Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1829

Chapter 1829: Loud

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"Giggle..." Gu Linyue chuckled, then said mysteriously, "You will know soon!"

"What the hell... so mysterious!" Zhang Qingyan was even more curious.

"I declare that Yao Qianfeng, because you are going to be judged by justice, you are going to be spurned by Heaven, and..." Zhao Yuande feels that he has been with God Turtle for a long time, and this kind of nonsense is more than a problem.

"Okay! Master Turtle hates these voids most, Master Turtle announced...I want to pee your face!" Master Turtle already eagerly tried this time.

"Do you want to humiliate me! Do you want to ask for help in front of Sister Zhang? Really looking for death!" Yao Qianfeng almost didn't get blown away when he heard Lord Turtle.

"If you have the ability, you can come and kill us!" Lord Turtle squinted at each other with a look of contempt.

"Yes! Yao Qianfeng has the ability, you come here, come and try!" Zhao Yuande also pointed at Yao Qianfeng repeatedly.

"I'm damn... you squalid in the lower realm, and this squalid tortoise... I'm killing you!" Yao Qianfeng felt like he was going to be mad.

He was originally a cautious person, but Zhao Yuande's cultivation was only the early stage of the fairyland, and the turtle was just an ordinary pet, and there was no strong atmosphere at all.

He believes that the other party just wants to inflate himself in this way and make himself lose his position, and then he will use some mean tricks to sneak into himself.

Now that he is prepared, he has quietly worn one of his biggest cards this time, a fifth-grade Xianbao battle armor.

With this Fifth Grade Xianbao Battlegear, no matter how despicable you are, you can't succeed!

Yao Qianfeng has already had many long swords in his hands at this time. The shining cold light makes people feel a bit of chill. The Sipin Immortal Sword makes him more confident!

Under the blessing of two pieces of Xianbao, his current combat power has reached the early stage of Xianjun Realm. Even Zhang Qingyan can't beat himself in a short time.

Among all the testers in the twelve ascendant city, he is basically in an invincible position!

Now he was still faintly excited. He wanted to see the other party's unsuccessful attack, but instead looked miserable.

In order to make the opponent more at ease, Yao Qianfeng did not show a strong sword intention, nor did he show a powerful magical power, but came to Zhao Yuande in a big swing.

His sword pointed directly at Zhao Yuande and said a bit arrogantly, "I'm going to take your life today, mediocre of the lower realm, are you ready for the last words?"

"I'm not ready, but Master Turtle is ready..." Zhao Yuande replied honestly, bringing Master Turtle to himself, "Master Turtle, start your performance!"

"You... let a turtle pet come to death! Haha!" Yao Qianfeng laughed. Does the other party have a brain problem? There is only one turtle!

"You... you this thing with eyes and no beads, I am Lord Turtle, not a turtle pet!" Lord Turtle heard the word pet, and suddenly the eyes were red, and the mouth was a roar, " ...All...home!"

Yao Qianfeng was still laughing. Suddenly he felt something bad. His ears seemed to explode countless thunders. At this time in his knowledge of the sea, it seemed that there were countless drums throbbing, and his knowledge of the vibration appeared. Subtle cracks!

He is as strong as he is, a magnificent mid-century fairyland strongman, at this time the eardrum is torn, and blood flows from his ear like a stream.

Immediately afterwards, there was a series of groggy heads, footsteps and vain steps, and the Sipin fairy sword in his hand couldn't hold it, and fell directly to the ground.

The next moment, he fell to the ground, his head plunged into the water.

He wasn't so tragic at first, who asked him to come close deliberately, it was really too close, just one foot apart!

At this distance, even Zhao Yuande will feel dizzy, let alone him!

It should be known that Zhao Yuande's physical body is now equivalent to the power of the fairy monarch realm, and although Yao Qianfeng's comprehensive combat power can contend with the early power of the fairy monarch realm, his physical body is still far from the fairy monarch realm.

So he was very miserable, seven holes bleed, and countless cracks appeared on the sea. At this time, he was basically seriously injured!

Without ten days and a half months, plus the treatment of elixir, he could not recover at all.

At this time, those immortal world testers who were thousands of feet away from them were also tumbling one by one, and the flesh was slightly weaker, and the nose and mouth were bloody, and the head was almost fainted.

They all looked at Master Turtle with horrified and incredible eyes. They could not imagine that this little turtle had such a loud voice!

At this time, Zhang Qingyan opened her mouth wide and was shocked.

The scene in front of her was too shocking for her. No wonder these two guys are so confident and so vowed!

Even her, beyond a thousand feet behind Master Turtle, couldn't help feeling the buzzing in her ears.

She can imagine how much shock Yao Qianfeng stood in front of!

Zhao Yuande stepped forward to pull Yao Qianfeng out of Shuize, blocked his cultivation strength, and then directly dropped it on the back of Guibaili.

"Haha!" Lord Turtle laughed proudly, pointing at the muddy Yao Qianfeng, "Master, hurry up this guy, otherwise we two won't feel cool at all !"

"This is simple!" Zhao Yuande popped a water polo and hit Yao Qianfeng's head.

"Ah!" Yao Qianfeng was rushed by the clear water polo and suddenly became much cleaner, and at the same time, he slowly woke up!

He moaned painfully, only to find his tragic encounter, and suddenly looked at Zhao Yuande and Master Turtle in horror.

"Hey! Isn't it a Wupinxianbao armor? Can you guard our turtle turtle's voice?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other person's panic and couldn't help laughing.

"What... what are you going to do! I warn you, I am the descendant of the Sword Sword Emperor, if you dare to move me a hair, my Sword Sword Palace will make you pay an unimaginable price!" Yao Qianfeng felt Things are not good, hurriedly lifted the forces behind him.

"Is it? Emperor Sword Sword is so bullish, you let him come to see me now!" Zhao Yuande suddenly looked awkward when he heard the name Sword Sword Emperor, and his impression of this fairy emperor was very bad. Okay, it's a nasty type!