Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1820

Chapter 1820: Sun Family

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"You... you are looking for death!" Zhang Jifeng had a big hand, and the terrifying ghost claws squeezed out of the void, grabbing at Zhao Yuande.

The ghost claws are not big, but the size of the circle is only three or four feet, but when you look closely at the ghost claws, they are composed of the ghosts on the head, and a screaming ghost scream is passed from it, which is breathtaking.

"This is... Jiuyin ghost claw! He is a disciple of Jiuyin old monster! This ghost claw has at least killed thousands of cultivators, which is really cruel!" Gu Linyue saw this ghost claw suddenly His face changed greatly.

"What! Didn't the Jiuyin monster be killed by the ancestor? Why would he become Zhang Jifeng's disciple again, is the elder elder and the Jiuying elder collaborate?" Song Ji's eyes were full of anger!

"Many of our predecessors of Huang Jizong died in the hands of Jiuyin old monster, this guy is the traitor of Huang Jizong, we must kill him! Kill him!" Guo Rui's face was full of anger, holding If he does not know that he is not the opponent of this person, he will definitely rush to fight the opponent!

"You will get what you want!" Zhao Yuande turned his head and smiled at the three of them, "I will put him in your hands, and then you can do whatever you want!"

"Really..." Gu Linyue looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. The other party was too confident.

"Be careful!" At this moment, someone exclaimed, because the huge ghost claw had already fallen on Zhao Yuande's head.

A terrible ghost roar passed from the ghost claws, making people's hearts burst of hair.


Suddenly, the stars in Zhao Yuande's body were shining brightly. At this moment, the five stars in his body were in full bloom, and a force that destroyed the earth exploded with the five stars, and was transported into his limbs!

He slapped at the ghost claw.


A clear sound came.

Ghost claws are broken!

Just now Zhang was very mad, proud, and did not know whether his surname is Zhang or Wang, and he felt an irresistible force of terror passed on to him all at once.

A crackling sound came from his bones. The whole person flew to the distance like a pool of mud, hitting **** the wall of the sturdy tomb, and then sliding down!


Everyone took a breath, and they looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, with a terrified light in their eyes.

Even Gu Linyue, who always thought that Zhao Yuande was very powerful, was stunned!

He felt the confidence of Zhao Yuande just now, and probably guessed that Zhao Yuande should be able to defeat the other party, but it was not so relaxed and comfortable!

It seems simpler than shooting a fly!

But the flies can still buzz and fly, but this guy just sent it directly to the door and landed directly on the fly swatter!

The barbarity originally had a hint of hope on the other party, but when he saw this scene, he suddenly felt cold and cold!

Who the **** is this guy and why is it so powerful!

"Gu Linyue, that guy is yours!" Zhao Yuande clapped his hands, as if disgusting his hands, and then pointed to Zhang Jifeng lying on the ground like a mud in the distance.

"Damn something!" Guo Ruihu roared and rushed straight over to put Zhang Jifeng in his hand.

Those celestial mysteries and barbaric men looked at Guo Rui with terrified faces at this time, and they dared not stop him by giving them a thousand guts.

"Sister, how to deal with him!" Guo Rui threw Zhang Jifeng to the ground and looked at Gu Linyue.

"This traitor destroyed his body and took away the soul. One day we returned to the sect, and we will take it back to expose the elder's conspiracy!" Gu Linyue said coldly.

"Good!" Guo Rui will step on Zhang Jifeng's head.

As long as I stepped on it, Zhang Jifeng was finished, and the knowledge of the sea was broken, leaving only the soul wandering!

"Gentlemen! Can you give the old man some face and spare him this time!" At this moment, the figure of an old man slowly walked out of the void.

His eyes turned to Zhao Yuande, and there was a faint expression in his eyes.

Seeing this old man appearing wildly, Tian Ling Xuan Nu and the desperate helpless Zhang Jifeng lying on the ground all had their eyes lit up at once.

"Oh! I don't know if this senior has a high surname!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand at will.

"Old man Sun Kang! An elder in the Baihezhou Sun family!" The old man gently stroked his beard, a slight sense of superiority appeared on his face.

"Oh! Sun family, what a coincidence!" Zhao Yuande smiled, thinking of this guy Sun Yang.

"Why? Do you know my Sun's family?" The old man looked up and down at this young man. Although his combat effectiveness surprised him, he did not think that the other party would know the Sun family. The other party might just happen to have heard of the Sun family. !

"Oh! The Sun family is very familiar to me. I don't know if the elders know Sun Yang? The food court?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a light smile. He said this to him.

"Sun Yang! Young Master!" The old man's complexion suddenly became dignified. How did the other party know the name?

Although there are geniuses in the fairy world to participate in the trial, but it is totally not a route with the group of people in the lower realm, it is almost impossible to meet!

Moreover, the young master did not even come to participate in this trial. How did the other party know the young master's name?

"Hehe! It seems that you know!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, "Since we are not outsiders anymore, just give me face and these three people you have no right to see it!"

"This..." Although the other party knew the young master's name, it was not enough to convince him that the relationship between the other party and the young master was all a genius that the Sun family valued. Weaker than the young master, if all died here, how would you explain to the family!

But he sent all the materials of these three people to the fairy world through special channels!

"It seems that you are not an important person in the Sun's family!" Zhao Yuande sighed. He obviously had not heard of the food court, and naturally he could not think of himself.

"You... what nonsense, the old man is the elder of Sun's parents, who manages the problem of genius recruitment in the Twelve Immortals City, how could he not be an important person in the Sun's family!" The old man was a little ashamed.

He is indeed not an important person in the Sun family, but a little unrespected elder. He is prepared to take this opportunity to establish a relationship with these three geniuses. If these three geniuses can make a difference in the Sun family in the future , So he can get a little bit of benefit!

"Okay! Didn't the Zhumo tell you my identity?" Zhao Yuande looked sullen. His position in the Sun's family was already comparable to that of an immortal emperor. Even the Zhumo Immortal Emperor should treat him respectfully!