Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 182

Chapter 182: You Are Too Vengeful

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The ancestors of Kongshan Dao dont look a bit lifeless, but there are many disciples. There are hundreds of disciples of the third generation, 18 of the second generation of uncles, and three of the ancestors of the ancestor. The realm of the sixfold realm of heaven.

Their first task is to identify all the gatekeepers under control, and then issue a killing order one by one to the uncontrolled gatekeepers. As soon as the signal sounds, the gatekeepers under control must be slaughtered!

Fortunately, it takes a lot of energy to control the strong, so the ancestors of the two King Realms were not controlled. Twelve of the second generation were also free, which made this plan possible.

Because Gudang Demon King was re-sealed, it was no longer possible to escape from the soul of the gods in three shifts, and there might not be doubts if the Shadow Shadow Sect did not appear in one day, but they could definitely guess what was going on after two days and three days. It is very possible to take action to break the net.

So after the first step was completed, they quickly launched the second step.

There was a news soon in the empty mountain Taoist sect. Houshan suddenly lit up a black light. Someone saw a young man coming out of a big crack, and the young man's body was immersed in black light, as if the devil descended.

Many disciples of the Kongshan Daozong heard the wind and gathered towards Houshan, and many strong men arrived.

They really found a tall figure facing away from the crowd, hunted in black all over the body, holding a black skull in his hand, a black mist burst out of the skull, and a powerful dark force echoed in the field.

"Who are you? Why appeared in my empty mountain Taoist sect!"

Suddenly someone boldly asked the voice.

"Hum! Kongshan Daozong, Kongshan old man's dojo?" Dark Shadow's voice was low, like the demon king who came out of the Nine Ghost Demon Realm, "Hey! Since the monarch came out, this place will soon be razed to the ground!"

"You're bold! You slandered my ancestor so much! I killed you!" A second-generation strong man shook his body and rushed towards the shadow.

"Brother! Don't be impulsive!" Wen Kaidao also came here at this time. When he saw a brother rushing up, he suddenly shouted to pull him, but it was too late!


Black Shadow didn't turn around, but his body shook slightly, letting the strong man's attack fall on him.

The second-generation strongman exploded his arms, his body flew out, and the facial features sprayed blood at the same time, and he couldn't live!

"You... you killed Brother Wen Luan! I fight with you!" Wen Kaidao rushed to the crown in rage, the sword in his hand shook, and a bright Shenhua lighted up, slashing towards Zhao Yuande.

"Carved insect tricks!" The photo still didn't turn around. He lifted his right hand, and the sky was lined with a black awn, breaking the sky directly, and the terrible power continued to rumble, directly hitting Wen Kaidao's chest.

"Poof!" Wen Kaidao said, falling like a meteor into the ground, smashing the whole ground into a pit that is several feet deep!

"You...we fight with you!" Almost half of the disciples of Kongshan Daozong withdrew their weapons and rushed towards the shadow.

A grin appeared on the faces of the remaining disciples.

"No... don't be impulsive!"

Two figures appeared in front of the crowd, and one of the white beards appeared in the field, blocking these impulsive disciples.

Another old man in gray clothes snatched Wen Kai out of the deep pit. At this time, Wen Kai was silent!

"Ah... **** Gudang old thief, even if I fight this old life, I will die with you!" The old man in gray saw Wen Kai's state, and could not help but roar with anger!

"Fight! Revenge for the suzerain!"

"Big deal! I can't live like this!"

"To die together, I don't have a gangster in Kongshan Daozong!"

The disciples around were excited and waved the sword in their hands, so they rushed up.

"Slow down! Have you forgotten one thing, your master is still in my hands!" An old lady in black all over the body came out slowly, and the old lady was holding a thin old man with a thin trunk, and Behind her are three masked men in the same black suit.

"Grandma Devil! You as a world powerhouse, it's so mean to do this!" Whitebeard looked at the old man in the old woman's hands coldly, his eyes showing endless anger.

"If you want Old Man Shi to live, you can be honest with Grandma Ben!" The old lady in black stepped forward, standing not far from the figure, bowing slightly, "Did you really escape?"

"Humph! Why did you not kneel down!" The figure shook, and a terrible coercion overwhelmed the old lady in black.

"Have seen the devil!" The old lady in black only felt that there was a terrible **** standing on the opposite side, so that he could not bear a little resistance!

Several people in black behind her also hurriedly prostrate to the ground, kowtowing, saying that the true monarch will never perish!

Although this is somewhat different from the legendary Gudang Demon King, but Gudang Demon King was sealed for some time, just after getting out of trouble, it is normal for the forces not to fully recover!

"It's almost the same!" The voice reached out and grasped the feeling of the old woman's hand. "Although this old guy is older, he is still a strong man in the world, and it will be my first food out of trouble!"

Old lady, how dare you refuse, hand the old Taoist respectfully!

"Haha! Sure enough, it was Old Man Shi! You have today!" Black Shadow suddenly laughed aside, haha laughed!

"Kill me!" Suddenly, Wen Kaidao, who had died there, snarled, soared into the sky, and stabbed towards Wensheng Tao, not far away!

How could the sneering Wensheng Dao expect the elbows and armpits to become metamorphosis, and he had not been awake from this transformation for a time, was pierced by a sword with his eyebrows, and the powerful force directly destroyed his soul and made him die simply neat.

Wen Kaidao shouted loudly, and all the disciples of the Kongshan Dao Sect who had drawn out their weapons suddenly moved towards their companions not far away. At the same time, the entire Houshan became a slaughterhouse. Under this elaborate arrangement No one under control can escape the fate of death.

"You... who the **** are you!" The old woman looked extremely ugly. She wanted to stand up, but found that her body seemed to be suppressed by a mountain, and she couldn't move at all.

And the three people behind her wanted to rush up to rescue at this time, but they didn't know where to rush out the three white-beard fluttering old men who easily stopped them.

The three old men went out to the same gate and set up a peculiar formation. They quickly put the three men in black into the formation and finally captured them alive.

"Haha! Old man Shi, you pretend to look at the elders in front of the old man!" A familiar voice sounded, this figure turned to be an empty master. He smiled ridiculously at the old Taoist who was gradually recovering in front of him!

"Cough! Clear" The old Taoist gradually recovered some anger and shook his head without crying, "You are too vengeful!"

"Huh! The Chief Dao saved you today, don't thank me, as long as you don't have to be my ancestor in front of me in the future!" Jingkong still does not depend on it, it seems that he and this Kongshan Daozong really have this deep source. .

"Good! I promise you not?" The old Taoist felt that he was really defeated by him, "I would like to thank you anyway today and saved us from the empty mountain Daozong!"

"Okay, don't thank me, let's thank this little brother! He is your savior and benefactor of the Kongzong Daozong!" Jingkong took Zhao Yuandela not far away.

"This... what's going on?"