Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1825

Chapter 1825: Not Going Fast

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Zhao Yuande saw Zhang Fan and Ji Mingzhen in it.

At this time, Zhang Fan was fighting with that peach-eyed Yao Qianfeng. I did not expect that Yao Qianfeng's combat power was really very strong. It even reached the early combat power of Xianjun. Although it was slightly inferior to Zhang Fan, he was still able to. Barely resist.

No wonder the other party is so arrogant that it turned out to be stronger than his cousin Yao Qianjian.

At this time, the woman and Ji Mingzhen didn't do anything, but Zhao Yuande could feel the sword between them.

Its been a long time since I have seen Ji Mingzhen, the other party has become more mature and stable, and the combat effectiveness has also increased in a straight line. Now it is comparable to Zhang Fan and has the early combat power of Xianjun!

It can also be seen from this that in these twelve ascendant fairy cities, there are really countless encounters!

Although there are not many Xianbao materials here, but once they are treasures, there are a variety of cultivation opportunities richer than those in the Xian Realm, which makes many people fly into the sky.

For example, the guy named Feng Rong, who got an endless black prison, was able to force Zhao Yuande's self-destructive flesh into life.

Zhao Yuande looked away from the battle and looked at the villain among the lotus flowers.

"Fantasy magic lotus, the sixth-grade fairy medicine, has a powerful hallucinogenic ability, and can confuse people..."

"It turned out to be this kind of thing!" Zhao Yuande could not help frowning slightly.

This is indeed a six-grade fairy medicine, and its effect is also very powerful. It has a boosting effect on human souls. If it is made into a gourmet, the effect will be more powerful.

However, the people in front of them are obviously bewitched by this phantom magic lotus, so they will fight!

However, Zhao Yuande didn't plan to stop their fight. He was just observing this magic magic lotus quietly. He always felt that besides magic magic lotus, there were powerful threats lurking in the dark!


Zhao Yuande vaguely heard a roar beneath Shuize, and then Shuize began to shake violently.

Zhao Yuande felt a strong crisis swept up from under the earth, and his face suddenly changed.

"Retreat quickly!" Zhao Yuande shouted.

At this time, Guibaili also felt a throbbing heartbeat and was frightened to fly back.

He quit straight for hundreds of miles before stopping.

"Retreat immediately!" Just when Zhao Yuande and they quit, the woman called Sister Zhang also felt something was wrong and she shouted.

She shouted loudly, waking everyone up at once, and they all gave up the fight and began to flee back crazy, escaping from this shaking water.

At this moment, under the water, a huge claw suddenly stretched out, grabbing the crowd fiercely, and a dozen people were suddenly caught in this big claw.


Blood spewed out of the big claws.


There was a roar of excitement deep underground.

"What kind of monster is this! How could it be so powerful!" Yao Qianfeng's face was pale, he felt the power of this big paw, even he could not resist the attack of this big paw!

"Don't say it! Run away!" The woman glanced at the phantom magic lotus, turned her head and continued to run away.

"No need to escape! None of you can escape!" A terrifying voice came from under the earth.

In front of them, the ground suddenly rolled open, and another large claw came out of the ground.

The big paw swept across and grabbed several testers directly, crushing them alive!

The blood flowed into the ground along the big claws, and there was a roar of excitement from the underground presence.

"This guy is so powerful! At least it's equivalent to the late stage of Fairy King Realm!" Zhao Yuande they had escaped thousands of miles at this time, he looked at the big paw and frowned slightly.

"Huh! She can't die here, otherwise I can't explain it!" Zhao Yuande saw that the woman was being attacked by the big paw at this time. The woman's figure changed continuously in the void and wanted to dodge the big paw. But the big paw seemed to be a tarsal maggot, and it followed behind the woman.

The woman was already desperate at this time, her eyes were already panicked, and she felt the approaching death!

Is that thing going to be used soon? It's not yet the last moment. After using that thing, the treasures in the tomb of the Immortal Emperor have no chance with themselves!

She saw Yao Qianfeng, who was fleeing in a panic not far away, as if she saw a savior, and flew towards him.

"You..." Yao Qianfeng saw the big paw, his face suddenly changed, and he flew crazy away.

"Yao Qianfeng, help me, we may have a chance to escape from its claws together!" The woman's voice shivered slightly.

On weekdays, this guy is very considerate and obedient to himself, and he even wants to show his heart out.

This is now even if you don't care about yourself, turn around and escape!

She didn't know what it was like in her heart, and she was both disappointed and a little lucky.

"Don't follow me!" Yao Qianfeng in the front was not as good as a woman. The woman's speed is a few points faster than him. At this time, just a short breathing time, the woman is about to catch up with him.

He could feel the horrible coercion carried by that big paw, which made him feel a little soft!

"Yao Qianfeng, I was wrong about you!" The woman snorted, but at this time the crisis of big paws became more and more intense. According to his estimation, as long as two breathing big paws would catch up with her.

He reluctantly held a small statue in his hand and could only use his hole cards!

At this moment, she suddenly saw a huge deserted world appear in the sky, and suppressed fiercely towards the big paws behind her.


The ancient world shattered into countless fragments at once, and the big claws were suddenly smashed into the earth.

"Bad, go away!" A voice rang in her ear.

She turned her head to look and found that the man in the lower realm that made him feel very interesting was yelling at him.

She couldnt help but stay awake for a while, and she never dreamed that at this time, none of her followers and her suitors stood up to save herself, but rather one who had only spoken a few times and was not familiar with it, even both. People who don't know appear to save themselves!

And this person's strength seems to be very strong, even...not even weaker than himself!

Of course, this was only a moment of surprise, and soon she reflected it, and ran away in the direction of Zhao Yuande.


The existence in the underground roared loudly, and the big claws protruded again, grabbing towards Zhao Yuande and the woman.