Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1837

Chapter 1837: Shi Gaoyun's Body Was Fancy

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"You two guys, don't come down to help, I am very tricky here!" Xue Ling first heard the man's words, not only a little anxiety appeared on his face.

After such a long battle, she has felt the real fighting power of Ji Ming opposite, he knows that there is no way to decide the victory between the two in a short time.

"Oh! This guy is so tricky?" The two figures jumped from above. One of them had a sallow skin and a dry face, like a zombie. He was the one who spoke.

There is another person who is more normal, but he is fat and strong, and the fat on his body trembles with activity.

"Sister Xue, would you like us to kill this kid together?" The fat man said with a loud voice, and a pair of eyes swept to Ji Mingzhen, full of fierce murderous opportunities.

Ji Mingzhen suddenly felt a sharp glance at himself, making him suddenly feel like a man in the back.

"Don't you see Zhang Qingyan over there? She is the real threat!" Xue Ling turned her gaze to Zhang Qingyan at first, with a bit of fear on her face.

"This is simple, our brothers and two have solved this threat for you!" The fat man turned his eyes to Zhang Qingyan again, revealing Sen Leng's murderous intention.

"Choose one!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhang Qingyan and pouted at him. "These two guys are short-lived, it is better to see who killed their opponent first."

"Which zombie do I choose? He is weaker than the fat man." Zhang Qingyan glanced at the two and quickly made his choice.

"That fat man is mine!" Zhao Yuande turned his gaze to the fat man and beckoned to him, "Fat man, come here!"

"Look for death!" The fat man saw that Zhao Yuande dare to actively provoke himself, but the other's cultivation is only in the middle of the fairyland. This thing is looking for death!

"Brother Jiang be careful, this fat man is Shi Gaoyun of the Pantheon, the strongest genius of the Donglin Temple. His physical body is very powerful. It is said to be a hegemony, and he has reached a very high level of practice!" This fat man told Zhao Yuande again.

"Oh! Dominate the **** body! I like it!" Zhao Yuande heard the other party's strength in flesh, and suddenly a little excitement appeared in his eyes.


The fat man's fat body rushed towards Zhao Yuande, and the fat on his body trembled violently.

Zhao Yuande felt that the other party seemed to be a big mountain, suppressed from the high sky, and an unstoppable atmosphere of terror filled the scene.

If ordinary people are scared at this time, their bodies may be soft and trembling!

However, Zhao Yuande was extremely excited, and he shone bright stars, and he directly turned on four stars. He wanted to see how powerful the other body is!

His figure also bowed slightly, turning into a bright starlight and striking towards the fat man.

"Hey! Look for death!" The fat man saw that instead of hiding, he rushed straight forward, as if he was going to face him hard, and suddenly a cruel bloodthirsty light appeared in his eyes.

He can imagine that the opponent will inevitably turn into a pool of blood mist under this collision.


After a shocking loud noise, both figures flew back.

The fat man crashed down on the steps, but he was not injured!

But when he saw that the other party was also relaxed, he suddenly had a bad hunch in his heart.

Just a few moments ago, he used 90% of his strength. Although he did not go all out, he was not able to live with ordinary people.

He once blasted a strong man at the peak of the fairyland directly, and spit blood at the mouth of a strong man at the beginning of the fairy monarch!

But why did he hit this person, the other party was not only okay, but he felt a sudden pain in his bones, and his body was full of anger and blood.

"You are strong!" Shi Gaoyun no longer dared to despise Zhao Yuande, but he is not an easy person to give up. He walked towards Zhao Yuande step by step, his face showing a very dignified color.

"You're not bad!" Zhao Yuande patted the dust on his body and nodded.

This person is the strongest person he encountered after Zhang Fan's flesh. He has never heard of this domineering **** body, but it is very powerful. Obviously the other party's flesh has not been developed to the limit, otherwise he will not be caught by himself. A star can drive back.

"Boy! This body is good, good!" At this time, the voice of the old man with a white beard suddenly came from Zhao Yuande's knowledge.

"Brother! You are really good, I am looking for you and you are not here, and now you see a good body, but it comes out directly!" Zhao Yuande complained a little, "I am still waiting for you to teach me cultivation experience! You have been giving me Closed, this has greatly affected my cultivation speed!"

"Okay! I know. We are talking about this flesh now. You must just take this guy down for me. I'm fancy with this flesh!" said the old man with white beard.

"What's so good about this body?" Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled.

"This is called the primitive body, but it is one of the oldest physiques. This physique is not alone in the flesh. His biggest advantage is that he is very strong in all aspects, as long as you are willing to work hard, in any aspect. Can practice to the extreme!" Old man with a white beard said excitedly.

"How is it compared to my Chaos Eucharist?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"If it is a single round of flesh, there is naturally a gap. If it is combined, it is slightly stronger than your chaotic holy body!" White-bearded old man said, "but if you can start ten stars, then it is not a level!"

"Brother, I'm relieved to say that!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Your kid... I'm afraid my brother will exceed you, right?" the old man with a white beard smiled.

"Yes! I'm afraid my brother bullied me!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Okay! Concentrate on the fight and win it for me. Brother finally doesn't need to continue to send someone under the fence!" The old man with a white beard was a little excited.

"No problem!" Zhao Yuande was very grateful for the old man with a white beard.

Without the other party, he may have died long ago, and it is also a big wish for him to help him find a suitable body.

"Roar!" The opposite Shi Gaoyun rushed over again at this time, but this time it was indeed a terrifying fist.

The two huge grinding discs rotate in the void, and with each blow of the other side, they seem to be able to crush a sky.

"Come well!"

Zhao Yuande was happy to see the hunt, the six glory in his palm kept flashing, and a six-color treasure wheel rushed out of the void, and directly hit the giant grinding disc.

"It's still a real battle, take me a punch!" Regardless of the impact of the six-color treasure wheel and the huge grinding disc, Zhao Yuande blasted toward him with a punch.