Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831: Unwilling

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"Relax, I won't forget!" Zhang Qingyan nodded vigorously!

"Very good! Very good! Then this important task will be taught to you! You come to end his life in person!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"Good!" Zhang Qingyan nodded, with a long sword flashing in the cold light!

"No! Sister Zhang... You can't kill me, you can't listen to his instigation, but there is a deep friendship between our two immortal palaces!" Yao Qianfeng watched the other person walking towards him step by step, and suddenly he couldn't pretend to be crazy and stupid. , But shouted in horror!

"The friendship between our two palaces?" Zhang Qingyan's face sarcastically appeared, "Are you regarded as a fool? There is no friendship between our two palaces. I remember Shizu once told me The Emperor is the one who despise the ascendant in the lower realm most. Your Nether Sword Immortal Palace generally calls the ascending man in the lower realm as a kind!

"This..." Yao Qianfeng's face changed, he knew what the other party said was true, and he was such a person that he looked down upon the wicked species of the lower realm!

"Okay, don't waste your tongue! You are going to die!" Zhang Qingyan gritted her teeth, and pierced the opponent's brow directly with a sword.

"You **** woman, I won't let you go even if I reincarnate!" Yao Qianfeng felt the other party's killing heart, and finally no longer concealed.


Zhang Qingyan's long sword pierced directly into each other's eyebrows, breaking the other's sea of knowledge in the next moment!

Her handle is also a Sipin Immortal Sword, which is infinitely powerful. This time she broke through the sea and saw the sword overflowing. She would instantly crush the opponent's sea knowledge.

But at this time, a bright brilliance suddenly appeared in the other party's sea of knowledge.

An illusory figure grabbed Zhang Qingyan's fairy sword in one hand, making him instantly lose control of the fairy sword.

"Whoever beheaded my descendant of the Immortal Sword Sword Emperor!" This figure stepped out of Yao Qianfeng's sea of knowledge in one step. A pair of eyes scanned the Quartet, revealing the power of arrogance to the Quartet.

" a piece of avatar of the Immortal Emperor of the Sword Sword!" Zhang Qingyan's face could not help changing, and her figure quickly backed away.

With the exception of Zhao Yuande, everyone couldnt help but change her face slightly.

Especially Gu Linyue and others, the face is full of endless worry, although the other party is only a ray of avatar, but it is the avatar of Peerless Immortal Emperor!

They worried that Zhao Yuande could resist each other.

But when they looked at Zhao Yuande with worried eyes, they found that the other person's face was still a relaxed expression!

Suddenly they felt relieved in their hearts. The inexplicable sense of trust led them to a conclusion that Brother Jiang could solve this doppelganger!

"Grandpa Grandpa! It's him... it's them... They worked together to calculate me and kill me!" Yao Qianjian saw the figure, and he was very happy, he knew he didn't have to die today!

He tremblingly pointed at Zhao Yuande, Zhang Qingyan and Lord Turtle, his face showing anger, hatred and resentment!

"Oh! It turned out to be the apprentice of the old man of Lingxu!" Emperor Xingjian's avatar swept across Zhang Qingyan and frowned slightly, "Not between you..."

"Senior Sword Sword, you can't blame me at this time, you blame Yao Qianfeng for being so deceiving, and blame him for being ridiculous!" There was no slight fear.

"Grandpa Grandpa! Don't listen to her bullshit! They caught me by conspiracy!" Yao Qianjian held back! His powerful strength was captured directly before he was able to exert it, and he was also treated to that terrible treatment.

"It's you... how come you are here?" But Yao Qianjian's words Nianjian Xiandi didn't even hear it, because he saw Zhao Yuande!

He remembered everything that had happened in the Thunder God's Immortal Palace. He guessed that Wuya Immortal Emperor came for the other party!

In the end, all Immortal Emperors understood Zhao Yuande's true identity!

It turned out to be the only disciple of the legendary Zhang Ling in the Bajing Palace!

Wuya Immortal Emperor is the one who recruited him. If anyone dares to really embarrass him, I am afraid that Wuye Immortal Emperor will be the first to suppress it!

And the other party has some kind of intimate relationship with Lingxu Immortal Emperor. It has a very good relationship with Thunder God Immortal Emperor and Promise Immortal Emperor. How dare he provoke each other!

There may be a lot of immortal emperor kings paying attention to the other party. If they dare to do it, I am afraid that the body will be bombarded!

"Senior, what should you do about this?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

"This **** thing dared to provoke you, that is also his bad luck, but can you look at my face and leave him a ray of reincarnation, I promise to let him clean and leave no trace of previous life memories "" In the words of Nether Sword Emperor Emperor, there was a hint of begging.

Everyone around this time couldn't help but take a breath!

Who is this man? He even asked the ghost sword immortal emperor's avatar to ask for a low posture.

"Well! Yes, since all the seniors have spoken, how can I not agree!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Then you're good to go!" Emperor Sword's wisp nodded.

"Grandpa Grandpa! Grandpa Grandpa..." Yao Qianfeng looked at his grandpa inexplicably, hissing loudly.

"Hey! I can only blame you for provoking people who shouldn't provoke me, and I can't save you. It's a big deal to make your qualifications better when you are reincarnated, and it's a little compensation for you!" Doppelganger looks a bit unsightly, but there is no way!

Not to mention that his current strength may not be able to **** Yao Qianfeng from Zhao Yuande's hands, even if he can, he will not do so!

The other party's background is really terrible, he does not want to let his Nether Sword Immortal Palace be affected by Yao Qianfeng!

No matter how good the talent is, it will be valued only when it grows up, and now it can only be given up.

"Grandpa Grandpa..." Yao Qianfeng looked desperately at the Sword Emperor Ming, and then the whole person paused.

Even the grandfather and grandfather have to bow their heads, even if they call others a mediocre, is this not a death?

Such a result is also inevitable, and I blame myself for being too arrogant and too rare for my feathers, otherwise this will not happen at all!

Although he realized all this before he died, he was too late!

Zhang Qingyan's long sword was returned, and the heavy sword once penetrated into the other party's sea of knowledge, leaving only a ray of reincarnation to the other party.

"I... not reconciled!" Yao Qianfeng finally let out an unwilling roar and finally fell.