Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1821

Chapter 1821: You Can Only Die

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"Zhu...Zhumo Xiandi ancestor!" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande dumbfounded, his face showing an incredible expression.

The other party even knew that Zhumo Xiandi had no respect for it.

"You... who the **** are you?" the old man asked cautiously.

"My surname is Zhao!" Zhao Yuande answered lightly!

" are Zhao Yuande's son Zhao!" The old man remembered it immediately. A message from the family a few days ago, a young man named Zhao Yuande might enter the twelve ascendant city!

"Hey! I'm exhausted! It's not enough to keep mysterious!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Go! Don't delay my good things here!"

"Oh! Since such a small one does not disturb the son's Yaxing, please feel free to son!" The old man wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

This young master's brother, more importantly, the background of the family is simply unimaginable. It is the disciple of Zhang Ling, who has recently risen to the heavens. Those who serve it are the best candidates for the palace lord of the Lower Boundary of the Eight Scenic Palaces.

Not to mention him, even the head of the Sun family must have a good relationship with others. If they dont know whats wrong, they dont know how they died!

"Go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, chasing flies like impatience.

The old man is indeed like being forgiven, and he will leave immediately after a flash of his figure!

"Senior! Help, I agree with all your conditions!" Tian Ling Xuan Nu looked at the strong man and turned to leave, suddenly anxious!

"Forget it! The old man can't keep you, you still ask for more blessings!" The old man hurried back, his figure disappeared into the void in an instant.

"This..." Although Tian Ling Xuan Nu did not hear the conversation between the two, he could see from the old man's face that he seemed to be very afraid of Zhao Yuande and was very afraid of Zhao Yuande.

what is happening? The other party is the elder of the Sun family in the fairy world, a strong man in the fairy world, why is this person afraid and afraid?

Does he have a strong background?

He seems to be surnamed Jiang, Jiang family... There is also a family in the fairy world, although not as good as the Sun family, but it is also a super family. Is this person a young master of the Jiang family?

"Brother Jiang spares his life! As long as Brother Jiang spares me, I will listen to Brother Jiang's everything!" Thinking of Tianling Xuannv no longer daring to hesitate, he immediately fell to his knees and started to beg for mercy.

Although they were humiliated today, it is better to be alive than to die. Life is so long and it will be over. Who will remember this scene hundreds of years later? So she feels better alive than dead!

Her coat was loosened originally, and her collar was wide open. A large piece of white flowers on her chest came out when she knelt down, which made people dazzled.

Since Lord Turtle joined, Zhao Yuande feels that killing is not the only way to solve the problem. Some enemies just need to let the Turtle Turtles like this trample first and then give them the punishment they deserve!

For example, this guy Zhang Jifeng!

But when he met Tianling Xuannv, kneeling and begging for mercy, and the spring light was pleasant, he was instantly dazzled, and he was unsure!

Although the other party had a killing opportunity for himself and his life, he really didn't do it. Although he intentionally united the barbarism to harm himself and others, he did not succeed. It is reasonable that the other party must not die.

Of course, the other party didn't know what to do, he must be killing and then quickly, but in this case, is he killing or letting go?

The most important thing is that this is the captive of Lord Turtle, and you still have to listen to its opinions.

"Master Turtle! Do you think it is better to let them go, or slaughter?" Zhao Yuande turned his head to Master Turtle.

"I care about him! After Master Turtle is cool, let them live or die!" Master Turtle is still in the aftertaste at this time. This time was interrupted by Zhao Yuande, and he was a little unhappy, and his eyes swept. After three people, they finally fell on the body of Heavenly Spirit Xuannv. I didnt know what I thought of, and my eyes lit up, "Why dont you let this mother wash away in vain? Wait until the next time, Lord Turtle, is interested, and then Give her the last time?"

"No!" Tian Ling Xuan Nu was terrified and almost collapsed to the ground, but there was a vicious light flashing in her eyes, which was a kind of unforgettable hatred!

"Hey! Really don't know the goods! Master Turtle is still urinating, it's very good!" Master Turtle said very unhappy.

"Okay, then kill it!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other party.

"No..." Tian Ling Xuan Nu screamed and rushed over, wanting to take Zhao Yuande's leg, she didn't want to die anyway.

"Dead!" Since Zhao Yuande has decided, he will not be soft-hearted, and countless strong men die in his hands!


Tian Ling Xuan Nu was kicked out by a big foot, and her body exploded into a blood mist in mid-air.

Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, and a beautiful woman who was all over the city was killed by him mercilessly. What a shame!

But at the same time they all have fears, this kind of woman can handle it, this person is definitely a decisive and fierce person.

In fact, Zhao Yuande doesn't think he is decisive and fierce. He just follows a principle that people don't commit me, I don't commit people, and if people commit me, we cut the grass!

Of course, if Tian Ling Xuan Nu had no trace of resentment in her eyes, Zhao Yuande might have spared her.

This kind of person does not actually threaten Zhao Yuande. In these twelve ascendant cities, only two people can pose a threat to him, one is Zhang Fan, the other is the charm of controlling the endless black prison.

Zhao Yuande turned his gaze to the last person. The barbarity was still very tough at this time. He stared at Zhao Yuande with despair, but he did not give in.

"Kill Lao Tzu! Lao Tzu's face is alive anyway!" The barbaric growled.

"Hey! I actually want to spare you, but I can't find a reason to spare you, and even if I spare you, you won't be grateful to me, so you can only die!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, eyes No feelings at all.

"Guo Rui, Song Ji, this guy has given you!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to the two.

Their eyes lit up, and they rushed excitedly to drag the barbarian away.

Zhao Yuande meant that they understood that the things on the barbarians also belonged to them!

"The rest, let's go!" Zhao Yuande looked at the testers who followed behind the barbarians. There may be barbarians among them, but he could not kill them all.

And even if they are hostile to themselves, they are nothing but small roles that do not pose a threat to themselves at all.