Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834: Fisherman's Advantage

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If it is hit again this time, I am afraid it will be directly shot into meat sauce, and I am afraid that it will be difficult to completely recover!

But the speed of this tail is really too fast, so that he almost can not respond.

He had some regrets at this time. He knew that this guy was so perverted, and he didn't think of the magic magic lotus.

Now it really makes him difficult to ride a tiger!


It was at this time that Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a crisp sound of Jianming.

A golden swordman pierced the sky and cut a sword towards the dragon's tail!

Zhao Yuande saw Zhang Qingyan as if it were a nine-day mysterious girl, and came from Changhong. A fairy sword burst out in his hands.

"This is her hole card!"

Zhao Yuande felt the horror power of this sword and should be able to contend with the strong man at the peak of the fairy king.


This sword awn directly cut off the dragon turtle's ten-odd feet, and the lingering momentum continued to slash toward the dragon turtle.


The dragon turtle roared, and his eyes were filled with terror.

In this sword, it felt a powerful power belonging to the power of the fairy emperor realm.

"Go away!"

Just when the dragon and turtle were stunned, Zhang Qingyan had come to Zhao Yuande's side, and there was only one hilt left in the sword in his hand!

Seeing the opportunity, Zhao Yuande grabbed some weak Zhang Qingyan directly into the void.

"Aw!" The dragon turtle snarled painfully, and his big claws broke through again, but this time it was a little slower.

At the next moment, Zhao Yuande took Zhang Qingyan out of the void and appeared outside Shuize.

The big claw stroked in the void, leaving a terrible afterimage. The void was torn apart by a big mouth, but it could not exceed half a step, and they could no longer threaten them.

"Mistaken! If something goes wrong, you will almost be torn to pieces!" Zhao Yuande said a little embarrassedly, "It hurts you to use a hole card, this should be given to you by the Spiritual Emperor Emperor. Right!"

"Oh! You save my life, I will save you again, as expected, fortunately, the magic lotus has arrived!" Zhang Qingyan took the magic lotus out of the space and handed it to Zhao Yuande, "This thing should be What should we do? Everyone divided, or..."

"Wait, let's put it with you! When I walk out of this tomb, I have a better way to deal with it!" Zhao Yuande didn't pick up the magic lotus, but smiled mysteriously at her.

"Better treatment?" Zhang Qingyan wondered.

"You will know by then!" Zhao Yuande didn't explain. If he said it now, the other party probably knew his identity, and it would be too embarrassing to count her as her ancestor!

"Mysterious, even if I don't ask!" Zhang Qingyan is not a thorough question. She is not as curious and gossip as an ordinary woman. Her temper is a little gruff and very straightforward.

"Okay! The big guy can come out!" Zhao Yuande released Gu Linyue and others from the inner world.

"Master, are you okay! What about the hybrid tortoise? How did you get rid of it?" Master Turtle cared about Zhao Yuande a little, and looked at him as soon as he came out.

"It's okay! Master can do anything!" Zhao Yuande's eyebrows flashed between his eyes, and this guy also knew that he cared about the people. It was really the sun playing out of the west. "It was Zhang Xianzi who saved the card after using it once. Otherwise, we would all be buried in the dragon's mouth!"

When everyone heard Zhao Yuande's words, they all looked towards Zhang Qingyan, their eyes showing a grateful light.

"Okay! Everyone is friends!" Zhang Qingyan was a little embarrassed by everyone.

"Yes, everyone is a friend!" Zhao Yuande nodded, "Go! The crisis is over, I will surprise everyone when I wait for this fairy tomb!"

"Gu Baili, head towards the altar!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the altar in the distance.

Ji Mingzhen, they must have given up the opportunity in this water, and they had already set off towards the altar. At this time, there may be many people gathered under the altar!

Although the speed of Guibaili is not as good as that of Zhao Yuande, they are very stable and do not need to consume their own strength.

"You said, what will there be on the altar?" Zhang Qingyan looked at the altar in the distance and couldn't help saying.

"This altar is not a coffin enshrining the fairy emperor, or a variety of treasures to worship the fairy emperor, or else it is the place where the fairy emperor was transformed, and there are treasures on it are sure!" Zhao Yuande analyzed, "Actually I am right Immortal Emperors treasures are not of interest, what the Immortal Emperor cultivates is what I want!"

"Humph! Lord Turtle wants the body of Immortal Emperor!" Lord Turtle showed a bit of anger on his face.

"I want a corpse? What's the use?" Many people looked at Master Tortoise puzzled.

"This guy is too bad. Get a hybrid tortoise here. Lord Turtle, Lord Turtle wants to pee him!" Lord Turtle is angry.

"..." Everyone was speechless, this guy's thinking was too much off, they could not keep up.

"You are a big injustice! A majestic immortal emperor, how can you do this?" Zhao Yuande said.

"Humph! It's just a fairy emperor. At that time... Forget it, you don't understand!" Master Turtle almost excitedly leaked.

"Okay! And then..." Zhao Yuande smiled secretly, showing his feet! One day I will let you tell the truth about the year, hey!

"Why don't we hurry past, there must be a lot of people under the altar now, will it be too late for us to go so slow!" Gu Linyue asked.

"Now that the altar has become a battlefield, we will wait for them to finish playing in the past and take advantage of the fisherman." Zhao Yuande smiled on his face.

"I don't know if besides me, the other teams of Immortal Realm have arrived here, as well as the Demon Realm and the Pantheon team. If they all come under the altar, I am afraid that the town will be lively!" Zhang Qingyan looked forward.

"Oh! Talking about the teams of Demon Realm and Pantheon, how are they better than you?" Zhao Yuande heard Zhang Qingyan's words and immediately became interested.

"There's still..." Zhang Qingyan told everyone what she knew, and everyone's face changed slightly.

"The ranks of the realm should not be here. They probably went to the tomb of the Devil Emperor! But the people of the Pantheon may appear here..." Zhao Yuande told everyone the story and speculation.

"Well! Half of the people should come here. There will definitely be a dragon fight in the front. I don't know how many genius characters of the three realms of fairy demon gods will fall here!" Zhang Qingyan's eyes showed a faint excitement.

Her body shivered slightly, which was the tension and excitement before the war!