Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Ruo Lin

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Zhao Yuande's deterrent force was not far away. He walked a distance and was blocked again, and in front of them, a group of powerful young men and women were talking in the sky and sea!

Sima Feilong is now surrounded by these young men and women.

"Brother Sima, I heard that your brother has made a breakthrough recently! It seems that you can compete for the name of the youngest master in the world!" A 16-year-old boy was smiling at Sima Feilong and nodded.

This young man, wearing a purple gold crown and a purple robe, exudes an indescribable dignity, and at first glance is a royal prince.

"The nineteenth prince is welcome! The eldest brother Tianzong Wizard, has been making breakthroughs ever since he returned to the world's first gourmet! But the younger generation of the world's first master, this dare not say casually!" Sima Feilong's face was proud, especially When it comes to the world's first food, it's a strange light in the eyes!

"Brother Sima, is the first gourmet really so magical that day?" a girl answered curiously.

The girl is beautiful in appearance and transcendent in temperament, especially if her big eyes blink and blink, she seems to speak.

"It's amazing! Even the elder brother came back and praised me, saying that the world's first food is worthy of the name! And I also participated in the auction of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. The three packages made tens of billions of top grade jade, and more important. All three packages have been completed! At that time, the whole world of the East Emperor was sensational! Unfortunately, the owner has never appeared since then!" Sima Feilong talked about Zhao Yuande's good things, his eyes shined, as if to worship him Incomparably.

"Yes! Brother Sima, I always wanted to go, but I didn't have a chance!" The boy who was called the nineteenth prince was a pity!

"Hey! Ruo Lin, you seem to have a genius who has a great reputation recently. It seems that they have all been rated as one of the four beauties of Zhongyu. I heard that she has also entered the realm of the field. I dont know if I am with my elder brother. How does it compare?" Sima Feilong suddenly changed the subject and talked about a genius in the Snow Palace.

"Yes! I also heard that this genius seemed to be a disciple of Huo Yunzong. He seemed to be called Li Rushuang. Since my seventh brother went to Luoxue Palace and saw this girl, I didnt think about it, I jumped up and down, thinking Looking for the ancestor of the dynasty to help me get together, I dont know how it is now!" The nineteenth prince said sourly, his face all envious.

"This Rushuang girl is now a saint, and she is very likely to become the next generation's suzerain. She is now favored by her ancestors, and she is the second most important day in the field of full impact! If it succeeds, we will have a history in the Snow Palace. The youngest daytime powerhouse ever!" Ruo Lin's face was full of expectation.

When the young men and women around me heard this, they could not envy them, and they all cast their eyes on this side!

When Zhao Yuande heard this, he couldn't help but feel a little shocked. Li Rushuang's realm has exceeded him a lot. It seems that she really did the hard work. I don't know where she will go in this life?

"This girl, I'm Li Rushuang's friend. I want to ask you something..." Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of a thing. His mother let Li Rushuang help take him to Luoxue Holy City. I don't know how it is now. Did Luan find his mother?

"Where are you the little Taoist, don't talk about the rules at all, leave me!" The nineteenth prince was gentle in front of others, but when he saw Zhao Yuande and Jingtan coming in horizontally, he came to find his favorite Ruo Lin girl kept herself behind.

The anger in his heart suddenly surged, pointing Zhao Yuande to let him go.

The people who were concerned about this all of a sudden came to the spirit, but did not expect anyone to dare to provoke the majesty of the nineteenth prince, there was a good show.

When Sima Feilong saw Zhao Yuande suddenly, this guy even followed up, and seemed to know Li Rushuang who they were discussing. He immediately took the idea back to his heart.

Being a friend of the proud daughter of Heaven in Luoxue Palace is also a sign of the huge power behind this person. This person must not provoke him.

"Nineteen prince, don't say it!" Although he was not familiar with this nineteen prince, he knew he didn't want him to repeat the same mistakes.

"What prince you are, is there something wrong with your mind, and this square of Shenxu is not your home!" Jingtan had just been called to live by Zhao Yuandela, and there was no attack, and now he can finally speak freely.

"Little Taoist, do you want to die?" Although the nineteenth prince was very angry, although he wanted to kill the other party immediately, he wasn't afraid to cross the Leichi because of the Shenxu Square, the territory of the Zhongyu Alliance.

"I want to die, do you dare to kill me? Come and try it, believe it or not to make your head burst!" Jingtan little Taoist stalked his neck and looked directly at each other, not afraid at all!

After figuring out how ridiculous Zhao Yuande is, he started to be more unscrupulous, who is afraid of who in the God Market Square.

Everyone around saw the little Taoist bullish and courageous, and could not help but start to whisper and ask people around him, what is his origin?

"Who is this little Taoist? The courage can be big enough!"

"Some familiar, but certainly not a big man!"

"I know that this kid is the little Taoist who came to deceive the Kongshan Daozong the other day. I heard that none of the deceived Kongshan Daozong could come back alive!"

"It's all rumours! So many people, who knows not to come back!"

"Kongshan Daozong? Isn't this ancestral door down? Will there still be such a stunned head?"

Zhao Yuande didn't care how the kid of Jingtan was tossing, just looked at this Ruo Lin.

"Are you really a friend with the saint?" Ruolin did not seem to be lying when she saw Zhao Yuande's serious look.

"That's right, I and his boyfriend, who grew up in Tianhuo City, my name is Zhao Youde, the daojingjingguang, you will know when you ask!" Zhao Yuande said something serious.

"Zhao Youde!" Ruo Lin felt that the name was really familiar, and it seemed that he heard the saint's mention. Is it true that what he said? "What do you want to ask?"

"My family also went to Luoxue Shengcheng with the Li family at that time and asked her to take care of it. I want to know how they are now." Zhao Yuande told the truth.

"You... you are Zhao Yuan... Um!" Ruolin suddenly widened her eyes and looked at Zhao Yuande to call out his name, but Zhao Yuande's eyes quickly covered her mouth!

"Hush! I am Zhao Youde!" Zhao Yuande repeated his name again, and then gently let go of his hand!

"Ah! To Zhao Youde!" Ruolin looked at the black skinny priest in a dull manner and found that it was not the same as what the Saint described! What a handsome and handsome boy, obviously a black kid. I dont know if its a saints vision problem or this guy has recently gotten tanned!

"You... you dare to act on Ruo Lin's girl! Ruo Lin's girl don't be afraid, because I don't dare to do anything with him!" The nineteenth prince saw Zhao Yuande's movements, he was almost blown up, and rushed up The two separated, looking at Zhao Yuande angrily, "You can tell me honestly, if it's not the Shenxu Square, I'll kill you!"