Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1838

Chapter 1838: You Tap

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"Good to come!" Shi Gaoyun's eyes were cold, and he raised his fist.

"Boom! Boom!"

A huge air blast sounded, and the voids around them were completely collapsed by the shock, and a large black hole appeared.

The huge grinding disc in the void and the six-color treasure wheel also crashed together, crushing at the same time, and again a large piece of void broke.

A powerful force of sucking comes from the dark broken place, if ordinary people here will definitely be sucked into it.

But here are all the powerful people above the fairyland, this suction can't make them too much image.

Zhao Yuande didn't directly turn on the five stars, he just wanted to know how strong the other person's physical body is, so that he might have a fun time.

At this time, Zhang Qingyan's battle also became fierce. Although the zombie-like man was very powerful, Zhang Qingyan chose him to have a certain purpose. Her swordsmanship was wild and sharp, which just restrained the opponent's somewhat rigid body.

However, the gap between the two is not large, and the battle should not end in a certain period of time, so the battle is still in a stalemate!

And Ji Ming really did not improve much at this time. His strength was slightly worse than that of the other party, but under his desperation, this gap was almost undetectable, and his battle was still in a stalemate.

Gu Linyue they have been steadily gaining the upper hand at this time, but it is also difficult to kill each other.

"Boy, I've had enough of you! Next, I'm about to burst out with real power! You die for me!" Shi Gaoyun also naturally saw the battle, except for himself, the other three battles were out of glue Among them, if he does not break out to break this situation, I do not know when he will fight.

Maybe when people take away all the treasures on the altar, they are still fighting hard, then the meaning of fighting is lost!

Shi Gaoyun's body was raised several times at once. His body was no longer fat and trembling, but a big man with strong muscles. A burst of bones burst into his body.

Zhao Yuande can feel that the other partys breath has increased at least several times at this moment, but this is not without consumption, he feels that the other partys body blood is being consumed at a very fast rate, according to his estimation, the other partys This state can only last up to one incense stick.

"That's what it looks like, so that I can use my full strength!" Zhao Yuande's mouth twitched, and a star burst into his body again, with five stars fully open.

"You..." Shi Gaoyun felt the power of Zhao Yuande at this moment, and the original grim face suddenly became very dignified. "It turns out that you also have this method of depleting qi and blood, then you have to see who we insist on for a long time. Now!"

"Hehe! Then look at it!" Zhao Yuande ticked his finger on it, "Now the war is really starting, I hope you don't let me down!"


Answering Zhao Yuande was Shi Gaoyun's angry roar. His palms fell like a huge mountain from the void.

"Only this level?" Zhao Yuande raised his fist to meet.


The two men instantly destroyed hundreds of feet of steps, and the place became a ruined ruin. Many of the testers who were still fighting at this time looked at the collapsed pieces of debris with horror. change.

What level of war has happened above, is it the two immortals fighting?

In fact, Zhao Yuande and Shi Gaoyun's fighting power has indeed reached the realm of immortal monarch, and is about to enter the middle of immortal monarch!


The battle between the two was too intense, and the other three battlefields were forced to stop fighting. They were separated, and they all watched the two fighting inconceivably.

"Zhang Xianzi, who is that person? Why is it so powerful!" Ji Mingzhen also stood beside Zhang Qingyan at this time and asked.

"His name is Jiang Yilin, it should be a pseudonym, but he is really helping you." Zhang Qingyan paid attention to the battle in the field.

"Jiang Yilin... I've heard the name for him, but I feel a bit familiar with his figure, as if I've seen it somewhere!" Ji Mingzhen frowned. The more he looked at Zhao Yuande, the more familiar he felt, but he couldn't remember Where have you seen it?

Not to blame him, the two have only seen it once before, and the appearance is different, he can feel that familiarity is already good.


The battle was very fierce. Zhao Yuande did not use all the power at this time, and probably only used the seventh power of five stars.

But even so, it shows how powerful the opponent is. This is the most powerful enemy that Zhao Yuande has encountered since he opened five stars. Although he still cant let him do his best, he also feels this kind of enemy. The battle was hearty.

However, Shi Gaoyun soon felt that his strength was not enough. The blood in his blood was basically burning for more than half, but he did not see the other party showing no support at all.

So at this point in his heart, he already had a retreat, he didn't want to fight desperately with each other here!

Now he has to work hard before reaching the altar. If he sees the treasure for a while, he will fight for something.

But when he was thinking about how to get rid of the opponent, he suddenly felt the pressure increased, and the opponent's fist seemed to be several times heavier at once, but he flew up with a big punch.

"Not good! The other party is desperately trying!" He thought of it. In desperation, he could only take out a red pill and swallow it.

Since the opponent is desperate, if he has reservations, he may die here.

"Don't let him take the panacea, it is the blood-blood pandan! After eating it, my body will be greatly damaged, and I will consume huge experience to repair it!" The old man with a white beard anxiously passed on to Zhao Yuande.

"I know!" Zhao Yuande naturally felt the madness of that medicine, if I let him take it, I'm afraid he would have to spend a lot of money on it.

"Stop me!" Zhao Yuande's figure instantly shuttled into the void, and the next moment appeared in front of Shi Gaoyun flying out.

When the palm of the hand turned, a huge palm mark was shot on Shi Gaoyun's head!

"You lightly! Don't smash my body!" Old man with a white beard shouted anxiously.

"Relax, I count!" Zhao Yuande replied carelessly.

He slapped him on the other person's head, and slapped him directly into the ruins of the steps. The **** Dan who had not yet entered his mouth was snatched by Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande's palm used up to three points of force, but still made the other party's head to be shattered, so that he would be shattered when he knew the sea, and when he rolled his eyes, he passed out.