Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839: Mastery

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"Haha! Here you are!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the opponent and threw it directly into the body world.

"Haha! Don't disturb me within a month, I will try my best to adapt to my new body, haha!" The old man with white beard laughed excitedly.

"The next time I see Senior Brother, I will become a fat man! This is also in line with our image of eating!" Zhao Yuande chuckled and ridiculed.

"Your kid..."

"Release Brother Shi!" The guy with the zombie face saw Zhao Yuande grabbing Shi Gaoyun. Although he was very afraid of him, he still said very hard.

"Why should I let him go?" Zhao Yuande sneered at each other.

"Because there is a powerful peerless emperor behind him, the head of the Donglin Temple is his father!" The zombie spit out this sentence coldly.

"Oh! I'm scared to death, a peerless immortal emperor, so terrible!" Although Zhao Yuande said this, he was full of contempt, where there was a little fear.

"You... don't you fear the revenge of the Peerless Immortal Emperor, even if you are in the fairy world, you can't escape the pursuit of the Peerless Immortal Emperor!" The zombie face gritted his teeth.

"Then I want to see how good this peerless emperor is, so let him chase me down!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand indifferently, "I'm sure of this Shi Gaoyun, and I'm not going to give it back You guys, love it!"

This Shi Gaoyun will soon become his own brother, how can you make me pay it back, I can't change it!

"You... very good! I remember, I hope you don't regret it!" The zombie face can only throw a ruthless word, and rushed toward the altar without turning his head.

"You can't let them arrive first! We rush!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and was the first to catch up.

Ji Mingzhen had no choice but to rush up behind Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's powerful forces shocked him, and at the same time, he also had a sense of admiration in his heart. If he can make friends with this person, he will definitely have great benefits for the Ji family after arriving in the fairy world!

And Zhang Qingyan naturally knows his identity. If he can have a relationship with it, it will benefit the Ji family more!

At this time, Zhang Qingyan's face was also shocked. She originally thought that even if the other party's combat power was stronger than herself, it would not be much stronger. Now it seems that she is really wrong!

No wonder he can be so entangled with that dragon and turtle for so long, it turns out that it is not some kind of hole card, but the real strength!

They followed the two of the Pantheon all the way, and they saw that they were about to reach the top of the altar. They were already delighted to see a tall jade stand on the altar with five things on it.

It was a branch mentioned by Lord Turtle, a chaotic primordial water in a small jade bottle, a tripod, a gourd and a red seal!

The two in the front naturally saw these things, and their eyes showed a very exciting light.

But at the next moment they found themselves seemingly broke into a black and white world, surrounded by clouds, and a roar of angry beasts sounded in the distance.

But Zhao Yuande was in a halt at this time, and did not continue to move forward, because he found that the two disappeared all at once!

He released a powerful spirit to sense the front, suddenly found that the front is not an altar, but a vast space,

There is a powerful breath in this space, as if there are some terrible beasts lurking in it.

"What's the matter? Did the two of them go there?" Zhang Qingyan looked slightly changed when she saw the two disappear.

"It seems to be caught in a certain formation!" Zhao Yuande said solemnly. "This formation is a huge world. I can't even explore the end! If my friend is here, she is a master of formation!" "

Zhao Yuande thought of Yu Rosa at this time. I don't know where they are now?

"I understand the way of formation, but the large formation of this scale that you said is not something that ordinary people can arrange. It should be the means of the strong above the fairy emperor." Ji Mingzhen walked up at this time. "If you give me some time, maybe I can find some flaws in the formation, but I need absolute silence!"

"Oh! How long does it take?" Zhao Yuande looked at Ji Mingzhen.

"Three days, it takes at least three days!" Ji Mingzhendao said, "And some materials are needed, I don't know if you have anybody."

"What material?" Zhao Yuande asked.


"It turned out to be immortal jade, so to speak, I have 100,000 top grade immortal jade here. I don't know enough!" Zhang Qingyan was relieved to hear that it was immortal jade, and took out a storage ring and handed it to Ji Mingzhen.

"Enough! There are still some in my body, you can arrange an exploration formation, as long as the two formations are docked, you can detect the flaws of the other formation!" Ji Mingzhen said confidently.

"Then please, Brother Ji!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand, "I promise that no one will disturb you within three days, but the two who have just entered the large formation will not cross the large formation?"

"If they are proficient in formation, they may not, but according to me, they basically don't understand the formation, otherwise they won't break into it!" Ji Mingzhen shook his head, "rest assured! They are definitely not as fast as us. !"

"That's good! That's good!" Zhao Yuande nodded. He was wondering whether any special circumstances would happen in these three days. The other directions of the altar could not go up directly. "Let's start now!" I will guarantee your safety."

"Okay!" Since the other party saved himself, he wouldn't bore himself harmlessly. Ji Ming was really relieved.

Seeing that Ji Mingzhen began to use the top grade immortal jade continuously and fiddled with mysterious formation runes, Zhao Yuande couldn't understand it anyway, so he didn't pay attention, but summoned his own avatar Zhao Liu to let him go out Check the situation in other directions, and then look for Dong Guofu's whereabouts.

Zhao Lius realm improved with his promotion, and now he is also a strong man in the middle of the fairyland. The characteristics of his non-body and the various magical rules of Zhao Yuandes mastery, although his combat power is not very powerful, even if it is The strong man who met the early stage of the fairy king can also escape safely.

However, his other avatar, Zhao XIV, had only mid-level combat power at this time. This was still supported by the ape king spear, and he could not keep up with his pace and moved to work behind the scenes.

Specially responsible for practicing in the time fairy palace.

If you want him to go to the front again, unless Zhao Yuande's attitude to the realm is improved and he can catch up with the strength of his body, he may be put on hold indefinitely.

Zhao Liu took it away. Zhao Yuande's yin and yang sky mirrors can be used to cover the figure in a critical moment.