Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835: Emotionally

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"I'm a little bit excited about what I said!" Zhao Yuande licked his lips.

"Huh! What a genius character, Master Turtle sees that discomfort and makes them sorrow and sorrow under Master Turtle!" Master Turtle pouted, with a proud look on his face.

"..." Everyone couldn't help covering his mouth at this time, this guy was too... wonderful.


Although the altar can be seen, but with the speed of the turtle Baili, it still did not arrive after an hour, but it did meet a few waves of people in the middle.

The speed of these people was so fast that they looked at Gui Baili and everyone on their backs with contempt.

At such a slow speed, the owner of the turtle is not a strong man. When they reach the altar, the daylily will be cold.

"These guys are low-eyed!" Guo Rui was stunned by these people.

"Okay! Keep your mind, no matter what they say, we just do our own thing! Soon they will find out how ridiculous they are wrong!" Zhao Yuande didn't care.

"Brother Jiang still has a broad state of mind!" Guo Rui heartily exclaimed.

"Master just has the confidence to be calm!" Master Turtle even patted Zhao Yuande with a blow.

This makes Zhao Yuande a little curious. This guy must have something to ask himself, otherwise he will not rush to shoot himself like this.

"Hey! Master Turtle, what do you ask of me? Tell me clearly!" Zhao Yuande didn't meander.

"Hey! Master, you can see that, you are really brilliant and brilliant, wisdom is extraordinary, wisdom and beauty coexist..." Master Turtle's fart is too explicit this time, people can't help but goose bumps on his body, look Everyone was stunned!

"Stop! If you talk like this nonsense, I'm going to be angry!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be angry.

"Okay! I won't say it, won't it work?" Lord Turtle stopped in a hurry. It thought for a long time before saying a little embarrassedly, "I want something on this altar. I don't know if the master can Let me."

"What's on the altar?" Zhao Yuande froze for a moment, but his eyes lit up instantly, "Do you know what's on this altar?"

"Hey! There seems to be an impression in memory!" Lord Turtle grinned.

"Hurry up! As long as you say it, everything is easy to discuss!" Zhao Yuande was full of joy.

Everyone else turned their eyes to Master Turtle.

"Hey! Actually, I don't know what is happening on the altar. I just heard a few words back then. At that time, I vaguely heard them say that there is a wood, a water and three different treasures on the altar!" Lord Turtle said in a low voice. "One The wood seems to be Tongtianmu, but it is a branch on the Tongtian tree! One water is what I want. Chaos elementary water is very helpful to the evolution of our family of turtles. As for the three different treasures, I am not too specific. Clearly, there may be three immortals with special functions."

Lord Turtle said everything he knew, and even revealed some information about himself.

However, Zhao Yuande did not ask more information about Lord Turtle, but focused his attention on the five treasures he said.

Since Lord Turtle has made a request, he will certainly satisfy the other party as much as possible.

The remaining four must naturally try their best to compete.

But for Zhao Yuande, these treasures are not too important to him. The cultivation experience he wanted did not disappoint him a little.

Now that he has entered the fairyland, there are many questions about cultivation. The ancestor of Feng Cang is a giant of chaos. There is no spirit of cultivation of fairy spirits. They only cultivate the flesh, and they don't understand it at all.

Senior Brother Baibei didn't know what he was doing. He had been closed for a while, and he didn't dare to bother easily. This is why his two avatars have been practicing in the Time Fairy Palace, but they have never broken through the existing realm.

Now he only needs some cultivation experience, or he can make a breakthrough by solving some problems.

"Hey! Brother Jiang, what are you worrying about?" Zhang Qingyan beside him found the sadness on Zhao Yuande's face and couldn't help asking curiously.

People like the other party, still have troubles?

"Hey! I am worrying about cultivation, I am missing..." Zhao Yuande looked at Zhang Qingyan's eyes suddenly, "Yes, you can point me!"

Zhao Yuande's eyes were shining, and a brilliant light flashed inside.

"I...point you?" Zhang Qingyan pointed at herself, looking at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

I am afraid that the opponent's combat power is still on his own. Isn't he concealing his behavior?

This is a bit scary! He is in the middle of the fairy realm, and his current state is the early stage of the fairy realm. The realm differs by a big realm and a small realm, and the opponent's combat power is still above himself!

What kind of pervert is he? In Fairyland she had never heard of someone so perverted!

"Yes! It's you who pointed me to me. I'm stuck in the early stage of the fairyland. I can't break through. Let's talk about the various experiences of the fairyland breakthrough!" Zhao Yuande asked a little.

"This...Okay!" Zhang Qingyan hasn't responded yet. "However, I can't say more about some of the exercises involving our Spiritual Void Palace!"

"No need! I just need all kinds of experience!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, somewhat eagerly waiting.

"Actually, the breakthrough of the fairyland is very simple..." Zhang Qingyan was not secretive, and she imparted all of her various cultivation experiences to Zhao Yuande. Some unclear places were very patiently explained.

When she explained, she did not deliberately lower her voice, and everyone could hear it.

This made everyone ecstatic. Most of them are now in the early days of Immortal Realm, and they were taught by Zhang Qingyan's selflessness.

Zhao Yuande benefited a lot, but he didn't need to practice by himself. The two avatars in the body began to practice in accordance with Zhang Qingyan's explanation.


After more than a dozen breaths, the sound of thunder suddenly sounded in the sky.

Zhao Yuande looked up and saw that in the void, I didn't know when a dark cloud gathered, and a series of electric snakes shuttled through it.

"Hoo! Finally broke through!" Zhao Yuande looked at him with joy, feeling his realm had been promoted to the middle of the fairyland.


The lightning fell, and a thick thunder exploded above his head.

But at this time, the vortex in his body has begun to spin wildly, turning all the power of thunder into energy that can be absorbed.

"The altar is here!"

At this time, Gui Baili finally came under the altar.

Zhao Yuande looked up at the altar while resisting the thunder.

I dont know how high the altar is. The steps are stacked one after another. I dont know how many steps there are. Anyway, I cant see the top of the altar when I look up.