Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1836

Chapter 1836: Chaotic Source Water

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On that level of stairs, almost all of them were red with blood at this time, and there were corpses rolling down from time to time. A strong man was fighting above, and blood was spilled into the sky.

"Today I will follow the power of Thunder and rush to the altar! Everyone follows me thousands of feet behind me!" Zhao Yuande will no longer suppress his breath at this time, a powerful breath rises into the sky, and the terrible in the void Thunder confrontation.

As soon as Zhao Yuande's breath was released, the thunder in the void suddenly raged, as if a huge rain curtain had fallen.

It was also mixed with Daotian fire, and there were huge meteors with fire tails, which fell down.

Zhao Yuande had already started accelerating at this time, but he rushed up hundreds of steps in a flash.

There were already people fighting here at this time, but they felt this terrifying Tianwei, and all of them stopped fighting subconsciously, and all gave way in fright.

Zhang Qingyan they followed closely behind Zhao Yuande, feeling the terrifying thunder, their faces were both worried and excited.

Especially Lord Turtle, with his eyes flashing at this time, Zhao Yuande carrying Thunder on the altar, there is absolutely no one who cant think of it will fight him, otherwise it is a thunder!

Sure enough, the battles on the steps stopped when they saw Zhao Yuande rushing up.

As Lord Turtle thought, whoever dared to come over to stop would be robbed together.

When they saw the intensity of this day's catastrophe, their faces all changed. I am afraid that only the strongest in the fairy realm can resist this power.

However, just after Zhao Yuande arrived, the previous battle did not stop because of his arrival.

One side of the battle is his acquaintance, Ji Mingzhen, while the other side of the battle is a woman with a cold face and a terrifying chill released from her body.

"This Ji Ming really has improved his combat effectiveness, and he can even draw a preliminary match with Xueling of Feixue Temple!" Zhang Qingyan behind him was a little surprised at this moment.

When she was in the water, she had face-to-face with the other party. The other party was a little grander than herself, but now the other party's breath is not weaker than Xue Lingchu. In this short time, does the other party have anything else? Unexpected encounter?

Zhao Yuande and Ji Mingzhen are also friends. Since the other party refused to let go, he was not good at interrupting the fight between the two, so he stopped to watch the battle quietly.

He had long heard Zhang Qingyan said, knowing that the Snow Spirit of Fei Xue Temple was also a peerless genius in the Pantheon. Ji Mingzhen did not fight against it, and it also made him curious. This friend who has not met for a long time now How powerful.

But the battle was quickly chaotic, because behind him was Zhao Yuande, and a large group of people rushed up.

Several of this group of people seemed to be Xue Lingchu's siblings. Seeing Xue Lingchu and Ji Ming really fighting, they all rushed to help Xue Lingchu.

Xue Lingchu did not mean to stop at all, and gathered everyone to suppress Ji Mingzhen.

Ji Mingzhen was originally comparable to it, but now he joined a few people and suddenly lost.

"Xue Lingchu! Don't you dare to fight me upright?" Ji Ming was really depressed. The people he brought were caught in a dogfight when they reached the altar. Only he rushed up.

When he first encountered Xue Ling, he felt a little hard when he fought. He didn't expect a few more people. This made him quickly caught in a crisis. If he didn't want to do anything else, he would soon be defeated.

"You also go to help!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Gu Linyue and others. "We are all on the side of the fairy world, and the people in the Pantheon cannot be arrogant here!"

"Good!" Gu Linyue and others nodded and rushed towards the battlefield.

Although their fighting power is not very strong, but they are better than others, plus Zhao Yuande took them to fight during this time, which gave him a belief in his heart.

Their fighting power at this time has increased several times compared to when they first met Zhao Yuande.

Although the group of people in the Pantheon is higher than them, and they have stronger fighting power, they are blocked by them, and they are advancing and retreating, attacking and defending, and they cooperate very well!

When Ji Mingzhen saw someone help, he suddenly expressed a little gratitude in his eyes, but at this time he didn't have time to treat them with Zhao Yuande. The strong pressure of Xue Lingchu made him have to go all out.

Xue Ling's cold eyes swept over Zhao Yuande, but when he saw Zhang Qingyan, he couldn't help but frown slightly.

Zhang Qingyan knew her naturally, and knew that her fighting power was not under her own.

The other party did not sell her to make her feel a little calmer, but she did not dare to guarantee that the other party would never take action. It seems that this battle will be quick and quick, but it will change soon.

At this time, Zhao Yuande began to deal with Heaven Tribulation with all his strength. With his current physique and terrifying power, it was not too difficult for this mid-century disaster.

Of course, this mid-day promotion to Immortal Realm was not particularly powerful, and it only stopped for a time when I insisted on the incense stick.

After the day of the catastrophe, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his spirit and spirit had been upgraded to another level. Although the combat power did not increase much, he felt the use of the spirit of fairy spirit, and the use of various powers and magical powers was all there. New understanding.

"Hoo!" He exhaled for a long time, and his smile reappeared.

"How is it going?" Zhang Qingyan approached and asked with concern.

"Well! It's not bad. If you follow this speed, you will soon enter the late stage of fairyland!" Zhao Yuande looked excited and looked at the other party with some gratitude. "Say! How would you like me to thank you!"

"I just want to know who you are?" Zhang Qingyan blinked and looked at Zhao Yuande.

"This... wait a minute! But I promise to tell you!" Zhao Yuande doesn't want to show his identity so early, otherwise they may not get along so casually!

"Then... it's gone! I don't want anything!" Zhang Qingyan was slightly disappointed, but then smiled, "Okay, now I still want to help your turtle turtle get that drop of chaotic water!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded and summoned Lord Turtle to his shoulders, "Master Turtle, we are now on the steps of the altar, and we are very close to your goal!"

"I have already felt the breath of that chaotic primordial water. I will surely succeed in the evolution of this chaotic primordial water!" Lord Turtle's nose shook, and excitement and anticipation appeared in his eyes.

"Haha! Sister Xue, for so long, you haven't won this guy! Our brother is going to go up first!" At this time, suddenly a surly laugh came from the top, which made people listen to not only some Creepy.