Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1828

Chapter 1828: Splashed On Body

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"Hey! Brother Jiang, are we going to do this now? Are we going to go to the altar, or find a way to take down the magic lotus lotus!" Zhang Qingyan was very happy, even though he was betrayed by the group, he got it like this. Many friends.

Those who follow her are basically disciples of all the forces of the fairy world who come to participate in the trial. They all have their own family power. The reason why they follow behind her is just because she is strong.

As the so-called tribulation came true, none of these people stood up to help when she was most dangerous, and Zhao Yuande came out to rescue her directly at this time, which was a blow to her, but it was also a clear look around What opportunities are there for anyone!

Seeing the status quo clearly, she is more cheerful, and she feels that the group of people Zhao Yuande let her know has a special quality, and they value Xinyi very much!

As the so-called things gather together and divide into groups, the people around them are a mirror that allows people to see exactly what kind of person he is.

"Naturally is to face difficulties, take this magic lotus off!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a smile.

"So what do you do?" Zhang Qingyan's eyes lit up.

"I'm going to distract it, you take the opportunity to pick the magic magic lotus!" Zhao Yuande said, "But your speed should be fast, and don't be fooled by the magic magic lotus, otherwise I might be crushed by the big guy! "

"You go away? Will there be any danger?" Zhang Qingyan stunned slightly, a little worried in his heart.

"It's okay, Master Turtle is here, the danger is very small!" Zhao Yuande patted Master Turtle's head.

"It? Is it okay?" Zhang Qingyan looked at Master Turtle suspiciously, "This is not a joke, but a desperate effort, you have to think about it!"

"Don't underestimate Lord Turtle! Lord Turtle is very deep!" Lord Turtle looked at Zhang Qingyan very uncomfortably, "Little girl, you don't understand Lord Turtle, I will not blame you, if it is other People dare to doubt Master Turtle so much, I must wake him up with urine!"

"Giggle..." Zhang Qingyan was amused by Master Turtle's words.

She has never seen the gods of God Turtle, and she doesnt understand the true meaning of urine wake up, otherwise she wont laugh like that!

"You..." Lord Turtle feels that he has been despised by others, very unhappy.

"Okay! She will soon know how powerful you are!" Zhao Yuande patted Master Turtle, beckoning it not to be angry, and turned to Zhang Qingyan again, "Zhang Xianzi, I still have something to do before that. , You must not stop it!"

"What's the matter?" Zhang Qingyan looked at Zhao Yuande with some curiosity.

"Master Turtle sees Yao Qianfeng very uncomfortably, and decides to teach him." Zhao Yuande said seriously.

"Yao Qianfeng... This guy has a decent appearance. I will fully support you when I die! I will never stop you!" Zhang Qingyan turned his attention to Yao Qianfeng. There was no hatred in his eyes, but there was a disappointment and disgust.

"That's good! Master Turtle with a heavy taste, please prepare it first!" Zhao Yuande popped a water polo.

"Ah! Haha!" Lord Turtle burst into the water polo happily.

Gu Linyue and others saw this scene and all covered their mouths, so that they should not laugh.

"What is this for?" Zhang Qingyan looked at Master Turtle with some curiosity, and didn't even know what the other party was doing?

Is it necessary to take a bath and dress up before fighting? What are the rules?

"This... is confidential first, but you will know it soon!" Zhao Yuande finally couldn't help but smile.

"Okay! Look at you all weird, and I will see what tricks you will play!" Zhang Qingyan finally curbed her curiosity. She wanted to see what's so secret!

Master Tortoise finally completed the preparation work, looking excitedly at Yao Qianfeng not far away.

"Master Turtle is a bit impatient, hurry up! Hurry!" Master Turtle flicked to Turtle's back.

Gui Baili pulsated his feet, and his huge body walked towards Yao Qianfeng, a group of people not far away.

The majority of Yao Qianfeng's group were all the Xianjie testers who followed Zhang Qingyan before. At this time, about 20 people were missing, and some were separated. There were only about 20 people left.

They were headed by Yao Qianfeng, and they looked at Guibaili as they approached.

The speed of the turtle is hundreds of miles, and he has come to this group of people in less than one breath.

"Zhang...Sister Zhang..." Yao Qianfeng saw Zhang Qingyan's somewhat uncomfortable complexion, and she couldn't help but accuse some of her to come forward, cheeky and trying to explain.

"Yao Qianfeng! You let me down too much!" Zhang Qingyan black face, seeing Yao Qianfeng now, she couldn't help but feel a strong sense of disgust in her heart.

"Sister Zhang, in fact, I was I think I regret it..." Yao Qianfeng explained hard.

The testers of the fairy world are also full of scornful faces at this time, and many of them have red faces.

Although they did not stand up to help Zhang Qingyan at the time, they regretted it afterwards, but since the matter has reached this point, they have no face to say anything.

However, Yao Qianfeng's statement made them feel blushed. A strong man with a hundred battles, a strong man in the middle of the fairyland, said that he was scared!

This is a **** joke, you are not a three-year-old kid, who are you cheating?

"Okay! There is no relationship between us now. You can say whatever you like!" Zhang Qingyan was almost mad, and he said so embarrassedly.

"Zhang..." Yao Qianfeng felt that it was irreversible, and he only gritted his teeth.

Although he is a man of scheming and fear of death, he also has his own bottom line. He wants to face, and he does not want to be disgraced in front of so many people!

Especially in the low seed in front of the opposite, he would not be too low.

However, this threshold is too low and can be easily exceeded!

"Okay! Yao Qianfeng, you are done!" Zhao Yuande interrupted Yao Qianfeng's words and looked at him coldly, "Your cousin makes me hate, and you make me feel sick, and now I declare... Oh, Fairy Zhang, please lean back first, otherwise it will be bad if you splash on your body for a while!"

"Splattered?" Zhang Qingyan didn't understand.

But at this time Gu Linyue had already pulled her and started to retreat at a rapid speed.

"Lin Yueh, what does this... mean to splash on my body? Why should we withdraw so far, and facing so many strong men, can Brother Jiang and this Lord Turtle be able to cope with it?" Zhang Qingyan was puzzled. ask.