembered what the abominable tortoise had said at first, and he knew what it meant to pee on your face!

Knowing why the other party summoned a big water polo ball, he is... how come he has a face to see someone!

Tian Ling Xuan Nu and Zhang Jifeng were stunned when they saw this scene. In front of so many people, a turtle was pouring their faces with urine. What a sour experience!

But then they started struggling violently, struggling violently!

Gu Linyue and their group have already seen the unparalleled style of Master Turtle. Once again, they didnt feel anything. They were very excited to watch the three guys standing high on weekdays screaming in fright, feeling very refreshed.

But at this time it was barbaric. The group of Tenling Xuannv and Zhang Jifeng were almost in place at this time. They couldnt believe their eyes!

How could there be such a bad person, how could there be such a wonderful turtle!

"You... you will be retaliated!" Tian Ling Xuan Nu felt the warm breath on her face, shouting hysterically, she dared not open her eyes, fearing that she would go crazy when she saw this scene, but this Shouting that liquid grunt all flowed into her mouth.

"Wow wow!" Tian Ling Xuan Nu finally couldn't bear this torment, and began to spit out mad.

Zhang Jifeng kept his mouth closed and his eyes closed, he was trying to suppress the sense of humiliation in his heart!

He wants to use this sense of humiliation to break through his limits, he wants to take this opportunity to promote the middle of the fairyland!

The master he followed was a strong man who constantly sought breakthroughs from failure. He was defeated again and again, and he climbed up and down again and again, thus creating his own cultivation methods and creating his own. myth!

He was originally a peerless genius, and he was invincible in his peers in the Imperial Sect. As a result, he was easily defeated by a man named Zhang Fan in an accidental opportunity.

He suddenly turned into a waste from a peerless genius. His grandfather, Emperor Jizong's great elder, brought him to his present master.

He gradually came out of failure, and failed again and again in the challenge with Zhang Fan, and climbed out of failure again and again.

Now he has encountered such a problem again. He feels that as long as he can use this opportunity to break through the limits, he will definitely be able to defeat the person in front of him, and then he will set foot on a peak, and even be able to defeat Zhang Fan, the biggest enemy in his imagination. .

"Haha! Master Turtle is really brilliant and clever. This time, although your rain and dew plans are all failed, but the plan of adding two to one five is a perfect success!" Master Turtle shook his body excitedly, shaking the last drop... shaking Falling on the savage face, contentedly, dangling back to the giant turtle's head!

"Ah! It's so cool!" Lord Turtle squinted her eyes to reminisce about the trembling pleasure just now, and she couldn't help but get drunk!

Zhao Yuande looked at Master Turtle a little speechlessly. Is this guy psychopathic?

Is it really just a turtle?

At this time, the barbarians and heavenly mysteries all lay desperate on the ground, their faces pale and bloodless.

They cannot bear such humiliation in their hearts, and they have begun to collapse!

However, Zhang Jifeng felt that a huge force was being generated in his body at this time, as if a huge vortex swept through every place in his body.


Zhang Jifeng heard a loud noise coming from his body. It was at this moment that he really broke through and broke through the middle of the fairyland!

He felt that his fighting power was already able to contend with the power of the fairy realm at this time!


There was another soft sound, and the Xiu Yu, restrained by Zhao Yuande in his body, also recovered at this time.

"Haha! Haha! Boy, it seems that I want to thank you! Without your humiliation, I can't break through the realm in such a short time!" Zhang Jifeng laughed wildly, looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes Full of fierce and fierce!

"You are really lucky!" Zhao Yuande also had to admire each other, and he was able to successfully break through the realm under the urine of Lord Turtle. This has to be a miracle!

"Huh! Although you have helped me indirectly, but your approach has brought disaster to you. Although I want to thank you, but you hurt my companion, I still want to..." Zhang Jifeng did not expect Even more, once he broke through the realm, this person's brain became excited, and a person who didn't like to talk too much also became chattering.

"Have you finished? I think you are annoying!" Zhao Yuande frowned and looked at each other!