Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1827

Chapter 1827: Plan

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At that time she was only half-trusted, but now she really feels it, the other party is really mysterious!

As long as she can get closer to her relationship with this imperial emperor, the imperial emperor, she will be considered a landed person once she arrives in the fairy realm!

It is thousands of times better than she had imagined before!

Zhang Qingyan is a bold character, and they have no contempt for Gu Linyue.

Because the Spiritual Emperor Emperor soared from the lower realm at that time, and deeply knew how difficult it was for the lower realm to ascend to the fairy realm. Their efforts were much more than the practitioners of the fairy realm!

And as long as it is the genius who soared up in the lower realm, that is the genius among the geniuses. For these geniuses in the lower realm, their spiritual and virtual palace always opens the door!

Therefore, Zhang Qingyan really wanted to draw them into the Spiritual False Fairy Palace!

The purpose of the two is the same, so they hit it off, and they talked very much!

Instead, Zhao Yuande was thrown aside.

"Master Turtle, do you feel bored!" Zhao Yuande looked at Master Turtle and found that this guy was looking into the depths of Shuize and frowned slightly.

"Don't interrupt me, I feel a familiar breath. The big guy under Mizusawa seems to be... also a turtle!" Lord Turtle said with some uncertainty.

"It's also a tortoise? You don't feel wrong!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "That guy's claws are very similar to Jiaolong, and the roar is more like it. I think it is a Jiaolong!"

"Wrong! It is a dragon turtle, a hybrid turtle! They all say that dragons are not a good thing, and all races are plagued everywhere, and my juniors are also hurt by it!" Lord Turtle is a little bit sad, and his face is not worried. Color.

"Master Turtle has a way to conquer this dragon turtle?" Zhao Yuande looked at it with some expectation. This dragon turtle is at least the fighting power of the peak of the fairy king. If it can be conquered, it can sweep the entire twelve ascendant fairy city!

"Impossible!" Lord Turtle shook his head solemnly, but then a smile appeared in his eyes. "However, I can deter him from breathing for a few moments, which is enough time for you to do many things. Now!"

"Is this serious?" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up when he heard the other party's words.

Although the magic magic lotus is only a sixth-grade fairy medicine, it is not very precious to him, but if it is made into a gourmet, it should be able to enhance its own soul, maybe it can be raised to the middle of the fairy kingdom, you can save The next big period of cultivation!

The next time the sixth layer of Yuanshen Resurrection, his soul may be directly promoted to the middle of Immortal Emperor Realm!

"Well! It's five breathing hours to be precise!" Lord Turtle is present, and his face is unpredictable.

"That's great!" Zhao Yuande clapped his palms, his face exhilarating.

"But...but..." Lord Turtle's mouth widened, and a grumpy smile appeared.

"But nothing!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"But you can get that fairy medicine, what can I get? No good, Master Turtle does not do it!" Master Turtle finally showed his white teeth.

"You guys! Can't you put a knife on a friend's side?" Zhao Yuande looked at the treacherous boy very uncomfortably.

"No, no! I'm Lord Tortoise, you're an old master, we are not friends, but partners. Lord Tortoise is not profitable and early!" Lord Tortoise held his head.

"Okay! You won, what benefit do you want?" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, for the magic magic lotus, let this guy be proud for a while, when the magic magic lotus was handed, he had the opportunity to clean it up!

"I want..." Master Turtle's eyes suddenly turned bright, and he swept his eyes to the distance, and saw where there was a shadow flashing, Zhao Yuande also saw Yao Qianfeng looking around, "I want that The peach-eyed boy, howling and wailing under my nourishment!"

"This can be done!" Zhao Yuande patted his thigh, "Master Turtle, you said earlier, this matter will be done according to what you said, and I will make a bigger water polo for you later, so that you can enjoy it!"

"Hey! But I still have a request!" Lord Turtle saw that Zhao Yuande promised so happy, he couldn't help but continue in his heart.

"Say! I'll promise you anything, old man!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest.

"After I arrived in the fairyland, I wanted to rebuild my family of turtles, and I want you to help me get a hundred turtles for me. It is better to be stronger! For example, the level of turtle Baili." Lord Turtle said Looking at Zhao Yuande, he said cautiously.

It just said that to deal with Yao Qianfeng, he just wanted to make Zhao Yuande happy. This is his real purpose.

"Haha! It turns out that this is your real purpose!" Zhao Yuande suddenly understood the other party's thoughts, but he didn't mean to refuse at all. "Relax, this matter is handed over to me. I'm also responsible for finding a good one for you. Its a blessing! But the one hundred turtles I brought you need to be tamed or conquered by yourself!"

Zhao Yuande had long regarded Master Turtle as a friend, so how could he refuse this little request from a friend.

"Okay! I haven't called the word "Master". The word "adult" will be removed from now on. I'll call you "Master"!" Lord Turtle was a little moved.

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande smiled and said nothing.

However, the change of title has made him very happy. This is the first step of the transformation. He believes that even a turtle can be really moved.

"Since that's the case, let's start planning!" Lord Turtle showed a cheap smile on his face and cast it into Yao Qianfeng's eyes in the distance, showing a little anticipation.

In the distance Yao Qianfeng shuddered unconsciously, and there was also a bad feeling in his heart.

At this moment he was a little upset. Just to escape his life, he had done the kind of thing to his long-awaited woman. He was thinking about how to save it.

But at this time Zhang Qingyan was rescued by the nasty lower class, which made him even more unhappy.

He was thinking about how to deal with that low-lying seed, how to save Zhang Zhangqingyan.

Zhang Qingyan and Gu Linyue chatted for a while, and they became friends after getting acquainted.

Zhang Qingyan started to invite them, and after leaving the twelve ascendant city, he joined the Lingxian fairy palace.

Gu Linyue and others have a feeling of flattering, but they also feel from the other party's words. The other party is not perfunctory but a sincere invitation.

In addition, they also know some things about the Spiritual Emperor, so everyone agreed without even hesitating!