Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1822

Chapter 1822: Tree Monster

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These people looked at Zhao Yuande, first they were a little unbelievable. They thought they would die, but they didn't expect the other party to let them go.

"Hurry up, I might change my mind later!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.


If everyone is forgiven, turn around and run away.

In an instant, only Zhao Yuande and them were left in the tomb.

"Let everyone clean the battlefield! The treasures found are yours!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone.

"Thank you Brother Jiang!" Everyone showed excitement in their eyes, and all rushed out.

Soon everyone came back with full load. The treasure they obtained this time was enough to support the operation of a small sect. It was a fortune.

However, Zhao Yuande does know that although these things are very precious in the lower realm, they are of little use in the fairy realm. Except those fairy treasures, the remaining materials are basically ordinary goods.

"In this tomb, only this coffin is left. I don't know what's in it?" Guo Rui leaned up and set his eyes on the coffin.

"This is not a fairy coffin, but a fake coffin." Zhao Yuande's eyes flickered.

At the moment when Qinglong was smashed, Zhao Yuande felt a violent shock between heaven and earth, as if a click sounded from the coffin.

"This... how is it possible! Isn't this the Tomb of the Immortal Emperor?" Gu Linyue looked at the coffin with golden light in her eyes, "Hey, it's empty!"

"Yes, it should be a passage to the tomb of the real fairy emperor!" Zhao Yuande nodded and strode toward the coffin.

Everyone trusted Zhao Yuande very much and followed him without hesitation.

Zhao Yuande gently pushed with his hand, and the lid of the coffin was opened, which revealed a dark passage!

"That Qinglong should be the key to opening this channel!" Zhao Yuande looked at the channel and pondered for a moment. "Perhaps there are several other places, the three places of the White Tiger Zhuque Xuanwu. If all can be opened, we can enter the real. In the Tomb of the Immortal Emperor!"

"Brother Jiang made sense!" Gu Linyue nodded. "So what should we do now? Enter the passage?"

"Go in! Everyone carefully follow me behind!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Hey! Master, don't forget us!" Master Turtle shouted anxiously behind him.

"Come on! Let your mount narrow down, otherwise you can't really enter this passage!" Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at one big and one small turtle.

"No... Don't... Lord Turtle is afraid of black, you should put me in the beast bag!" Lord Turtle looked at the dark passage and couldn't help but feel annoyed.

"You... okay!" Zhao Yuande really forgot that this guy was afraid of black, and took one big and one small turtle in a beast bag with one move.

Then he stepped into the passage one step at a time, basically fearless with his cultivation behavior and combat power!

The passage is deep and long, and it leads directly to the depths of the ground, but there is no danger.

But even so, I can't go too fast. It's a little narrow here, and there is a feeling of depression.

A dozen people walked for about half an hour, Zhao Yuande made a rough estimate, and it was a few hundred miles away.

"It's finally here!" Zhao Yuande vaguely saw a little light flash in front of him, knowing that the channel was finally at the end.

The moment they stepped out of the passage, they only felt the light in front of them!

This is an underground world!

Thousands of feet above the dome are hung with white beads full of warm light. Although there is no dazzling light like the sun, there is a kind of sun's warmth passed down.

The vegetation here is lush but very low. They seem to be in a bush. The sound of birds and beasts can often be heard, but it seems that these birds and beasts are ordinary beasts, not even fierce beasts.

Looking far away, they could see a tall altar standing in the center of the underground world. The golden brilliance on the altar shimmered, and there seemed to be some treasures.

"That altar should be our ultimate goal!" Zhao Yuande visually checked the distance, at least a thousand miles away.

"I feel that there doesn't seem to be any danger here!" Gu Linyue let go of the soul, although it is still suppressed here, but it can also release a dozen miles of range.

"Well! I didn't feel the danger either, but it didn't mean there was no danger!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"What shall we do now?" Everyone turned their attention to Zhao Yuande.

"Everyone be careful, let's move forward slowly!" Zhao Yuande looked at the altar, and was not attracted by the golden brilliance above, but only showed a bit of expectation, I don't know what will be encountered here. People, Dong Guofu, will they come here too?

As soon as he walked out of this shrubbery, a huge water appeared in front of him. The steam rose in the water, and there was a trace of white mist circling above the water.

At the same time, a strange scent flew out of the depths of Mizusawa, as if there was some fairy medicine growing.

"It's finally out of this annoying place!" Gu Linyue came down the road, wearing a white dress, accidentally dyed a little bit dark by a plant, and a little weird breath.

She can't change them directly in front of these people, so it's hard to hold back!

"Wait for me!" Gu Linyue ran towards a big tree growing beside Mizusawa.

The career of this big tree is blood red, and the roots hanging down on the tree fall into the water, as if a **** curtain of blood has been dropped.

But at the next moment, a scream came from behind the big tree!

Gu Linyue's figure rushed out from behind the big tree, and the **** roots behind him entangled towards her.

Zhao Yuande felt the breath of these blood-colored roots, and his face could not help changing slightly. His fingers flicked in the void, and the invisible force cut the void.


A terrible scream came from the direction of the big tree, and the few roots fell into the water, like a truncated snake, constantly twisting and rolling.


The huge tree body of the **** big tree suddenly rose from the water, and the huge roots and hairs formed a thick thigh. When it turned around, an old face appeared in front of everyone.

"You are all going to die!" The **** big tree is full of feet, walking towards them step by step.

A strong sense of oppression felt a shortness of breath.

"This tree demon should be equivalent to the combat power of the early fairyland. Do you want to fight it?"

Zhao Yuande looked at Gu Linyue breathlessly, Guo Rui and Song Ji?